Blake Lively Gives Fan Advice: 'You Should Leave Him'

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Blake Lively
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Blake Lively has a hilarious encounter with a fan and asks her to leave him. We have seen her and Ryan Reynolds troll each other and their relationship, but for the first time, we witness her trolling someone else. Read on to find out more about the hilarious encounter.

Blake Lively Trolls Fan

Blake Lively

The 35-year-old actress trolled a fan at a Wrexham game over the weekend. She cracked a joke which has fans laughing hard. 

‘Gossip Girl’ Star Attends A Football Game

Blake Lively

The Gossip Girl star attended the game to support the Welsh football team. Her husband, Deadpool actor Ryan Reynold, is one of the co-owners.

What Happened?


The other owner of Wrexham, along with Reynolds, is It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia star Rob McElhenney. The trolling moment took place as Lively was walking around the soccer field ground in Wales.

Excited Fan Asks Lively For A Hi To His Girlfriend

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One fan enthusiastically yelled to her, “Blake, please say hi to Stephanie! It’s my girlfriend." The fan was very excited and wanted the actress to greet his girlfriend.

Lively Asks Girlfriend to ‘Leave Him!’

The actress replied, “Hi, Stephanie,” and smiled and waved toward the camera. She then pointed to the boyfriend and joked, “You should leave him!”

Stadium Erupts Into Laughter

The fans in the crowd did not miss the joke and started laughing out loud. Lively gasped and yelled, “What!”

Fan Shares Video On Twitter

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The fan posted the video on Twitter, which immediately went viral. In addition, he confirmed that he and his girlfriend are still together.

Fan And Girlfriend Are Happy

“Stephs cried happiness, and she's absolutely over the moon,” he wrote. “Luckily, she hasn’t broken up with me!… Thanks again,” he captioned the post. 

Comment Funnier Than The Moment

very funny

One of the commenters wrote, “Violation,” and the fan replied, “I never thought I’d ve violated by a celebrity, but here we are.” The post was shared by many as they enjoyed Lively’s humor.

Blake Lively And Ryan Reynolds 

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are one of Hollywood’s hottest and funniest couples. They are always trolling each other online, and fans love their healthy relationship banter.

When Did They First Meet?


The couple first met each other back in 2010 on the set of Green Lantern. They were both dating someone else at the time.

The Couple Got Married

blake lively and ryan reynolds
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Both of them began dating in 2011 and secretly wed in September 2012. Since then, they have been one of Hollywood's most iconic couples. 

Lively And Reynolds Welcome Fourth Child

blake lively and ryan reynolds
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Over a month ago, the couple welcomed their fourth child. They didn’t instantly announce the birth but did it in their own own way.

Lively’s Baby Bump Gone At Super Bowl

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The actress posted a photo with her husband and mother-in-law on Super Bowl Sunday. Lively’s baby bump was noticeably absent in the picture.

Couple Shares Family Super Bowl Moments

“Puppy Bowl Sunday 🥘🍲🥧 been busy,” she captioned the photos of their super bow fun. The picture album on Instagram featured pizza and their personal game day snacks.

Lively And Reynolds Attend The Game With Family


Their entire family attended the game on March 25. The couple attended with their children; James, 8; Betty, 6; Inez, 3, and their unnamed newborn. 

We Still Don't Know The Name Of Their Fourth Child

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The couple still has to reveal the name of their fourth child. However, fans are eager to find out what they name the baby. 

Ryan Shares Pictures On Instagram

The couple posed on the field with their children and took selfies. Ryan Reynolds shared the pictures on his Instagram from Wrexham Family, including the family. 

Reynolds Appreciates The Team

Giphy | Paramount+

"Two unbelievable days of Wrexham football. Nearly 20,000 people passed through the gates of the Racecourse Ground. @wrexham_afc won - but the main event was @wrexhamafcwomen winning it all and hoisting the big shiny trophy. These women played their guts out, and @robmcelhenney and I couldn't be prouder or more choked up," he captioned the post.