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Hindu-Muslim Same-Sex Couple Celebrate Momentous Anniversary With The Sweetest Photoshoot

For many couples, celebrating the big one year anniversary, whether it be of dating or marriage, is a momentous celebration. It's a time for couples to celebrate a pretty big period of time spent together, going through all the ups and downs that can happen within just a year.

However, not many people can say that their love story has gone viral. For Anjali Chakra and Sundas Malik, there is a pretty significant reason theirs has.

Anjali and Sundas, or Sufi, are a same-sex Hindu-Muslim couple. Anjali is Hindu and Sufi is Muslim.

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For many reasons, their story represents a significant barrier-breaking relationship, demonstrating that, no matter what, love is love.

To celebrate, the couple decided to have a super sweet photoshoot to celebrate the momentous occasion.

In the viral Instagram post, Sufi writes, "[A]fter i [sic] got a little older and realized what my sexuality was, i [sic] never saw representation of people who looked like me."

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"[I]’m so glad i have the opportunity to be that with the love of my life. happy one year babyjaan."

Their relationship was more significant than they thought.

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"When Anjali and I went viral our relationship was politicized beyond our imagination. The Hindu-Muslim, Pakistani-Indian dynamic of our relationship was brought up in most conversations about us," Sufi wrote in an Instagram post.

"Although the overwhelming response was great, we never really thought the bond we share with each other would be a "mending" barrier between two religions and cultures always in conflict. "

Not only have both shown their openness to each other's own unique backgrounds and life experiences, but so have their families.

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Anjali and Sufi are a great example for all of us, showing how barriers can be broken when you let love win.

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