Mother Refuses to Let Daughter Do After School Detention Due to Safety Concerns

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When a substitute gym teacher at a middle school insisted that a student with Cerebral Palsy participate in climbing a rock wall, the student refused and used profanity when pressed. The school's policy is for same-day after-school detention for such offenses, but the student's mother refused to allow her daughter to attend, citing her safety. The mother is torn between her protective instincts and the need for her daughter to face consequences for her behavior. This situation raises questions about the intersection of disability and punishment in schools. Read on to find out what happened and whether the mother was right to refuse the school's punishment.

Mother fears daughter's safety during after school detention 🚸

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Mother's safety concerns prevent daughter from after-school detention

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Student with Cerebral Palsy swears at teacher who didn't listen

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Safety concerns lead mother to refuse daughter's after-school detention.

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Working mother faces difficult decision regarding daughter's after-school detention

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🚸 Safety first! Mother refuses daughter's detention due to safety concerns

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Mother concerned about daughter's safety in after-school detention

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Am I the a**hole for refusing daughter's after-school detention?

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Mom apologizes to daughter after refusing after-school detention, update provided

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Mother's safety concerns lead to detention dilemma - updated post

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Mother stands up for daughter's safety in school detention dispute 🚸

A mother defends her decision to refuse her daughter's same-day after-school detention from her school after a teacher insisted her daughter climb a rock wall during gym class. The daughter, who has cerebral palsy and an individualized education plan, was concerned for her safety but the teacher refused to listen. The mother stood up for her daughter's safety and well-being, stating that she cannot walk long distances and cannot walk on uneven surfaces without assistance. The school offered lunch detentions or late buses as alternatives, but the mother was concerned that her daughter would be in danger if she had to walk home from an unfamiliar location. Despite being called 'one of those moms' by her sister, the mother's priority was her daughter's safety. Was she in the wrong? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

A passionate defense of a disabled child's right to accommodations.

CatteHerder | CatteHerder

PE teacher faces consequences for forcing student to climb rock wall

RissaRay113 | RissaRay113

Mother faces criticism for punishing daughter over bullying incident.


Parent seeks higher authority after principal suggests disabled child walk home.

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Mother stands up for daughter with disabilities against dismissive teacher and principal 🙌

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Mother defends daughter's safety concerns during after school detention

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Mother punishes daughter for defending herself against school negligence 😡

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Teacher's lack of knowledge on student medical histories concerns parent.

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Daughter stands up to authority, NTA for asserting medical condition 💪

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School's ableism and lack of safety concerns led to teacher's firing 😡

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Mother enforces daughter's IEP, seeks guidance on bus arrangement 🚍

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Substitute teacher bullies child with disability during PE class 🤨

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Mother refuses after-school detention for daughter with safety concerns. NTA.

Puellafortis | Puellafortis

PE teacher punishes handicapped child with painful detention. Mama Tiger strikes NTA 🐅

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Commenter calls out YTA for prioritizing safety over punishment 🔥

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Boundary-setting Amanda defends herself with a flurry of expletives 🤬

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Parent disagrees with school's punishment and uses strong language.

MentallyIrregular | MentallyIrregular

Teacher harasses student, parent demands apology, safety prioritized 🚸

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Support for justified language in response to teacher's harassment.

tatasz | tatasz

Parent questions teacher's discipline tactics in IEP violation incident.

BigBayesian | BigBayesian

Commenter suggests reporting school for breaking anti-discrimination laws.

PeggyHW | PeggyHW

Defending Amanda's use of profanity as self-defense. 🙅‍♀️

imablisy | imablisy

Proud of Amanda for advocating for herself against ableist staff! 🙌 #NTA

jtheminipony | jtheminipony

Sister defends student's foul language against insensitive substitute teacher 💪

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Commenter defends daughter's right to question authorities and use strong language

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Mother defends daughter's safety concerns during after-school detention

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Mother protects daughter from school's endangerment, considers legal action.

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Mother expresses frustration with school's lack of accommodations for daughter's safety

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Mother prioritizes child's safety over after-school detention. NTA.

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Parent defends child's IEP against authoritarian teacher. #NoCoddling 🙅‍♀️

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Teaching kids to react appropriately is important, but punishing them for not reacting perfectly in a scary situation is not fair. 🤔

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Principal puts student in danger, commenter outraged with support.

Hopfullyhelpful | Hopfullyhelpful

Parent struggles with how to discipline daughter for using inappropriate language.

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Supportive comment validates daughter and criticizes teacher, recommends action. 🤝

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Advocate for your child's rights and file an ADA lawsuit. NTA 👏

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Mother defends daughter's safety concerns during after school detention

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Debate over consequences for rude student and teacher negligence.

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Excited for Monday's update already! 😄

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Teacher failed to leave accommodations, daughter punished instead. Contact principal. 👩‍🏫📝❌

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Standing up for safety: NTA refuses after-school detention 🚫

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Mother's safety concerns over after-school detention deemed reasonable.

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Cheering for Amanda standing up for herself and her safety 🎉

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Parent shares frustration with school's handling of bullying. NTA.

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Standing up for your child's safety is not being overprotective ✊🏼 #NTA

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Parent condones bad behavior in child, advocates for no consequences 🤨

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Parent seeks legal action against teacher for IEP violation.

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Commenter advocates for legal action in unsafe detention scenario 💪

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Empowering comment congratulating daughter's refusal of after-school detention

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Commenter supports Amanda and suggests legal action against the school.

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