Family Drama at Party: AITA for Not Allowing MIL and Ex-Wife Into My Home?

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A woman hosted a small family gathering to celebrate her husband's big promotion. However, her mother-in-law showed up with her husband's ex and tried to force their way into the party. The woman stood her ground and refused to let them in, which caused tension with her MIL and brother-in-law.

Find out what happened and whether the woman was in the wrong by reading the full story.

Co-parenting and in-laws: navigating complex family dynamics. 👪

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Divorce drama: MIL still attached to ex-DIL 🤦‍♀️

fit-committee-6882 | fit-committee-6882

MIL and ex-wife drama: Boundaries set to protect family.

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Setting boundaries with family at celebrations: AITA party drama

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MIL and ex-wife crash party, disrespect boundaries. Drama ensues.

fit-committee-6882 | fit-committee-6882

Setting boundaries with MIL and ex-wife at family party.

fit-committee-6882 | fit-committee-6882

MIL and ex-wife not welcome? Drama at family party 😕

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Standing up to entitled family members, NTA 🙌

fit-committee-6882 | fit-committee-6882

MIL and ex-wife drama at party 😒

A woman hosted a party to celebrate her husband's new promotion, but things turned sour when her mother-in-law and ex-wife showed up uninvited. Despite warning her MIL not to bring her ex-wife, the MIL brought her anyway as her "plus one." The host stood her ground and refused to let her in, causing a rift between her and her MIL and BIL.

Read on to find out more about this family drama and the reactions it sparked.

MIL brings uninvited guest, gets shut down by NTA OP and husband 🙅

J17854W | J17854W

MIL and ex-wife overstepping boundaries: NTA for setting limits 👏

TrainingDearest | TrainingDearest

Ex-wife's behavior raises eyebrows, NTA for setting boundaries 🤔

SoSleepySue | SoSleepySue

Engaging NTA comment with humorous replies and sarcasm.

Select-Anxiety-1557 | Select-Anxiety-1557

Setting boundaries with family 🚫🏠 Good for you!

bamf1701 | bamf1701

Setting boundaries with family: NTA for not inviting ex-wife and MIL.

balancedgray | balancedgray

MIL crossed the line by inviting someone OP specifically asked not to invite. NTA 🚫👩‍👧

Basic_Yellow8759 | Basic_Yellow8759

Set clear boundaries at events to avoid family drama. 🚫👩‍❤️‍👨

[deleted] | [deleted]

Clear boundaries were set and consequences were enforced. NTA 👍

bigfatchair | bigfatchair

Reddit users suspect trolling in comment and replies 🤔

ServelanDarrow | ServelanDarrow

Mixed feelings about Elise's situation with missing information.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Curiosity about the ex's behavior sparks discussion 🤔

DefinitelySaneGary | DefinitelySaneGary

MIL gets what she deserves: 🔥NTA shuts down toxic behavior🔥

Paevatar | Paevatar

Choose your own family, not your ex. 👍

elizabethjanet | elizabethjanet

Engaging discussion on MIL and ex-wife's behavior, with mixed opinions.

KickIt77 | KickIt77

Closing the door on MIL and ex? NTA for sure 🚪

PinkPrincess61 | PinkPrincess61

Stand your ground! 👊 NTA for prioritizing your marriage.

Murky-Egg-8326 | Murky-Egg-8326

Setting boundaries: One person's experience with their MIL. NTA.

MotherODogs4 | MotherODogs4

Conflicting narration, need more INFO to judge fairly 🤔

EditRedditGeddit | EditRedditGeddit

Setting boundaries and standing up for yourself. You go, OP! 🙌 NTA

Auntienursey | Auntienursey

Draw the line with in-laws: NTA for setting boundaries.

murphy2345678 | murphy2345678

OP's ex-wife's questionable decision to not work and take care of the kids explained 🤔

Golden_Facts | Golden_Facts

Set boundaries and own your space! 🏠 NTA for sure.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Setting boundaries with family: NTA for standing up for yourself

fpreview | fpreview

You're not the a**hole for setting boundaries, but be cautious 👀

afondcowabunga | afondcowabunga

Trash took itself out 👏: NTA for standing ground.

SadFaithlessness8237 | SadFaithlessness8237

Setting boundaries with family at events, NTA wins.

Credible333 | Credible333

Shut down power trips early 👌 MIL not invited 🤔

truthseeeker | truthseeeker

Respect your boundaries and don't let anyone cross them 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Respect your space 🚫👵🏻💼 Stand your ground 💪

LandaHolla | LandaHolla

Cutting out toxic family members: a win-win situation 💯

Pettyfan1234 | Pettyfan1234

Ex-wife and MIL are AHs for showing up uninvited. 💁‍♀️

Financial_Room_8362 | Financial_Room_8362

Interesting observation on the husband's divorce decision 👀

Buddhadevine | Buddhadevine

Not the a**hole! But what caused the drama?

Rgirl4 | Rgirl4

OP shuts down MIL and ex-wife, husband unfazed. 😎

vaulthuntervalkyrie | vaulthuntervalkyrie

Husband needs to set boundaries with his own mother 🤦‍♂️

darthurphoto | darthurphoto

Clear boundaries, no sympathy for entitled ex-wife. 🚫👩🏼‍🦱

ItsAlwaysSumtin | ItsAlwaysSumtin

Commenter praises OP for standing up to MIL and ex-wife, asks for updates with superhero emoji.

Mommaqueen_of3 | Mommaqueen_of3

MIL pushing boundaries, husband should have discussed. No role at party. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Reasonable-Half147 | Reasonable-Half147

Setting boundaries with family can be tough. 👍

BBrea101 | BBrea101

Comment calls out husband, sparks no replies

Sweetbeans23807 | Sweetbeans23807

Draw the line and stand up for your relationship 💪🏼

mischaracterised | mischaracterised

A humorous suggestion for the MIL and ex-wife situation 😂

[deleted] | [deleted]

Not the a**hole for setting boundaries with MIL and ex-wife 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Not the a**hole for setting boundaries with MIL and ex-wife 🙅‍♀️

[deleted] | [deleted]

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