Elvis Presley's Ex, Linda Thompson, Reveals Never-Before-Seen Photos of Lisa Marie Presley

Asma Irshad
Linda Thompson

Linda Thompson, the ex-girlfriend of Elvis Presley, just shared a collection of Lisa Marie Presley's childhood images. Check them out!

Thompson Was Heartbroken After Hearing About Lisa's Death

Lisa Marie Presley
instagram | Lisa Marie Presley

Linda Thompson admits that she was extremely heartbroken and surprised to learn of Lisa Marie Presley's death in January.

Lisa Dated Elvis Presley For 4 Years

Elvis Presley with Linda Thompson
instagram | elvisandlinda

Linda dated the King of Rock' n' Roll from 1972 until 1976. During that time, she got close to Lisa.

She Shared Childhood Pictures Of Lisa

Linda Thompson
instagram | Linda Thompson

With the death of Presley's sole child at age 54, the former actress and beauty pageant winner is now revealing some throwback images that appear to have been saved for many years.

She Posted Pictures On Instagram

In the Instagram post's caption, she said, "Like many of you, I am doing a little bit of spring cleaning and ran across this photo album from back in the day. These are all Polaroids, Time stood still for a few moments as I looked through these precious photos."

A Picture Of When Lisa Lost Her Front Teeth

Lisa Marie Presley's Childhood picture
instagram | Linda Thompson

She picked out the first three photographs of Lisa Marie showing off her recently lost front teeth in 1974, one of which was named "Snaggle Puss" at the bottom of the Polaroid.

She Called Lisa' Yisa Marisa'

Lisa marie Presley's Childhood picture
instagram | Linda Thompson

She continued, "Little' Yisa Marisa' as I remember her so lovingly. She was a precious little girl! Shown here she was six years old and had just lost her two front teeth."

Lisa And Linda Had A Beautiful Relationship

Young Linda Thompson with Elvis Presley and Lisa Marie Presley
instagram | Young Linda Thompson with Elvis Presley and Lisa Marie Presley

Thompson, who would have been 24 then, said in the caption, "She wanted me to take some pictures of her in my dressing area at the Monovale house. We had such a wonderful relationship for so many years. She's still a part of my heart."

A Picture Of Five-Years-Old Lisa

Young Lisa Marie Presley
instagram | Linda Thompson

A fourth image in the carousel depicts a five-year-old Lisa Marie putting her head on the shoulders of a lady called Dee while the two lounged on top of a boat in Lake Tahoe in 1973.

Lisa Posed In Pajamas

Young Lisa Marie Presley
instagram | Linda Thompson

In another picture, Thompson posed with four females and Lisa Marie, who was dressed in her pajamas, in front of a Christmas tree.

Thompson Posted Herself In White Gown

Linda Thompson
instagram | Linda Thompson

She then posted three photos of herself in a white gown standing in a living room. Her long brown hair flowed over her chest and nearly to her waist in the rear.

Thompson Praised Lisa's Daughter

Riley Keough
Flickr | Wolf_Works

Thompson praised Riley Keough, Lisa Marie's daughter, for performing in the musical drama miniseries Daisy Jones & The Six.

She Admired Riley's 'Daisy Jones And The Six'

She wrote, "I don't know how many of you are watching - or have binge watched like I did - @daisyjonesandthesix starring Lisa's daughter @rileykeough….but if you haven't you must! It is fantastic!!"

Riley Reminds Thompson Of Lisa

Riley Keough with her mother Lisa Marie Presley
Flickr | ruthdaniel3444

She continued, "There are so many nuances in Riley's facial expressions that remind me of her beautiful mom. Lisa's lovely, formidable, powerful presence lives on in her gorgeous, talented, talented daughter."

Lisa Marie Presley's Death

Lisa Marie Presley
Flickr | Deejay Bafaroy

Lisa Marie Presley fell at her home in Los Angeles' Calabasas area on January 12 after having a heart attack. She died in the hospital later that day.

Linda Started Dating Elvis In 1972

Elvis and Linda with Linda’s parents
instagram | elvisandlinda

Thompson first met the Jailhouse Rock star at a private movie screening he threw at the Memphian Theater in Memphis in the summer of 1972 when she was 22 years old, just after his divorce from Priscilla Presley.

Lisa Marie Was The Same Like Her Dad

Throughout their four-year relationship, she saw how similar Lisa Marie was to her adored papa, which she described as uncanny.

Lisa Was A Beautiful Contradiction, Like Elvis

Linda Thompson with Lisa Marie Presley
instagram | Linda Thompson

Thompson continued, "She had his deep, soulful eyes, his pouty lip, and his raucous, irreverent sense of humor. She was a beautiful contradiction like Elvis… complicated in her simplicity."

Lisa Was An Honest Person

She added, "She was brutally honest, straightforward, loving and loyal. I don't think there was a phony cell in her body. I believe she lived her life authentically."

Thompson And Lisa Were Close

Thompson said that she and Lisa Marie remained in touch throughout the years, mostly through text. The last one she got was "Love you Linda," and included a love emoji.