Emily Ratajkowski DENIED Harry Styles Seven Years Before Heated Make-Out Session

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Emily Ratajkowski attending CFDA at Brooklyn
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Emily Ratajkowski and Harry Styles have fans in a frenzy after scenes of their heated make-out session hit the internet. This romance is a shock because the 31-year-old model allegedly rejected the 29-year-old pop star seven years ago.

The Kiss

A source exclusively released footage of the new couple lip locking in Tokyo during a detour to a shopping mall.

What 'Emrata' Said In 2016

Seven years ago, the idea of being a couple didn't seem realistic despite fans' suggestions. Ratajkowski told Vanity Fair that she didn't like the idea of fans setting up celebrities.

No Chance Of A Relationship

Emily Ratajkowski poses for red carpet pictures

Ratajkowski's response didn't leave room for a potential relationship but it's been seven years since then, and both parties have grown into more accomplished stars.

Styles Sang A Different Tune

Harry Styles sips from a martini glass
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Although Ratajkowski rejected the idea of dating Styles in 2016, the singer turned actor named her as his celebrity crush two years before that Vanity Fair interview.

A Change Of Heart

The year-gap between Ratajkowski's statement and her romance with Styles didn't stop fans from referencing the old interview. However, the steamy make-out session suggests that the couple now sees things differently.

Keeping Things Casual

The model dressed casually in a black figure-hugging skirt and cropped top combo with a pink bomber jacket and two-toned boots, and Styles matched her in black pants with a nude t-shirt, black jacket, and white sneakers.

A Casual Date

They shopped at some high-end Tokyo fashion stores, danced to K-Pop music and kissed by their car once the shopping ended.

Rating Styles' Skills

Harry Styles performing in a pink outfit
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Styles and Ratajkowski weren't shy on PDA as eager onlookers snapped and recorded them. Fans also took to the internet to speculate on Styles' kissing skills.

Breaking Up With Their Partners

Emily Ratajkowski and her ex-husband, Sebastian Bear-McClard
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Since those interviews, Styles and Ratajkowski have had high-profile relationships with other people. Styles recently ended a two-year romance with Olivia Wilde, while Ratajkowski divorced her husband of five years, Sebastian Bear-McClard.

No More Secrecy

Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles step out in face masks during the pandemic
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Unlike Styles' relationship with Wilde which was plagued with scandal and secrecy, the Grammy-winning singer is shy about his romance with the Inamorata founder.

Not A New Romance As Fans Think

Emily Ratajkowski stuns in an all-black outfit and white accessories
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A close source told The Sun that Ratajkowski and Styles have been dating for some months now and didn't realize their Tokyo kiss would blow up the internet.

Love On Tour In Asia

Although the couple would've loved to break the news themselves, Styles and Ratajkowski aren't phased by the world knowing about their relationship. This news comes amid Styles' Love on Tour shows in Asia.

'Emrata' Steals The Show

It's fitting that the singer showed his fans that there's still love in his life despite the sudden end of his relationship with Wilde. Ratajkowski is in Tokyo to support her new romantic partner after showing of her style at the Oscars Vanity Fair party earlier this month.

Baring It All In Sheer Style

Close up of Emily Ratajkowski
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The model wore a sheer gray dress with fingerless long sleeves and intricate embroidery on the bodice while leaving little to the imagination.

Internet Users Weigh In On Her Fashion Choice

Ratajkowski's dress caused a stir on social media as fans wondered about her choice while reminding the model that she asked not to be objectified in her book, My Body. An internet user wrote,

"But she doesn’t want to be sexualized/objectified..."

Similarities To Kendall Jenner

Meanwhile, Ratajkowski's hair and makeup choice confused other fans about her identity as they drew parallels to another model, Kendall Jenner. She wore her dark hair in a tight low bun with a center part and defined her face like the reality TV star's signature look.

Partying With Olivia Wilde

Styles wasn't at the Vanity Fair Oscars party but his ex, Wilde, attended the event and reportedly mingled with Ratajkowski weeks before the kiss.

'Emrata' Speaks On Respecting Women

The Vanity Fair Oscar's party wasn't the first time Ratajkowski bared her slender figure as she recently went nude for a shoot shared on Instagram. Her book, My Body, tells readers that exposing one's body isn't an invitation to disrespect the muse.

New 'Power Couple' Alert

Raining hearts

There's no telling how long Ratajkowski would be in Tokyo but with the budding romance now out in the open, we may see more of her and Styles.