Deaf Teen Refuses To Communicate With Sister Who Refuses To Learn Sign Language

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One teen feels isolated and frustrated due to her sister's refusal to learn sign language in a world where communication is critical. The 17-year-old poster is HoH and relies on sign language to communicate with her family. However, her older sister has refused to learn, leaving her feeling ignored and misunderstood. The poster is now at a crossroads: should she continue to try to communicate with her sister, or should she stand her ground and demand that her sister learn sign language? The family is divided, with some calling her an a**hole for refusing to talk to her sister, while others support her decision. Read on to find out more about this family's communication woes and decide for yourself: is the poster in the wrong, or is her sister being selfish?

Teen's sister refuses to learn sign language causing communication barrier.

prawncocktailtayto | prawncocktailtayto

Deaf teen shares frustration over sister's refusal to learn sign language 😔

prawncocktailtayto | prawncocktailtayto

Deaf teen struggles to communicate with sister who won't learn sign 🤐

prawncocktailtayto | prawncocktailtayto

Deaf teen stands up against sister's refusal to learn sign 🤟

prawncocktailtayto | prawncocktailtayto

Deaf teen ostracized by family for sister's refusal to learn sign.

prawncocktailtayto | prawncocktailtayto

Deaf teen refuses to talk to sister who doesn't sign 🙏

A deaf teenager has refused to communicate with their older sister after years of her refusing to learn sign language. Despite being hard of hearing, the teenager's sister has never bothered to learn how to sign, making it difficult for the teenager to understand her. This has caused frustration and a rift in their relationship. The teenager has now taken a stand and has decided not to communicate with her sister until she learns sign language. While the parents are outraged, one of the teenager's younger brothers is on their side, supporting their decision. However, the other brother is trying to stay out of the argument. What do you think? Is the teenager in the right to refuse to communicate with their sister until she learns sign language? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Sibling's refusal to learn sign language causes communication breakdown. NTA.

Slow_Owl | Slow_Owl

Engaging with a deaf person requires extra effort. NTA.

vandajoy | vandajoy

Parents missed an opportunity to teach sister basic sign language 🤟

TreeCityKitty | TreeCityKitty

Communicate with her in sign language, force her to learn 🤟

toodankanna | toodankanna

Deaf teen's sister refuses to learn sign language, NTA for refusing to communicate with her 🤟

Damn_Dutchman | Damn_Dutchman

Sister's refusal to learn sign language leads to communication breakdown 😔

MajorUnderstanding22 | MajorUnderstanding22

Learning sign language shows effort and care for those with hearing loss ❤️

cassidy1111111 | cassidy1111111

Supportive comment receives sarcastic reply from insensitive user 😒

lilEve77 | lilEve77

Relatable. 🤷‍♂️

deemossy | deemossy

Deaf teen stands up to ableist sister, fights for brother ❤️

TRoseee | TRoseee

Agreement with commenter's sentiment of shock and disapproval 🤯

AllieBeeKnits | AllieBeeKnits

Deaf teen's determination to communicate results in tough choice for sister.

RhubarbDiva | RhubarbDiva

Communicate only through ASL, sister is being unreasonable. 💁🏻‍♀️

Anonymotron42 | Anonymotron42

Sister refuses to learn sign language, commenter supports deaf teen.

cassie_chou | cassie_chou

Standing up for communication access, **NTA** 👏🏻👏🏼👏🏽👏🏾

ThrillDr1 | ThrillDr1

Deaf teen's frustration with sister's lack of sign language knowledge 🤯

Wreny84 | Wreny84

Deaf teen's sister won't learn sign, NTA stands up.

LoveBeach8 | LoveBeach8

Communication barriers between deaf teen and sister with age gap.

PotentialGap2128 | PotentialGap2128

Learning a few basic signs is a great way to show love ❤️

WebbieVanderquack | WebbieVanderquack

Sister not accommodating deafness, NTA for refusing to communicate 👌

Sfb208 | Sfb208

Deaf teen stands up for herself, NTA 🙌

Lively_Sally | Lively_Sally

Communicating with family shouldn't be a struggle 👏🏼

Bubbly-Kitty-2425 | Bubbly-Kitty-2425

Sister refuses to learn sign language, commenter says NTA 🙌

5pinktoes | 5pinktoes

Deaf teen's sister feels pushed out; not communicating won't help 🤔

VTMaid | VTMaid

Generous offer of hearing aids receives appreciation ❤️

catcatherine | catcatherine

HOH Reddit user sympathizes with frustration of communication barriers.

llodi | llodi

Sister refuses to communicate effectively with deaf sibling. NTA.

