Woman Kicks Out Picky Pregnant Sister-In-Law For Eating Her Food

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When living with family, it's not uncommon to have disagreements over food preferences. But what happens when one person's pickiness leads to a significant disruption? That happened to one woman who kicked her sister-in-law out of the house over a meal dispute. The pregnant sister-in-law insisted on only eating her favorite foods, which the host was allergic to. After a long day at work, the host discovered her sister-in-law had eaten her takeout order without permission. This led to a heated argument, and ultimately, the sister-in-law was asked to leave. Was the host justified in her actions, or did she take things too far? Read to find out more.

Pregnant sister-in-law kicked out for being picky eater 🍽️

sal9653133 | sal9653133

Sister-in-law's picky eating causes dinner drama 🍴

sal9653133 | sal9653133

Sister-in-law ruins dinner plan, kicks out pregnant SIL. 😠

sal9653133 | sal9653133

When sister-in-law steals your meal, order takeout like a boss 🍽️

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Hungry sister-in-law eats pregnant woman's food, gets kicked out 🍔

sal9653133 | sal9653133

Sister-in-law eats her food, gets kicked out in morning 💥

sal9653133 | sal9653133

Pregnancy cravings or food theft? Family feud over dinner 🍴

sal9653133 | sal9653133

🤰🍽️ Sister-in-law eats my food while pregnant, AITA for kicking out?

sal9653133 | sal9653133

🍽️👩‍👧‍👦 Pregnant sister-in-law eats food meant for allergic woman

Living with a picky eater can be challenging, but what do you do when they eat food you can't eat? This woman's sister-in-law, who is pregnant and picky, moved in with them and refused to eat anything but her favorite food. The husband offered to cook both meals, but the sister-in-law convinced him only to cook her favorite meal, leaving the woman with allergies to figure out what to eat. When the sister-in-law ate the woman's takeout, an argument ensued, and the woman kicked her out. The husband defended his sister, but was the woman in the right for kicking out her sister-in-law? What would you do in this situation? Share your thoughts and reactions below.

Husband prioritizes sister's happiness over wife's basic needs 🤷‍♀️ NTA

macladybulldog | macladybulldog

SIL's power games and husband's behavior make OP NTA

mm172 | mm172

Hilarious thread about sister-in-law and art studio joke.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Pregnant sister-in-law kicked out for being greedy and disrespectful 🤰👋

ldp1640 | ldp1640

Pregnant sister-in-law uses pregnancy as an excuse to be selfish 🤰🏻🙅🏻‍♀️🍽️

Teahouse_Fox | Teahouse_Fox

Commenter sympathizes with OP and calls out husband's behavior 😒

angelaheidt | angelaheidt

Husband prioritizing SIL over wife? 🤔

Key-Bit1208 | Key-Bit1208

Sister-in-law's power play over food leads to explosive confrontation.

ManedenDarque | ManedenDarque

Commenter defends OP for kicking out entitled sister-in-law. 🙌

cookies_squeaky | cookies_squeaky

Sister-in-law eats Op's food and only wants what Op's allergic to 😒

Inevitable-Okra-3229 | Inevitable-Okra-3229

Pregnant SIL crosses the line, OP stands up for herself 🤰🚫🍲

Eafeaturerequest | Eafeaturerequest

Husband problem? 😱 NTA kicks out pregnant SIL for food theft.

ResoluteMuse | ResoluteMuse

NTA kicks out pregnant picky eater sister-in-law. Set boundaries early on.

Kindly_Delicious | Kindly_Delicious

NTA. Sister-in-law's selfish behavior and manipulation tactics exposed.

ensiv74 | ensiv74

Sister-in-law's entitled behavior leads to bizarre power struggle 🤔

InternationalBar4884 | InternationalBar4884

Pregnancy doesn't justify eating someone else's meal. #NTA 👏

Wrong-Construction40 | Wrong-Construction40

Husband prioritizes sister over wife. NTA for kicking her out 👏

Abcdezyx54321 | Abcdezyx54321

Pregnancy cravings don't justify stealing food 🙅‍♀️

thisistemporary1213 | thisistemporary1213

Commenter suggests kicking out the husband too 😂👋

imothro | imothro

Pregnancy cravings don't excuse food theft, NTA.

InevitableThroat4855 | InevitableThroat4855

Sister-in-law kicked out for eating food, commenters support OP's actions.

