Did I Cross The Line By Telling My Sister She Should Have Gone To College If She Wanted A Life Like Mine?

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This is a story of twin sisters with different aspirations in life. When one chose to pursue higher education and a career, the other opted for an arranged marriage and motherhood. The conflict arose when one sister realized the privilege that her education had given her in terms of financial stability and opportunities for her family. The other sister felt that the comparison was unfair and that her sister was an elitist for valuing education and career over marriage and family. The question remains, did the sister cross the line by telling her sibling that she should have gone to college if she wanted a life like hers? Dive into the complexities of family dynamics, cultural expectations, and personal choices in this thought-provoking story.

Impressive self-taught English skills! Get ready for a long read.

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Navigating cultural differences in dating and marriage 👫

fickle_spinach_3415 | fickle_spinach_3415

Choosing different paths in life: my college journey vs. arranged marriage.

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From high income to teacher's salary: Sister's life after marriage 👑

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From arranged marriage to cyber security- a unique life story.

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Navigating income disparities in a relationship 💰💔

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Expensive wedding gifts cause family drama 💰🎁

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Struggling with expensive private school tuition for her child.

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Sister explodes after being told college is key to success 🎓

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Sister upset after being told college degree is crucial for success 💥

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When sibling advice goes wrong: a story of elitism and estrangement 🤦‍♀️

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🤔 Asking the tough questions, are we the a**hole?

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College education and arranged marriages: A recipe for family drama?

A woman wonders if she's an AH for telling her sister she should have gone to college if she wanted a life like hers. Coming from a culture where arranged marriages are an option, the poster and her twin sister graduated high school and took different paths. While the poster pursued higher education and a career, her sister became a wife and mother. Years later, the sisters live very different lives, with the poster's family being more financially stable due to her college education and career. When the poster's sister expressed grievances about their children not having equal opportunities, the poster lashed out and told her sister that if she wanted a wealthy husband, she should have gone to college. Now the sisters are not speaking to each other. Is the poster an elitist AH, or was she telling the truth? Join the conversation in the comments below.

NTA. You told her the truth about her life choices 🤷‍♀️

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Punny NTA comment wins free gold and hearts ❤️

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Impressive language skills but NTA for truth bomb 💣

[deleted] | [deleted]

OP is insufferable and both sisters are entitled brats 😑

pokerScrub4eva | pokerScrub4eva

Matchmaking with education requirements sparks jealousy and conflict 🎓💘

[deleted] | [deleted]

Commenter points out ESH, OP and sister both at fault 😬

corner_tv | corner_tv

Money matters more than teenage self realizes. OP not AH, sister neither. 💰

trap_shut | trap_shut

Commenter's grammar joke backfires with a spicy reply.

Patrick4356 | Patrick4356

Sibling jealousy escalates, leading to hurtful insults. ESH.

Sweetsmyle | Sweetsmyle

Commenter calls out OP, others agree with ESH judgment 😬

djhatrick12 | djhatrick12

OP comes off as pretentious and condescending towards sister. YTA.

fessuoyfessouy | fessuoyfessouy

Sibling rivalry gone too far? A story with too many details 😒

Vihei | Vihei

NTA for calling out sister's entitled behavior 🙅

[deleted] | [deleted]

Money isn't everything, but to OP it seems to be 💰

stavysgoldenangel | stavysgoldenangel

Sibling jealousy or entitlement? Op and sister's financial divide 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Commenter's grammar is excused, but their attitude isn't. YTA 🤣

ominoke | ominoke

Sibling rivalry at its finest 🤦‍♀️

pamplemusique | pamplemusique

Sibling rivalry causing tension and judgement. Time for no contact.

Ok-Fly7554 | Ok-Fly7554

Money can't buy happiness, but apparently it can cause drama 🤑

jeffap | jeffap

Commenter calls out OP's bragging, autocorrect joke earns upvote 😂

Gintoki-desu | Gintoki-desu

Sibling rivalry gets out of hand with some gloating 🙄

Lord-Shorck | Lord-Shorck

Sometimes the truth hurts 🤷‍♀️ NTA for setting her straight.

Embarrassed-Sweet905 | Embarrassed-Sweet905

Choosing vindication over compassion: YTA. Poisoned relationship with sister.

BrilliantParamedic63 | BrilliantParamedic63

Achieving success can bring out jealousy in loved ones 😔

LeatherMost2757 | LeatherMost2757

Choosing happiness over wealth is valid. Education doesn't guarantee success 💰❌

AmbiguousLemur | AmbiguousLemur

Sibling rivalry and materialism lead to ESH judgment.

B0nR_fart | B0nR_fart

Sibling rivalry? NTA but maybe apologize for the delivery 😬

Apprehensive-You2885 | Apprehensive-You2885

Commenter accuses OP of snobbery and declares ESH.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Degree doesn't define superiority. ESH for classism and entitlement.

buttersmycups | buttersmycups

Commenter calls out OP's humble-brag and entitlement. 🙄

Padaalsa | Padaalsa

When siblings take jabs at each other's life choices 😒

atr130 | atr130

Sibling rivalry gets ugly 😬 ESH and jealous.

sunglasses619 | sunglasses619

Commenter deemed 'a**hole' for suggesting college equals success 🤨

Beklommenguy | Beklommenguy

Unapologetic response to a sister's lack of ambition. 💪 NTA

sage_ley | sage_ley

Sibling rivalry taken to the next level 🤦‍♀️

EllectraHeart | EllectraHeart

Different choices, same outcome. 👏

PrairieGrrl5263 | PrairieGrrl5263

Commenter accuses OP of marrying for money 💰💍

Luministrus | Luministrus

OP's pretentious attitude gets called out. 🙄

cheezbargar | cheezbargar

Commenter questions OP's judgment on using 'better husband' phrase.

MysteriousFondant8 | MysteriousFondant8

Self-taught in 4 languages? 🤯 Sibling rivalry gets intense.

samknowsbest8 | samknowsbest8

Sister is the biggest AH, but watch your words next time 😬

Wyrd_byrd | Wyrd_byrd

Enjoying the fruits of labor and a wonderful husband 🍎👫

Sarcastic_Panda27 | Sarcastic_Panda27

Arranged marriage as a business decision, NTA for choosing differently 💼

urbanworldbuilder | urbanworldbuilder

Arranged marriage and entitled demands make everyone suck here. 🤔

RelationshipSad2300 | RelationshipSad2300

Jealousy and elitism debated, but commenter is NTA 🙌

Candy4Mandy | Candy4Mandy

Don't let her misery touch your life. NTA 🙌

Littleballoffur22 | Littleballoffur22

Commenter and sister both suck according to NTA response 😒

Floreos | Floreos

Straightforward response. 👍

TheDuchess5939 | TheDuchess5939

Sibling jealousy and success. ESH for not understanding.

Ascension_One | Ascension_One

Commenter accuses OP of not being honest. YATA 🙄

Joekoolsnoopy1972 | Joekoolsnoopy1972

Sister is envious but OP needs to recognize her privilege. ESH 😒

spudnik8 | spudnik8