Deaf Bride Faces Resistance for Wanting Wedding in Sign Language

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A deaf bride-to-be is facing resistance from her hearing mother, who insists on an English ceremony despite the fact that the bride's first language is American Sign Language (ASL). The bride's story is gaining attention on Reddit's AITA forum, where users are divided on whether she's in the wrong. The bride's parents never taught her sign language or immersed her in deaf culture as a child, but she eventually learned ASL and found a sense of belonging in the deaf community. Her fiancé and his family are also deaf and fluent in sign language, so they've planned their wedding ceremony entirely in ASL. The bride's mother, however, believes that the ceremony should be in English with an ASL interpreter for the deaf guests. The bride is torn between honoring her culture and language and appeasing her mother's wishes. What would you do in her shoes?

Deaf bride's struggle with cultural identity and parental resistance 🤟

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Deaf bride finds community and acceptance through sign language fluency ❤️

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Bride's love for fiance's deaf family despite resistance to sign language.

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Love knows no language! Deaf couple's ASL wedding sparks controversy

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Bride faces resistance for sign language wedding with hearing family.

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Deaf bride faces resistance to sign language wedding with a joke

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Deaf bride battles mother's English-only wedding demands 🤝🏼

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Deaf bride faces resistance for sign language wedding amidst misunderstanding.

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Deaf bride faces opposition to sign language ceremony. AITA?

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Clarification on the Deaf Bride's Wedding Controversy 🤔

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Navigating familial obligation while advocating for sign language wedding 💍

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Bride explains challenges of speaking and signing during wedding ceremony 💍

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Parental resistance to ASL learning for a deaf bride.

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Deaf bride faces backlash for ASL-only wedding reception.

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Deaf community member shares experience with cochlear implant removal 💔

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Deaf bride explains why she doesn't want implants for wedding.

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Deaf bride faces pushback for wanting wedding in sign language 🤟

A deaf bride is receiving resistance from her mother for wanting to have her wedding fully in American Sign Language (ASL). Growing up, the bride's parents never immersed her in deaf culture and were against her learning ASL. However, after attending a deaf university and becoming fluent in ASL, the bride met her fiance who comes from a large family of deaf individuals. The couple decided to have their wedding in ASL, but the bride's mother believes it should be in English with an ASL interpreter. The bride is torn between having her wedding in her first language or conforming to English as the 'normal' way of communication. The couple has decided to have an interpreter for the hearing guests, but the mother believes that the deaf guests should be used to having interpreters. The bride is seeking advice on whether she should have the ceremony in English to please her mother or stand firm in having it in her primary language, ASL. Stay tuned for reactions and comments on this topic.

Deaf bride faces resistance for wanting sign language wedding, commenters agree NTA.

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American Sign Language is different from English, NTA.


Deaf bride faces resistance for sign language wedding, NTA wins.

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Wedding vows in Klingon? 🤔 Language nerds weigh in.

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Deaf bride faces ableist resistance from mom, but finds loving community❤️

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Deaf bride's NTA comment teaches ableist a** a valuable lesson 👏

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Deaf bride faces resistance for wanting sign language wedding. Commenter empathizes.

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Hearing person advocates for more inclusion of sign language in society 🤟

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Deaf bride faces resistance for sign language wedding, but NTA.

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Commenter shares positive experience with sign language interpreters at government updates.

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NTA bride faces resistance for sign language wedding, but accommodates family 🤟

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Deaf culture is real and comparable to other cultures. NTA, mom!

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A heartwarming comment thread about a deaf bride's dream wedding ❤️

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Deaf commenter defends bride from mom's discrimination. #DeafRights 🤷‍♀️

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Deaf bride stood up for her right to have the wedding in sign language 🤟👰🤵

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Deaf bride stands up to mom for sign language wedding 🤟

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Learn about CODA and SODA in this comment thread 🤔👀

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Deaf bride receives support for wanting sign language wedding 🤟

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Deaf bride faces resistance for sign language wedding, but commenters support.

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Deaf bride rightfully asserts sign language in wedding, guests adapt 🤟

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Encouraging bride to teach ASL for inclusive wedding 👍

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Deaf bride defends her right to sign language at wedding 💍🤟

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Embracing the deaf community, NTA bride faces resistance for sign wedding

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Bride's parents object to sign language wedding; paying none of it.

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Celebrate love in the language that speaks to your heart! 🤟🎉

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Taking a stand for your wedding dreams 🤟

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Celebrate your love and language! NTA, your wedding, your choice 💕🤟

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Deaf bride faces ableist resistance for sign language wedding. NTA.

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Celebrate your identity! 🤟 Don't let anyone stop you. 👊

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NTA bride stands up for her rights and identity 🤟

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Deaf bride faces ableist parents; brother gets help, why not her?

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Creative term 'signing impaired' praised in supportive comment section

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Commenter receives backlash for suggesting cutting off family member from kids.

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Deaf bride's sign language wedding: hearing guests might feel weird 😕

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Celebrate your wedding your way. Don't let narrow-mindedness hold you back! 👰🤵🤟

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Deaf bride faces discrimination, but Redditor supports her - NTA 🙌

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Celebrate your special day in your primary language! 🎉🤟

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Deaf bride stands up for wedding in sign language 🤟

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Deaf bride stands up to ignorant parents for dream wedding 💍👰

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Deaf community member defends bride's desire for sign language wedding 🤟

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Supportive comment section with heartwarming in-laws ❤️

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Deaf bride shares struggles with hearing aids and mainstream education 🤟

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Wedding in sign language: NTA. Would they object to German?

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Celebrate love and diversity with a sign language wedding! 🤟

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Deaf bride stands up to mom's English-only argument for wedding

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Breaking barriers and standing up to parents. You go! 🙌 NTA

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Deaf bride rightfully wants sign language at wedding despite resistance 👰🏻👌🏼

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Incorporating ASL at your wedding? NTA! 🤟

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Heartwarming exchange in sign language receives support 🤟

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Deaf bride faces cruel prank suggestion for Spanish interpreter

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Insensitive comment sparks no sympathy for deaf bride. #NTA

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Inclusivity wins! 🤟🏽❤️

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Celebrate your way! 🎉 Bride gets support for sign language wedding.

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