Family Reveal Truth About My Daughter's Accident, Therapy Sessions Continue

A little girl looking sad.
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A mom who previously posted on AITA reveals what really happened to her daughter who wet herself. She had play therapy that confirmed her daughter was scared and yelled at by one of the men present at the gathering. Her dad called to apologize and came for a therapy session with them.

However, she still hasn't spoken to her sister because she doesn't believe she can be civil. She's still working to rule out family members that were definitely not involved to hopefully have her daughter see them more.

Read on to find out more details about this family drama.

Grateful for overwhelming support, unable to reply to comments ❤️

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Road to recovery: Daughter improving after accident, therapy updates shared.

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Positive progress in therapy session, privacy respected by family 👍

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Therapists' collaboration leads to concern for daughter's recovery ❤️

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Answers finally revealed about daughter's accident, thanks to guilt-tripping

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Misunderstanding leads to tragedy, family copes with guilt and therapy 💔

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A traumatizing incident hidden from a parent, heartbreaking truth revealed.

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Therapy sessions increase for daughter, family attends together 💪

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Therapy sessions continue as family works to improve daughter's relationships 🤝

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Therapy sessions continue as family reveals details about daughter's accident.

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Grateful for support during ongoing therapy sessions 🙏

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Counting people at the accident scene, a crucial investigation detail.

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Family's support system during daughter's accident recovery ❤️

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Blended families: navigating relationships with siblings and step-siblings 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

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Big family gathering with many kids present, chaos ensured 🤪

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A crowded gathering with fifty people, excluding me. 🤯

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Who yelled at her? Secrets revealed in therapy sessions. 🔍

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Mother reveals heartbreaking truth behind daughter's accident 😢

A mother's worst nightmare came true when her daughter was involved in an accident. In this heart-wrenching update, the family reveals the truth about what really happened. Despite some minor concerns raised during play therapy, the mother is relieved to finally have answers.

However, the truth is difficult to bear as it involves a family member yelling at her daughter and scaring her into wetting herself. The mother has not spoken to that family member and is still trying to come to terms with what happened. Therapy sessions continue to help the daughter process the experience, and the family is working to find ways to support her through this difficult time.

Read on for more details and updates on the situation.

Heartwarming support from OP's father and commenters ❤️

Pootle001 | Pootle001

Heartbreaking story of a family member blaming a child for an accident 😢

LadyCollywobbles | LadyCollywobbles

Lying about what happened to your non-verbal child is inexcusable 😡

blobofdepression | blobofdepression

Stay strong, cut off toxic sister, focus on supporting child ❤️

ddave-9 | ddave-9

Family gaslights OP, blames daughter, and hides accident. Outrageous behavior.

El-Catman | El-Catman

Glad to hear your daughter is doing better. Shady family behavior 🤔

Throwaway-2587 | Throwaway-2587

Heartwarming support for protecting children from abusive homes ❤

Nami_Swan_ | Nami_Swan_

Commenter expresses anger towards dishonest individuals involved in child's accident.

Thrillh0 | Thrillh0

A cake pop causes chaos and tragic flashbacks.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Found family > blood family. 🙌 Trust those who prove loyalty. NTA.

NorthernPunk | NorthernPunk

Heartbreaking comment and replies describe the impact of trauma on children 😢

allenna | allenna

Heartfelt support for family dealing with tragic accident ❤️

Exotic-Locksmith-192 | Exotic-Locksmith-192

Heartwarming support between a father and a commenter ❤

Interesting_Sea_7815 | Interesting_Sea_7815

Therapy progress: Narrowing down family involvement 💪👨‍👧

zortlord | zortlord

Demanding compensation for extra therapy sessions after child abuse.

Double_Reindeer_6884 | Double_Reindeer_6884

Supportive commenter offers encouragement and advice to parent dealing with accident.

czechtheboxes | czechtheboxes

Disturbing comments reveal the scary truth about the accident.

pigmentissues | pigmentissues

Commenter seeks clarification on bathroom incident, receives heartfelt replies ❤️

Ok_Image6174 | Ok_Image6174

Cutting off toxic family members for mental health 🚫💔

CheshireGrin92 | CheshireGrin92

Commenter still angry at family, but child finds joy.

WeedIsFuckingAwesome | WeedIsFuckingAwesome

Supportive comment section. 🤗

Ziggywife1990 | Ziggywife1990

Parent's instincts save daughter's life, truth prevails 🙌

WanderMagic | WanderMagic

Sending love and support for your daughter's recovery ❤️

CaptainSmaug | CaptainSmaug

Heartbreaking betrayal from family, but love prevails for daughter ❤️

AppalachianEnvy | AppalachianEnvy

Heartfelt support for parent and daughter's wellbeing ❤️

Pretend-Panda | Pretend-Panda

Family cover-up exposed, therapy helping: 🙏 for your recovery.

Cybermagetx | Cybermagetx

Heartwarming support for a dedicated parent ❤️

Heraonolympia123 | Heraonolympia123

Heartfelt comment receives confusion: L and W explained 🤔

Dumbasschoices | Dumbasschoices

Misunderstanding resolved but family's dishonesty caused distress and harm.

diaperedwoman | diaperedwoman

Heartwarming support for parent doing right by their daughter ❤️

Kickass_licker | Kickass_licker

Family kept daughter's accident a secret, unacceptable secrecy 🤐

tipsana | tipsana

Ouch! That's a harsh comment to make 😬

madcre | madcre

Teaching kids about secrets: a lesson from a heartbreaking experience

HeverAfter | HeverAfter

Family's lies caused child's suffering. Reprehensible behavior. 😡

Lorien6 | Lorien6

Heartwarming support for an amazing dad ❤️

[deleted] | [deleted]

Childhood trauma resurfaces after family secrets are exposed 😢

SegaNeptune28 | SegaNeptune28

Betrayed and silenced: A family's dark secret comes to light 💔

xshainax | xshainax

Supportive comment applauding father for standing up for his daughter 👏

Agent-Responsible | Agent-Responsible

Empathetic parent fights for daughter's recovery with fierce love ❤️

neeksknowsbest | neeksknowsbest

Commenter shocked by family's cover-up of daughter's accident 😱

Taleya | Taleya

Support for victim; anger towards family in accident blame game. 🔥

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Heartwarming comment shows support for dedicated father ❤️

spilat12 | spilat12

Sweet treats causing daughter's accident, but not for other kids 🤔

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Heartwarming support from OP's father during daughter's therapy sessions ❤️

Suitable_Captain7805 | Suitable_Captain7805

Commenter expresses anger towards man who yelled at daughter.

Village_Green_Badger | Village_Green_Badger

Social worker praises parent's actions and warns against trusting abusers.

DassiDina | DassiDina

Commenter relieved sister wasn't involved in accident, threatens to call cops.

[deleted] | [deleted]

The power of a unified lie and its damning consequences. 😔

Apprehensive-Two3474 | Apprehensive-Two3474

Kudos to the brave cousin for standing up for your daughter 💪

Exciting_Disaster_66 | Exciting_Disaster_66

Empathetic comment from an autistic person, thanking the dad for supporting his daughter.

thebearofwisdom | thebearofwisdom

Sending well wishes to commenter, positive response received 🌟

UnderstandingAway302 | UnderstandingAway302