Jennifer Aniston Has The Sweetest Reaction To Cole Sprouse Turning 30

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Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler were shocked to discover that the Sprouse twins, whom they worked with as child stars, have turned 30 years old. Dylan and Cole Sprouse, who acted as kids in their presence, played significant roles alongside the A-listers.

In Sandler's 1999 comedy Big Daddy, the twins appeared together as Julian 'Frankenstein' McGrath, while Cole played Ross Geller's son in Friends.

Jennifer’s Disbelief

Jennifer Aniston
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During an interview with Access, Jennifer Aniston expressed her disbelief when she learned that Cole Sprouse, whom she had acted alongside when he was just eight, is now 30. 

Adam Also Present

Aniston and Adam Sandler, present during the interview, reacted with astonishment upon hearing the news. "What!?" they both exclaimed. Aniston, in particular, seemed incredulous and exclaimed, "No, no, they're not!"

Adam’s Joke 

Adam Sandler made a joke during the interview, saying that he was the one who "broke in" the Sprouse twins for Jennifer Aniston.

Adam Knew The Twins’ Capability 

I Gif saying, "Knew it."
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He insisted that he knew what they were capable of and revealed that Aniston had asked him to "break in" the children for their roles on Friends. "You did, and now look at them," Aniston commented.

Recent Encounter With Dylan

Dylan Sprouse waving while wearing a beanie.

During the interview, Adam Sandler mentioned that he had a recent encounter with Dylan Sprouse, whom he saw in the lobby of his hotel in Paris while filming Murder Mystery

Adam Heard A Familiar Voice 

Dylan Sprouse winking.
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He shared that he heard a familiar voice at around two in the morning and was surprised to find Dylan there.

Astonishment Over Crush 

Jimmy Fallon saying "Wow!"
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She was astonished when Jennifer Aniston was told about Cole Sprouse's crush on her while filming Friends. "He was so little!" she exclaimed in confusion.

Cole’s Confession 

Adam Lavine hiding inside his shirt due to embarrasment.

Cole had previously revealed his infatuation with Aniston in 2017, confessing that he was so taken with her that he had trouble speaking.

Tough Time Working With Jennifer

Cole Sprouse win his fingers through his hair.
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In a 2017 interview with the New York Post, Cole Sprouse confessed that he had a tough time working with Jennifer Aniston on the Friends set because he had a massive crush on her. 

"I had a hard time working with Aniston because I was so in love with her," he revealed. "I was infatuated. I was speechless - I'd get all bubbly and forget my lines, and completely blank. It was so difficult."

Cole Hasn’t Seen The ‘Friends’ Cast Since?

Cole Sprouse raising his eyebrows

Cole Sprouse revealed that he hadn't seen the cast of Friends since he grew up. He said he would greet them if he ever saw them again, but it had been long since they had last met.

Cole’s Joke

Cole Sprouse cradling a Pikachu stuffed toy

He also joked that it might be awkward since he looks different from what he did on the show. 

How Old Was Cole During Filming ‘Friends’

'Friends' cast looking at camera in the episode Ben was born.
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If I did look the same, that'd be a little disconcerting," he quipped. Cole was only eight when he appeared in seven episodes of the iconic NBC series.

Nerve-Wracking Experience 

Cole Sprouse scoffing

In the same interview, Cole Sprouse described his experience on the set of Friends as nerve-wracking due to the presence of many familiar faces and big-name actors. 

What Cole Found Challenging?

A scene from 'Ghosts' with one of the characters saying "The ultimate challenge."
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He explained that the production scale was tremendous; even as a kid, he could feel it when he stepped onto the set. He found working with such megalithic actors challenging at a young age, as he was just a small kid.

Wonderful, Despite Being Intimidated 

Joey from 'Friends' saying "How you doin?"
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Despite feeling intimidated, Cole Sprouse described his experience working with the cast of Friends as wonderful, adding that they were all tremendously nice. 

After ‘Friends’

After his time on Friends, he and his twin brother, Dylan, went on to star in the Disney Channel's teen sitcom The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. Cole then joined the cast of the hit television series, Riverdale, in 2017.

Cole Is A Household Name 

Cole Sprouse

Since joining the cast of Riverdale, Cole Sprouse has become a household name among young audiences. He plays the character of Jughead Jones, a high school student and aspiring writer who is part of a group of friends embroiled in a series of dark and mysterious events in their small town.

The Portrayal Of Jughead Praised 

Sprouse's portrayal of Jughead has been widely praised, and he has received numerous accolades for his performance, including a Teen Choice Award. 

In Addition To Acting 

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Outside of acting, Cole Sprouse is also a talented photographer. He has studied photography at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts and has featured his work in several exhibitions. He has also been a photographer for various publications, including The Sunday Times, L'Uomo Vogue, and W Magazine.