Woman Takes Niece To Court Over Ruined $20k Coat

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Woman in a pink coat
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One woman's $20k coat has caused a family feud after her niece ruined it in a prank. The wealthy woman's niece filled a balloon with paint and threw it at her aunt's back while she was wearing the coat. The aunt was furious and demanded that her niece pays for the dry cleaning, but after finding out that the coat was beyond repair, she insisted that her niece pays for a new one. When the niece's mother refused, the aunt threatened to sue, citing video evidence that her niece knew exactly how expensive the coat was and ruined it for online clout. The community is divided on whether the aunt is entitled or if she's being ridiculous for owning such an expensive coat. What do you think? Is the aunt the a**hole for taking her niece to court, or is she justified in seeking compensation for the ruined coat?

A family feud over a ruined coat and a niece.

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Navigating in-laws during pandemic as wealthy spouse (emoji of mask)

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Lavish coat gift leads to court drama. 💸

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Niece reveals true cost of coat leading to court battle

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Niece ruins expensive coat with paint, aunt takes legal action.

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Niece's prank causes $20k coat to be ruined, aunt takes action

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Woman takes niece to court over ruined $20k coat 💸

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Niece ruins $20k coat for online fame, aunt sues with evidence 🧥💸

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Online drama over $20k coat divides opinions and friendships.

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Is she the a**hole? Let's discuss 👀

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The $20k coat case update - it was bought new!

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Niece ruins $20k coat, aunt sues for damages 💰

A woman is taking her niece to court after the teenager ruined her $20k coat as part of a prank for online clout. The aunt received the coat as a gift from her wealthy mother-in-law and had only worn it a handful of times before her niece splattered paint all over it. Despite the niece's mother agreeing to pay for dry cleaning, the coat was ultimately ruined, and the aunt now demands the full cost. The niece's family refuses to pay, and the aunt is currently pursuing legal action, armed with video evidence of the prank and her niece's knowledge of the coat's value. The situation has divided opinions among the woman's friends and family, with some calling her an entitled AH and others supporting her right to seek compensation. What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

NTA, Sue if they won't pay. Niece should learn a lesson.

WaywardPrincess1025 | WaywardPrincess1025

Teaching consequences: Niece ruins $20k coat, aunt takes action. 💰

voiceless_lemon | voiceless_lemon

NTA, niece should sell her car to pay for ruined coat 💰

Fine_Prune_743 | Fine_Prune_743

Destroying a $20k coat is criminal damage. Press charges. 💼👮‍♀️

TaratronHex | TaratronHex

Niece's jealous act amounts to criminal damage; she should pay up 💰

alien_overlord_1001 | alien_overlord_1001

Commenter and reply agree: Niece deserves the debt for her actions 💰🤷‍♀️

queenCANTread | queenCANTread

Commenters relate to being scared around expensive items 😱

hollyhorrors | hollyhorrors

Woman takes niece to court over $20k coat ruined by paint 💰👩‍⚖️

okaycthulhu | okaycthulhu

Commenter agrees NTA, niece's behavior is trash. 💯

Unlucky-Dare4481 | Unlucky-Dare4481

Woman takes niece to court over ruined coat worth $20k. Commenter suggests reporting crime, replies agree.

Jagid3 | Jagid3

Teenager destroys $20k coat for online fame, faces consequences.

pfashby | pfashby

Niece's 'prank' on $20k coat was a costly felony. NTA.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Woman seeks legal action after niece ruins expensive coat.

Some-Guy-997 | Some-Guy-997

Stand your ground! 🙌🏼 Your sister and niece are TA. 💰

klurtin | klurtin

Aunt sues over ruined coat after niece throws paint-filled balloon. NTA.

JennieGee | JennieGee

Online stranger regrets not insuring their 20k coat 🤦‍♀️

Tyberious_ | Tyberious_

Empathetic commenter offers advice on getting coat appraised for lawsuit.

11_paws | 11_paws

NTA. A $20k coat or car, destruction is not acceptable 🤯

Missyblue7207 | Missyblue7207

NTA. Consider the consequences of filing an insurance claim 💰

amstarshine | amstarshine

Commenter expresses disbelief but supports legal action against sister.

VlaxDrek | VlaxDrek

Niece maliciously destroyed a $20k coat, but no fair solution.

ReactionRepulsive | ReactionRepulsive

Ruining a $20k coat for social media likes? NTA, unleash wrath 🔥

Dittoheadforever | Dittoheadforever

Consider legal consequences before taking niece to court over coat 💰

Haunting-Ad-5526 | Haunting-Ad-5526

Teaching a lesson: Niece destroys $20k coat for clout, gets grounded?

catsthis | catsthis

Commenter sympathizes with OP and criticizes niece's behavior.

EvilTreeGhost | EvilTreeGhost

When family steals and ruins your $20k coat 😱💸

Quick-Store2989 | Quick-Store2989

Selling the niece's car would be a perfect lesson 😂

yami_lizard | yami_lizard

Suing her niece for ruined coat worth $20k- fair or not?

cheerfulwalrus12 | cheerfulwalrus12

Niece ruined $20k coat, NTA for taking legal action 💼💰

LhadyLoki | LhadyLoki

Loro Piana coat ruined, seeking restitution. Commenters support NTA.

Odd_Presentation_374 | Odd_Presentation_374

Compromise solution suggested to resolve prank gone wrong. 🤝

anitarielleliphe | anitarielleliphe

Niece wrecks $20k coat on purpose, should she have to pay?

Kitfox88 | Kitfox88

Exploring the consequences of suing for a ruined coat 💼

Knife-yWife-y | Knife-yWife-y

The exorbitant cost of a coat sparks a conversation about capitalism.

stinky_binky44 | stinky_binky44

Teaching a lesson 🎓 Niece ruined expensive coat, NTA takes action

madammissylady | madammissylady

Is it worth destroying family dynamics over a coat? 🤔

vthanson | vthanson

A ruined coat and a family feud. Is it worth it? 🤔

Daveii_captain | Daveii_captain

Take them to court: Niece knew better, consequences are deserved 💰

Oxfordcomma42 | Oxfordcomma42

Commenter questions $20k coat while kids starve. 😱

SmolderingCupcake | SmolderingCupcake

Standing up for justice and not putting up with entitled behavior 💪

Cynthia_Castillo677 | Cynthia_Castillo677

Is suing your niece worth losing your family over? 😕

serdasus101 | serdasus101

Sue and block family members to avoid future money borrowing 💸

dawnzoc65 | dawnzoc65

Sister's punishment for ruining $20k coat is insufficient. 💰👗

Odd-Contribution8460 | Odd-Contribution8460

Teachable moment: Niece learns actions have consequences 💸👧

JenWess | JenWess