Mother Keeps Secret Which of Her Sons Is Biologically Hers

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A mother has come under fire for refusing to reveal which of her two sons is biologically hers. The boys were born within six months of each other, but only one is biologically related to the mother. Despite this, the mother has full custody of both children and doesn't believe that biology is important.

However, her family disagrees and wants to know the truth. The mother's refusal to reveal the information has caused tension and arguments within the family. Some family members think that the mother is being selfish and that her actions could cause problems in the future. Others believe that the decision should be left up to the boys themselves.

What do you think? Is the mother in the wrong for refusing to reveal the truth in this situation or is she within her rights to keep it private? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Which one is really hers? A mother's mysterious secret. 🤔

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Family reunited after years, but mother still keeps a secret 🤫

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Two sons, one mother - a story of uncanny resemblance 🔍

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A mother's secret about her identical sons and a mix-up

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Mother's strange request raises questions about her sons' paternity.

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A mother's misguided search for her son's birth mother 🤔

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A mother's dilemma: Should biology matter in being a parent?

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Mother keeps secret about biological son- tension and accusations arise 🤔

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Family conflict over mother's secret son's identity 🤐

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Seeking validation in a complicated situation 🤔

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Mother keeps secret which son is biologically hers 🤫

A mother has sparked debate after revealing that only one of her two sons is biologically hers. Despite having full custody of both of them, she has kept the identity of her biological child a secret from her family, causing tension and arguments. Many have differing opinions on whether or not the mother should reveal the truth, with some arguing that it is her right to keep it private while others believe that it could cause issues down the line.

The boys themselves are unaware of the situation and it is unclear if or when they will be told. What do you think? Should the mother reveal the identity of her biological child or is it her right to keep it a secret? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

NTA. Mother's obsession with finding out is irrelevant to kids.

wind-river7 | wind-river7

Protecting your sons and their identity from your mother 🛡️

jemmls4 | jemmls4

"All you need is love" - A mother's love transcends biology ❤

AngelIslington | AngelIslington

Commenter offers support and warns of toxic family behavior 🙅‍♀️

helvegr13 | helvegr13

Mother receives support after revealing plan to tell sons about adoption.


👍Children's well-being comes first in adoption issues, not curiosity.👏

silly_sarahSG1 | silly_sarahSG1

Protecting your children from heartache. 🚫❤️

brokeanail | brokeanail

Suggests hilariously chaotic solution to reveal biological son. 😂

aimeed72 | aimeed72

Protecting both my sons from unequal treatment by you 💪

the_last_basselope | the_last_basselope

Reconnecting with toxic family: weighing the pros and cons. NTA ❤️

friendlily | friendlily

Protect your family and their privacy. NTA.

zeusmom1031 | zeusmom1031

Preventing favoritism: a wise decision 👍

MsBogey | MsBogey

Engaging debate on legal adoption and birth certificates 🤔

Dustin_Riley | Dustin_Riley

Mother's obsession with biological son is shameful. NTA for protecting both.

WaDaEp | WaDaEp

A heartwarming story of unconventional parenting? NTA, keep it up! ❤️

electricuncalm | electricuncalm

Adopted children's birth certificates differ. NTA for keeping secrets.

chubby-wench | chubby-wench

User considers going low contact with family over potential favoritism 🤔

Quicksilver1964 | Quicksilver1964

Mother's annoying behavior gets called out by commenter. 🙄

4614065 | 4614065

Loving mother prioritizes her sons' happiness over biological lineage ❤

QuaintSquawk | QuaintSquawk

Mother's ulterior motive for DNA test questioned by son

Pigalek | Pigalek

Family's obsession with biological relationship causing distress. #LoveIsLove ❤️

PawneeGoddess1313 | PawneeGoddess1313

Choose love over DNA, they said ❤️

Lord-Wombat | Lord-Wombat

Adoptive father shuts down mother's ploy to find biological son 👏

YarnAndMetal | YarnAndMetal

Mother's obsession with biological child raises red flags 🚩

[deleted] | [deleted]

Mother lays down the law: No more questions or you're cut off 🚫

dreamsuggestor | dreamsuggestor

Commenter supports the mother's decision to keep her secret.

chlorinerinse | chlorinerinse

Sibling rivalry at its finest 👨‍👦‍👦

DemonicSymphony | DemonicSymphony

Respecting family privacy, NTA and great boyfriend support 👍

sour_lemonface | sour_lemonface

A cousin shares a similar story and warns of the consequences 💥

xkirruax | xkirruax

A heartwarming story of a mother's unconditional love for her sons ❤️

FilipTheCoder | FilipTheCoder

Woman keeps biological son a secret, family clueless. NTA.

MarsNirgal | MarsNirgal

Biology doesn't matter when it comes to being a good parent ❤️

Excellent_Village276 | Excellent_Village276

Mother seeks advice on how to break the news to her sons that one of them is not her biological child. 👨‍👦‍👦

Kretiuk | Kretiuk

Light-hearted comment section with NTA judgement and superhero joke 🦸‍♂️

TheEmeraldDoe | TheEmeraldDoe

Standing up for yourself: 👍 You're not the a**hole.

minnieboss | minnieboss

Planning for the future: Updating the will after discovery 📝

ewizzle | ewizzle

Keeping brothers together, NTA for keeping it a secret 👍

Curiousnaturejunk | Curiousnaturejunk

Set boundaries and make it clear that you won't tolerate favoritism 😤

TheSleepyEldest | TheSleepyEldest

Mother's family shows no bias towards her sons, but the tension remains 🤔

SmartFX2001 | SmartFX2001

Privacy matters, mother's curiosity shouldn't dictate family relationships. ✨

EquivalentTwo1 | EquivalentTwo1

Cutting toxic people out is sometimes the best decision. 🙌

[deleted] | [deleted]

Protecting your children from family bias. 🙌

Akasgotu | Akasgotu

Mom's secret son: a heartwarming story 🥰

gimmethegudes | gimmethegudes

Mother's love knows no bounds 💕

SnooPeppers1641 | SnooPeppers1641

Mother defends her right to keep her family secrets 🤫

soulsearxhing | soulsearxhing

Privacy is key, genes don't define family 👪

baklavareason | baklavareason

Mother's secret may never come out, and that's okay 🤫

unwillingvictim | unwillingvictim

Raising another woman's child as your own? You're NTA.

EDJardin | EDJardin

Protecting her sons' privacy is more important than satisfying family gossip.

Kettlewise | Kettlewise

Protect both kids, don't let your mom favor one 👏

TheLastLibrarian1 | TheLastLibrarian1

No favorites allowed! 🙅‍♀️

Aus1993 | Aus1993

Mother keeps secret about sons' biological father. Supportive comments and a humorous reply.

blazinpineapple | blazinpineapple

Family is more than biology, and acceptance should be unconditional ❤️

coldbeeronsunday | coldbeeronsunday

Supportive comment warns of potential consequences for setting boundaries 🚫

FrugalForLife | FrugalForLife

Mother reveals secret to kids, but they don't seem to care 🙄

GoingHollow_ | GoingHollow_