Blac Chyna Weighs In On The Reality Of Co-Parenting With Her Ex, Rob Kardashian

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Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna
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For some weeks now, TV star Blac Chyna has been in the news after she took a bold step to change her life. From dissolving facial fillers to redirecting her steps about her moniker, the star has been on a row, and her fans are right by her side. In a recent interview, the mom of two opened up about her co-parenting life with her ex, Rob Kardashian, and it appears they are in a place of peace.

Chyna's Co-Parenting With Rob

Blac Chyna
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Blac Chyna, whose real name is Angela White, is letting the world know it's all good regarding co-parenting with her ex-lover, Rob Kardashian. Concerning where they stand, the beauty influencer relayed that their relationship was now positive. she noted, "Moving forward in 2023, it's all positive vibes with co-parenting. Everything is calm. There'll be no more situations."

She Has Been Criticized About Parenting In The Past

Blac Chyna
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Blac Chyna is mom to two children, King and Dream, and she shares parenting with exes Tyga and Rob Kardashian. In past times, the former OnlyFans model has been called out by her kids' fathers after she made some claims on social media.

Chyna Bemoaned The Lack Of Child Support

Blac Chyna
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In March 2022, the famous Monster stunts double caught the public's attention when she revealed that she was not receiving child support from her baby daddies. Chyna noted in the post that she had to sell three cars to finance herself.

Rob Wasted No Time Clamping Down

Blac Chyna
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After the lifestyle pro's post went viral, Rob caught a whiff of it and immediately countered it. The sock company CEO made it known that he chucks out about $37,000 for their daughter's school fees and other expenses, noting that he did not see a need for child support.

Tyga Also Shared His Piece

gTyga and Kylie Jenner
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The star rapper also came for his baby mama relaying that he pays about $40,000 for their son's upkeep while the little boy lived with him from Monday to Saturday. He added a rhetorical question demanding why he should be obliged to pay child support.

Chyna On The End Of Her Relationship With Tyga

Blac Chyna
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It was a scandalous period when Tyga, Chyna, and Kylie Jenner were in a triangle. As many know, Kylie started dating the Dip rapper after his relationship with Chyna ended. During her latest interview, Chyna was asked how it made her feel. The star noted that she never let the duo's relationship get to her.

She Was Unbothered

Blac Chyna
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The 34-year-old told the publication she was not bothered by how Tyga moved on with Kylie. Chyna added that it was more about her personality because she usually never worried about things. The reality star added, "You can't make somebody want to be with you."

How She Moved On

Blac Chyna
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Chyna made it known that she has always been driven, so the breakup with Tyga only encouraged her to move on. She stated, "I just looked at it like, "Okay, now it's time for you to really get out there and succeed for you and your son. Do not worry about anything that comes in the way."

Chyna And Rob

Blac Chyna and Rob
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Fans were surprised at how the star quickly moved on with Kylie's older brother, Rob. The pair went public with their romance in 2016 and had an on-and-off affair for the following year. They welcomed their daughter and Rob's absolute look-alike Dream in 2017. The next years came with tension on both sides when Rob and Chyna broke up, but with her latest utterance, it seems all that is in the past.

What Chyna Said About Her Kids' Dads

Blac Chyna
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Speaking about her relationship with the two men, the public figure stated that there was no bad blood. She described the situation as "just two different people on two different paths. And one day, those paths collided, and that's how we got the babies.'"

Why She Never Posts Images Of Her Children

Blac Chyna

After the public saga with Tyga and Rob, many online critics questioned her parenting skills, including how she never really posts images of her children. The Rob & Chyna star made it known that her decision to keep her kids off her socials led to the assumption. She clarified that she did spend quality time with them.

She Wants The Kids To Have Privacy

Blac Chyna
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Chyna stated that several posts accused her of not spending time with her kids. She said that she did spend time with them; however, she prefers to maintain their privacy. The media personality noted that she was not into posting her kids on social media often.

She Doesn't Want Them In The Entertainment Scene At An Early Age

Blac Chyna
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The celebrity mom continued by revealing that she would not encourage her young children to enter the entertainment space at a young age. She added that she would explain all that came with it if they showed interest in Hollywood.

She Doesn't Mind Other Family Members Posting Her Kids

Blac Chyna and Rob
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Despite upholding a media privacy lifestyle for her children, the TV personality doesn't mind other family members showing them off. Chyna noted that she was not bothered as long as King and Dream were loved and as long as they were happy.

Chyna On Wanting To Post Them More Now

Blac Chyna
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Moving forward, the star mom wants to start posting more of her children. She stated that this was because she was becoming more comfortable in the social media space, which could sometimes be mean.

The Winds Of Change

vBlac Chyna
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While Chyna took some life-changing steps a few weeks ago, she credits her actions to how she got baptized. She noted that reconnecting with God helped her make those decisions. In the last few weeks, Chyna has reverted to bearing her birth name Angela Renee White among other steps.

She Quits OnlyFans

Blac Chyna
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Since joining the explicit content platform, Chyna has become one of its highest-earning content creators. However, she has left all that behind, despite earning about $2 million. She said about her choice. "I'm not doing OnlyFans anymore. I'm kind of past that. It is one of those things where I did what I needed to do at that moment because of the circumstances I was in."

Her Surgery Reversals

Blac Chyna
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Chyna had her silicone shots which she got at 19, removed from her butt. During the process, she warned fans about the opposing sides to it. She added that she wanted the shots out so she could "grow." The following line of action was her facial fillers.

Chyna Also Removed Some Tattoos

Blac Chyna
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Chyna documented how the fillers dissolved after visiting Allure Laser in Los Angeles. She relayed that the fillers were extracted from her cheeks and jawline. By March 26, the star was in the news when she proceeded to laser off her huge Baphomet tattoo because she did not want anything "demonic" anymore.