A Night To Remember: Taylor Swift And Marcus Mumford Perform At Eras Tour In Las Vegas

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Taylor Swift at Billboard Music Awards
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Taylor Swift is more determined than ever to pull all the stops on her Eras Tour. She treated the teeming crowd at the Las Vegas leg of her tour to a special performance from Marcus Mumford, and we have all the juicy details about it.

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In Honor Of 'Evermore'

Taylor Swift
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The award-winning singer brought the Mumford and Sons singer for a special rendition of her Cowboy Like Me, a track on her 2020 album evermore.

Spilling A Huge Serious

Taylor Swift

The Anti-hero singer even made the moment more special when she revealed that Mumford lent her his home in 2020 during the pandemic to record Evermore.

"I could not find a studio, essentially, and so Aaron was like, 'OK, let me call around and see if there's anyone who's cool and nice and generous and might be willing to offer up their home studio -- if you do the right amount of testing, you're totally locked down, you're fully quarantined, So I was like Please, I really hope somebody comes through. And so he calls me up and he's like, I have really, really good news. Marcus Mumford said that you could record at his home studio.'"

More Details On Creating Evermore

Marcus Mumford
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The singer further revealed that about six of the songs on Evermore album came from "driving six hours out into the country, past thousands of beautiful sheep, to Marcus Mumford's beautiful house where he has a studio. So, i got to do this."

Taylor Was Hesitant At First

The songwriter confirmed it was there they hopped on Cowboy Like Me and she was reluctant to ask for his contribution to the album

"I didn't want to be weird about it. So, I was like, I wonder if he'll wander in. If fate will have him wander into the studio at the right time, so, sure enough, we're recording a song and he wanders in at the perfect time, and just kind of started humming a harmony, and I sort of turned to him as if I hadn't been thinking of it the whole time."

Asking The Big Question

Mumford and sons
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That encounter was the perfect opportunity for Swift to ask for his contribution to the track.

"I turned to him, and I was like, 'Oh, you sound really good on that harmony, wonder if maybe, you might sing on this song? And he was like, 'Yup, would love to."

All Thanks To Marcus

Taylor Swift
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Swift concluded her story by admitting that Mumford was a strong influence on the album and one of the reasons why she released Evermore that fast while adoring their Cowboy Like Me song.

Mumford Received His Accolades

Taylor Swift
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As soon as Swift introduced and brought the singer, he was treated to screams and applause from the audience. Mumford and Swift performed the song with acoustic guitars, with Mumford doing backup.

Celeb Packed Show

Taylor Swift
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Shania Twain showed love to Swift by posting a video of her dancing to her monster hits on her Instagram Stories, captioning it "WHAT A SHOW!" Other personalities like Gigi Hadid, Emma Watson, Emma Stone, and Emma Roberts have also been spotted attending her concerts.

Eras Tour

Taylor Swift
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The 33-year-old started her highly anticipated tour with impressive, mind-blowing performances at Glendale, Arizona, earlier this month. The outfit changes, stage setting, and choreography have been one for the books, with positive reviews filtering online.

An Emotional Confession

Taylor Swift

The star got emotional upon her triumphant entry in front of 70,000 fans at the State Farm Arena as she expressed how much she missed them.

"I don’t know how to process all of this in the way that it’s making me feel right now. We have a lot of time for me to try to sum up how I’m feeling about how much I’ve missed you and how happy I am to see you. Let me just start by saying you guys are making feel fantastic!"

Taking A Deep Dive

She further stunned the crowd on the opening night by diving and swimming across the stage to signify her transition into the Midnights era.

First Tour In 5 Years

Taylor Swift
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The Eras Tour is her first tour since 2018, which makes it a huge deal. Ticket sales crashed the Ticketmaster platform, according to reports from them.

Three Hours In One Night

Taylor Swift
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Quite the record breaker, Swift performed for three hours and 12 minutes without taking a break.

How Many Songs Did She Perform?

The White Horse singer performed 44 songs from all her albums, including All Too Well (10 Minute Version).

Bringing It Back

The star shouted out to one of her popular tracks, 22, by recreating the video's iconic look and even giving her hat to a lucky fan.

Checking The Rumors

Taylor Swift
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Swift also took the time to clear the rumors and TikTok theories surrounding about her ignoring her ninth studio album.

"Evermore, Oh, I've seen it. I've seen all of it."

Celebrating The Start Of Eras Tour

Taylor Swift
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She also released four tracks from Eyes Open, Safe & Sound from The Hunger GamesIf This Was A Movie, and a brand new track, All Of The Girls You Loved Before.

How Many Shows?

Taylor Swift

The Eras Tour will reportedly cover 52 shows. Supporting acts include Paramore, Gayle Haim, Phoebe Bridgers, and more.

End Date For The Tour

Taylor Swift
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The tour will end on August 9, 2023.