Parents Pay for Nanny's First Class Airfare, Son Throws Tantrum over Economy Seat

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A couple with three children hired a nanny to take care of their little ones. They decided to take an international trip and take their nanny along with them to give her a break. The husband and wife paid for everything, including first-class airfare for the nanny and her son. However, their entitled son overheard their conversation and asked why they were paying for first-class airfare when they were already paying for everything. When his parents explained it was a way to show appreciation for the nanny's hard work, the son refused to accept it and insisted that the nanny should go economy class. The parents stood their ground and even offered to pay for an upgrade for their son so he could see how privileged he is. However, the son didn't believe them and threw a tantrum when he realized he was really in economy class. Was this a reasonable way to show their son the value of money or did they go too far?

Struggled financially until child was 9, now dealing with entitled son

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Meet May, the nanny living a luxurious life with her employers.

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Parent struggles with child's personality change during adolescence.

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Teaching financial responsibility to entitled kids 👨‍👩‍👦💰

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Generous parents take nanny on international trip for well-deserved break ❤️

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Man opposes paying for nanny's first class, sparks debate.

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Generous parents defend nanny after son throws tantrum on flight ✈️

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Parent teaches entitled child a lesson about privilege and gratitude

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Toddler throws tantrum over economy seat, despite nanny's warning 😫

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Son throws tantrum over economy seat despite nanny's first class airfare 🙄

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Son throws tantrum over economy seat on first class trip ✈️

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Parental disagreements over nanny's first class airfare cause tension.

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Judgment time! Was the parent wrong? 🤔

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Son throws tantrum over economy seat on international flight 😠✈️

A family hired a nanny to take care of their children while they went on an international trip, paying for everything including the nanny's expenses. However, when the parents decided to pay for the nanny's first-class seat, their son threw a tantrum over his economy seat. The son had a complicated personality change at age 11 and became selfish and elitist. The parents cut their support on his perks and made him work part-time at age 16 to teach him financial responsibility. Despite everything, the son still threw a tantrum when he found out he would be sitting in economy class. The flight was uncomfortable for him, but the parents stood their ground. However, some family members criticized the parents for going too far. Do you think the parents were in the wrong? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

NTA. Son's entitled behavior rightfully called out by parent.

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NTA and entitled son throws tantrum over nanny's seat choice 😒

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NTA. Family therapy may help address son's entitlement and behavior.

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Privileged son throws tantrum over economy seat, commenters blame upbringing.

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Teaching entitlement: Nanny's son throws tantrum over economy seat. 🤦‍♂️

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Keeping the nanny away from the tantrum-throwing son 😅

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Valuable life lesson ignored 😒

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Teaching financial responsibility with a Cosby moment 🤣

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Heartwarming comment about generous and thoughtful employers ❤️

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Commenter accuses OP of neglecting 'mistake baby' for new perfect family 💔

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Parenting gone wrong? Commenter suggests reflecting on root of son's resentment 😕

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Parent-child resentment and discipline, who's in the wrong? 🤔

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Teaching life lessons with first-class airfare ✈️

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Commenter points out son's perspective, suggests alternative teaching methods 👍

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Setting boundaries and learning life lessons 🙌

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Parenting advice from a fellow Redditor on financial stability and delayed gratification 👍

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Parent shamed for expecting 16-yr-old son to have financial responsibility 😒

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Parenting through punishment more than guidance, ESH.

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Parents face dilemma on dealing with entitled 18-year-old son 🤔

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Commenter accuses parent of neglect and calls them the a**hole for son's tantrum

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Curious about sudden personality change in child, possible sibling jealousy?


Entitled kid learns a lesson. NTA 👏🏼

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Teaching entitlement? NTA parent gives 6 months notice for flight.

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Commenter suggests hands-on parenting and therapy for entitled child. YTA 🤷‍♀️

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Commenter questions fairness of parental treatment, cites potential favoritism.

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A heartbreaking reminder to prioritize your child's emotional needs ❤️

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Respectful parenting wins! 🙌 Nanny appreciation at its finest.

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Son throws tantrum over economy while nanny flies first-class 🛫👶

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Unexpected question sparks silence in comment section 👀

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😂 Nanny's first class vs son's economy tantrum, NTA finds it hilarious

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Teenager throws tantrum over downgrade for nanny's first class seat.

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Son questions nanny's first class ticket, parent overreacts. YTA.

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Teaching lessons with first class tantrums 🛩️💺

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NTA parent teaches entitled child a life lesson ✈️

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Parental neglect leads to entitled behavior. YTA.

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Fair to ask son to pay for upgrade - NTA 👍

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Commenter questions the feasibility of son upgrading to first class.

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Money doesn't buy happiness, but it buys first-class problems 🙄

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Commenter criticizes parenting and suggests extreme action.

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Advice for parenting a spoiled child. 🧒🤔

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Commenter calls out parent's parenting, suggests alternative approach 👀

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Spoiled 18yo throws tantrum over economy seat, parents not to blame 😒

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Commenter calls out entitled parenting, warns of reflection on child 👀

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Parenting advice from Redditors on first class airfare for nanny

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