Man Refuses to Let Parents Move In and Reminds Them They Backed the Wrong Horse

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When this man told his family he wanted to pursue a career in acting and social media, he was kicked out and lost contact for 17 years. Now his parents want to move in with him after he became successful, but he reminds them they backed the wrong horse. Read on to find out how family values and success clash in this AITA post.

Breaking free from traditional family expectations is tough 😔

outrageousindian | outrageousindian

Following his dream cost him his family for 17 years 😔

outrageousindian | outrageousindian

Siblings achieve success, parents want to move in. Drama ensues. 🙄

outrageousindian | outrageousindian

From struggling actor to successful banker, parents miss the mark.

outrageousindian | outrageousindian

Man refuses to let parents move in after they backed wrong horse 🐎

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Man shocks parents by revealing he owns the house, not renting.

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Man shuts down parents' request to move in with savage humor 🤣

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When success creates family drama and lack of communication 🤷

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Former 'socialite' explains lack of skills in quest for fame 😬

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A difficult family dynamic and cultural differences cause tension.

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Desi's strict parents demand more than just a clean room 😬

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Sydney house prices are insane, but living on the harbor isn't cheap 💰

outrageousindian | outrageousindian

Man's family disowns him for not becoming a doctor, demands to move in

A man was disowned by his family for refusing to become a doctor and instead pursuing a career in acting and social media. After 17 years of no contact, the family reconnected during COVID and planned on moving back to Sydney. The man, who had become a successful investment banker and made partner at his bank, met with them and they demanded to move in with him.

When he revealed that he owned a house that was out of their price range, they accused him of lying and threatened to cut him out of their will. The man reminded them that they had abandoned him and bet on his siblings' success, not his. Now, his siblings are telling him that he should have been more proactive in sharing his success, despite having a public LinkedIn profile.

The man's story sheds light on the pressure some families put on their children to pursue specific careers and the consequences of not meeting those expectations.

NTA. Family drama and cultural expectations. Stand your ground 💪


Living well is the best revenge 👏

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Parents cut them out, now they're NTA for refusing them.

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Proving his mother wrong, this successful man doesn't owe anyone anything 💪

Only_BlackTShirt_Guy | Only_BlackTShirt_Guy

NTA. Rejecting parents' request to move in is culturally acceptable.

Magical_Pancakes1 | Magical_Pancakes1

Living in an old-school-minded Indian family can be tough 😔

oooyomeyo | oooyomeyo

Savage response to parents after refusing to let them move in. 🔥

rexconroy | rexconroy

Doubts arise over authenticity of post and OP's success.

krissttaaa | krissttaaa

Cold-hearted child disowns parents in will dispute 💔

lucyken | lucyken

Cut the handouts. They disowned you, now they want in? 🤔

MilitaryJAG | MilitaryJAG

Living well is the best revenge! 💪

what-even-is-a-user | what-even-is-a-user

Savage response to parents wanting to move in. NTA.

bombshellfrontier | bombshellfrontier

Standing up to entitled parents with cameras and laughter 😂📹

ScarletteMayWest | ScarletteMayWest

Reconnecting with family? They kicked him out at 17.

EvanWasHere | EvanWasHere

Success is the best revenge 🙌🏼

MeykaMermaid | MeykaMermaid

Adult child tells parents they 'backed the wrong horse', NTA 😂

spud_gun04 | spud_gun04

"YTA for spinning a yarn." 🙄

rich-tma | rich-tma

Someone doesn't believe this juicy story 🤔🤥

Flyingpumpkin00 | Flyingpumpkin00

User jokingly identifies with fellow Indian and adds humor.

I_ran_outta_username | I_ran_outta_username

Childhood trauma resurfaces as man denies parents shelter 🏠

ImMisterWumbo | ImMisterWumbo

NTA. Parents ignore and insult OP until they need something.

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Commenter calls out fake story and exposes inconsistencies 🤔

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Commenter doubts authenticity of story, receives humorous replies.

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Redditors doubt credibility of investment banker's post 👀

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Standing up to family pressure and succeeding. 👊🎉

Nihilophile | Nihilophile

Protect your property 📹 and stand your ground 🏠

danuhorus | danuhorus

Standing up for yourself and setting boundaries. 💪

Lil_Word_Said | Lil_Word_Said

Don't let toxic parents guilt-trip you, you're NTA 👏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Cheers to following your own path and finding success 🎉

Undecidedbutsure | Undecidedbutsure

Skeptical commenter doubts authenticity of article 🤔

morgan7991 | morgan7991

Cutting toxic parents out - a**holes no more! 🙅‍♂️

CatesCraftsUS | CatesCraftsUS

Commenter defends OP's decision, highlights cultural differences with emoji 🌍

I_might_be_weasel | I_might_be_weasel

A family feud with no winners 🤝

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Asking for investment banking tips after learning brother's salary 💰

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Skeptical commenter calls out OP's story, receives backlash 👀

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Comment calls out fake story, gets no support 🤷‍♂️

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Commenter calls out poster's insecurity and bitterness towards parents.

butyourenice | butyourenice

Money isn't everything, bro. 🤑 But both parties suck. 😒

115DegreeSteak | 115DegreeSteak

Standing up to entitled parents like a boss. 🙌🏽

Throwjob42 | Throwjob42

Asking for a friend: Entry-level roles in OP's investment bank? 🤔

AndersonxCooper | AndersonxCooper

Commenter calls out toxic family dynamics in a brutal ESH judgement.

TakeshiKovacsSleeve3 | TakeshiKovacsSleeve3

Don't let family pressure you. NTA 👍

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NTA. Overcoming parental neglect and thriving! 🙌🏽

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Commenter finds situation amusing and supports the OP's decision. 😂👍

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Even the wealthy get bored on Reddit sometimes 😴

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Debunking a fake statement about Youtube's existence with evidence 🕵️

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Cutting ties with heartless family. 👍

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Setting boundaries and cultural background discussed with a touch of humor 😄

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NTA stands their ground against petty parents' insults 💪

Itzslumzy | Itzslumzy

Parental pressure to pursue medicine backfires as law degree excels 😎

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