Rosiepuff | Rosiepuff

Sibling's lack of effort is understandable but deaf teen's hearing aid issue is valid 🤟

the_planet_queen | the_planet_queen

Learning sign language takes time, but clear communication is key. NTA.

squidgemobile | squidgemobile

NTA. Sister should learn sign language for better communication 👍

idk36637 | idk36637

Deaf community member offers help for expensive hearing aids 💕

livelymonstera | livelymonstera

Sister refuses to learn sign language, commenter says NTA 🤟

Lifear | Lifear

Comment section turns on parents in support of deaf teen 👏

cdaisycrochet | cdaisycrochet

Learning ASL to communicate with a deaf sibling is important ❤️

Capt_JackSkellington | Capt_JackSkellington

Deaf teen vs sister in language barrier feud 😕

[deleted] | [deleted]

Sibling conflict resolved: Not the a**hole.

Organic_Extension750 | Organic_Extension750

Empowering response! 🙌 Deaf teen stands up to ableist sister.

MudSubject1613 | MudSubject1613

Communication is key 💬. NTA, but talk to her.

katymonster003 | katymonster003

Showing basic respect includes learning basic signs 🤟

PskRaider869 | PskRaider869

Sister won't learn sign, giving a taste of exclusion. NTA 👍

Candid-Ear-4840 | Candid-Ear-4840

Learned sign language for work, sister should learn for family 💪

ThinkCow83 | ThinkCow83

Deaf teen receives support for not talking to uncooperative sister 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Deaf teen considers revenge on sister for not learning sign language

YesNoMaybe_IMO | YesNoMaybe_IMO

Adapt to the whole world, but not your own sister? NTA 🤔

Successful_Good1636 | Successful_Good1636

Deaf teen's sister refuses to learn sign language. NTA.

EscapeUnhappy6613 | EscapeUnhappy6613

Fighting audism and being NTA, Deaf teen stands up for communication.

SnootyMcFrooty | SnootyMcFrooty

Engage in conversations by insisting on being accommodated. NTA.

Kittenn1412 | Kittenn1412

Deaf teen labeled YTA for not communicating with sister

KGB-bot | KGB-bot

Commenter offers potential explanation for sister's lack of sign language skills 💬

Apple-pie_best-pie | Apple-pie_best-pie

Deaf teen stands up for herself, sister needs to learn sign 🤟

Aggressive-Sample612 | Aggressive-Sample612

Opinions split on sister's refusal to learn sign language 🤔

ToliShade | ToliShade

Deaf commenter shares frustration about lack of effort from hearing people 💔

tubby_bitch | tubby_bitch

Sister refuses to learn sign language, is she the a-hole? 🤔

TexasTeacher | TexasTeacher

Deafness makes communication difficult, sister should learn sign language. 🙉

rudster199 | rudster199

Empathetic commentator offers advice and encouragement to deaf teen and family ❤️

boomgunn | boomgunn

Encouraging warning on the difficulty of language learning 💬

[deleted] | [deleted]

Deaf teen stands up to unsupportive sister 💪

SweetSue67 | SweetSue67

Deaf teen explains struggles with hearing aids, calls sister TA.

esqweasya | esqweasya

Learn the lingo: HoH means hard of hearing 👂

togomatic | togomatic

Communication is key 📩 Don't give in to ableism 🚫

ProfessionallyMessy | ProfessionallyMessy

Communication is a two-way street 🤝🚫

[deleted] | [deleted]

Sister refuses to learn sign language. NTA for setting boundaries.

Dreams-in-the-Rain | Dreams-in-the-Rain

Sibling solidarity through Braille. Sister should learn to sign.

SneezlesForNeezles | SneezlesForNeezles

NTA for refusing to communicate with sister who won't make effort 🤟

Seliphra | Seliphra

Sign language is a human right! Learn basic sign language 👍

DanMarinosDolphins | DanMarinosDolphins