SummerFridays- | SummerFridays-

Commenter sympathizes with poster and calls out sister-in-law's entitlement 👍

Hardhearted_ | Hardhearted_

Don't be a doormat! NTA for standing up to entitled sister-in-law 🙅

barbiegirlshelby | barbiegirlshelby

Pregnant sister-in-law cancels meal and eats OP's replacement. NTA

jbracing27 | jbracing27

Supportive reply to comment, NTA. Thumbs up emoji.

PorcupineTattoo | PorcupineTattoo

Pregnancy doesn't excuse selfishness. NTA for setting boundaries.

Royal-Show5382 | Royal-Show5382

Commenter calls out sister-in-law for being a selfish a**hole 🤨

[deleted] | [deleted]

Pregnant sister-in-law eats all food, kicks up fight. NTA takes charge.

Fit-Television1782 | Fit-Television1782

Pregnant sister-in-law kicked out for disrespecting host's food 🤰🚫

PrfsrVChaos | PrfsrVChaos

Don't mess with this woman's food or you'll get kicked out! 🍴

Practical_Fox_9475 | Practical_Fox_9475

Pregnant commenter defends kicking out picky sister-in-law 🤰🏻

Ok_Fortune7886 | Ok_Fortune7886

Sister-in-law's entitlement knows no bounds. NTA.

EvilFinch | EvilFinch

Pregnancy cravings shouldn't justify stealing food. NTA 👍

cvnote2010 | cvnote2010

Picky sister-in-law convinces husband not to cook for you? NTA

Unimaginativename9 | Unimaginativename9

Husband let pregnant sister-in-law eat allergic meal, kicked out. NTA.

Prestigious-Name-323 | Prestigious-Name-323

Don't mess with a woman's food 🍲. NTA for kicking her out.

BBQpigsfeet | BBQpigsfeet

Stand up for yourself! 🙅 Have a talk with your husband.

Cherie-sweetie | Cherie-sweetie

Stand up for yourself and set boundaries 👊🙅‍♀️

[deleted] | [deleted]

Spicy take! 🌶️ NTA and husband gets roasted 🔥

OkeyDokey234 | OkeyDokey234

Husband also to blame? NTA for kicking out selfish sister-in-law 🙅‍♀️

ThrowawayFishFingers | ThrowawayFishFingers

Pregnancy doesn't excuse entitlement and food theft 🤰🍴

OddF3ll0w | OddF3ll0w

Commenter implies sister-in-law is causing marital problems 🤔

Melia100 | Melia100

Stand your ground, NTA. Kick her out with a bill 💰

Popular-Emu7380 | Popular-Emu7380

Pregnancy doesn't give you the right to be a jerk 🤰🍛

plantsb4putas | plantsb4putas

'NTA' comment sparks suspicion and shock 😲

hperez8844 | hperez8844

NTA calls out emotional incest in a toxic family dynamic 👀

pocketrocket-0 | pocketrocket-0

🤯 Dramatic solution to a family feud

Alagirl2525 | Alagirl2525

Consider future husband's loyalty to sister after food fiasco.

Creepy-Passenger-506 | Creepy-Passenger-506

Savage response to entitled sister-in-law 🍽️🚪

SugarFries | SugarFries

Pregnant sister-in-law's food choices cause tension 🤰🍽️

knittingneedles321 | knittingneedles321

Take control of your marriage and dinner 💪. NTA.

winesis | winesis

Cook your own food, sis 🍴 You're NTA!

ScottsdaleBlondie | ScottsdaleBlondie

Agree with NTA comment, husband also at fault 👍

roseydaisydandy | roseydaisydandy

Sister-in-law eats food, husband sides with her, NTA leaves 🚪

Top_Thing4890 | Top_Thing4890

Setting boundaries with a pregnant, picky roommate. 🤷🏻‍♀️

DisneyBuckeye | DisneyBuckeye

Pregnancy is no excuse for entitlement 😡 #NTA

CherryGhost1234 | CherryGhost1234

Sister-in-law drama: NTA, spouse needs to stand up for you 👊

Urbanyeti0 | Urbanyeti0

Cooking picky sister-in-law's favorite food while pregnant? 🤔 NTA but set boundaries.

APlantNamedEarl | APlantNamedEarl

Husband problem? 😳 Tell us more...

Defiant-Currency-518 | Defiant-Currency-518

Setting the record straight on 'eating for two' myth 🤰🍴

scubagalrd | scubagalrd