The Kids From MTV's Teen Mom Have Officially Grown Up! Take A Look!

Chukwudi Onyewuchi
Sophia Abraham and her mom Farrah
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Teen Mom was one of the most interesting and drama-filled shows on MTV. The reality television series, produced by Hollywood icon Morgan J. Freeman began airing in December 2009 and ran for five seasons before ending in December 2021. Nearly 15 years after the show premiered, the kids from the series are all grown up and unrecognizable. Let's take a look at them below.

The 'Teen Mom' Cast Members

The Teen Mom franchise featured a select few teen mothers from MTV series 16 and Pregnant — Farrah, Maci, Amber, and Catelynn.

The Story Of The Series 

The series followed the moms trying to raise their little ones while balancing education, relationship drama, getting a job, and moving out on their own.

Fans Watched The Kids Grow Up 

As the years progressed, audiences and fans followed along as the little children of the teen mothers grew up in front of the camera and on social media, into lovely teenagers.

Leah Leanne Shirley 

Leah was born on November 9, 2008, to Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley — the sources of some of the most dramatic storylines on Teen Mom

Leah's Time On The Show 

On the show, Gary had full custody of his daughter, which often caused tension between Amber and her boyfriend. Unfortunately, the nature of the pair's relationship affected Amber's bond with Leah.

Leah And Her Mom Aren't Close

According to reports, Leah and Amber have had a rocky relationship over the years, and the former spends more time with her father. However, Leah and her mom seem to be repairing and improving their relationship.

Leah Is 14!

Meanwhile, Leah has grown up to be a beautiful young lady, looking like the spitting image of her mother and father. She turned 14 in November 2022.

Bentley Cadence Edwards 

Maci is one of the most memorable Teen Mom cast members and was one of the first moms to give birth on 16 & Pregnant. She took in for her then-boyfriend, Ryan Edwards, and the pair welcomed Bentley in October 2008.

Present-Day Bentley 

Although Maci and Ryan's relationship didn't work out in the end, they created an amazing son in Bentley. Now 14 years old, the teenager is athletic, something he gets from his mom.

More About Bentley

The teenager seems to enjoy golf as well as baseball as his sports of choice. Bentley continues to grow before fans' eyes, with his 15th birthday approaching fast.

Maci's Other Kids

Meanwhile, Besides Bentley, Maci is a doting mother to two other kids, whom she shares with her husband, Taylor McKinney, and the family of five seems very happy.

Meet Carolyn 'Carly'

Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Baltierra (Lowell) premiered on 16 & Pregnant, being torn on whether giving their daughter Carly up for adoption was the best choice.

The Couple Follows Through With Their Decision

After realizing they wouldn't be able to take care of their daughter the way they wanted, Catelynn and Tyler decided that allowing hopeful parents Brandon and Theresa to adopt Carly would be for the best.

Carly Is Now A Beautiful Young Lady 

Thankfully, the decision paid off, and Carly has grown into a beautiful teenage girl and will be celebrating her 14th birthday on May 18, 2023. Not much is known about Carly, as her parents keep her from the spotlight.

Tyler And Catelynn Are Still Together 

Meanwhile, Tyler and Catelynn are still very much in love with each other. The couple has been together for more than 15 years and has welcomed two more children.

Sophia Laurent Abraham 

Daughter to one of the most infamous and controversial teen mom's from the series, Sophia, was born in 2009 to mother Farrah Abraham, and father, Derek Underwood.

Sophia Has A Bright Personality

Like her mother, Sophia is outspoken and made for the cameras. On multiple episodes of Teen Mom, fans can see Sophia's personality shining through.

Farrah's Gift To Sophia 

Sophia is 14 years old, and for her birthday, Farrah Abraham got her daughter six new piercings. Overall, it is great to see all the kids from Teen Mom doing very well. 

The Other Kids From 'Teen Mom 2'

The kids from Teen Mom 2 — Aliannah, Aleeah, Isaac, and Aubree — have grown beautifully. They are all 13 years old and are excelling in their endeavors.