Troll Abuse Flows After Emily Ratajkowski And Harry Styles Show PDA

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Harry Styles
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Supermodel Emily Ratajkowski and singer Harry Styles were seen kissing in public in Tokyo, which has resulted in a barrage of hateful messages from Harry's fans on social media. Despite this, some fans have defended the couple and their right to be together. The pair are said to have been getting to know each other for some time and are enjoying each other's company.

Emily Subjected To Hate

Emily Ratajkowski

After publicly engaging in a passionate make-out session with Harry Styles on the streets of Tokyo, Emily Ratajkowski has been subjected to a deluge of hateful and offensive messages from online trolls.

Without Any Concern Of Surroundings 

displaying affection

The 31-year-old supermodel and 29-year-old singer were seen kissing and displaying affection without apparent concern for their surroundings, and in plain sight of bystanders.

Harry Dressed Handsomely

 Harry Styles
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The exclusive video shows the Fine Line crooner dressed handsomely in a black suit and an unbuttoned white shirt at the collar, conversing with Emily.

Emily’s Outfit

Emily Ratajkowski
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The 31-year-old supermodel, who shares a two-year-old son named Sylvester Apollo Bear with her ex-husband, Sebastian Bear-McClard, was sporting a pink and black jacket over a black and white cropped top and skirt while the pair were in the Japanese capital.

Dancing With Each Other

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While seeking shelter from the rain under an umbrella next to a silver people carrier, the duo was spotted dancing with one another.

Comment Section Flooded

Nevertheless, after the viral video, Emily was inundated with a barrage of hateful messages from Harry's fans on social media. The comments section on her most recent Instagram post has been flooded with references to the couple's newfound romance.

Emily Advised To Disable Comments 

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Numerous individuals advised her to disable the comments section, cautioning, "I would turn off your comments now that Harry's fans are arriving."

Fans Resorted To Name Calling

As Harry's devoted followers inundated the comments section, they left remarks urging Emily to stay away from the pop star and resorting to derogatory name-calling.

One individual wrote, "Harry?? You deserve someone better. She's a complete mess."

Another person made a cruel comment: "Everyone in the industry has slept with you, for God's sake."

Snake Emojis 

Snake Emojis 

Many others left messages such as "Stay away from Harry" and "Leave my man alone," while some posted snake emojis.

A Great Role Model?

Emily Ratajkowski
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A particularly offensive troll remarked, "A new man every day?? Great role model for your child," while another threatened, "I wish you didn't exist."

Hate Continues 

Additional comments included, "Stay away from my husband" and "Get your tongue out of his throat."

Fans Defending Emily 

However, several fans came to Emily's defense, asserting that the couple had every right to be together and that Harry would want her to be treated with respect and kindness, referring to the trolls as "delusional." One person wrote, "I apologize for this fandom's attack on you. They clearly don't know the meaning of the song 'Treat People With Kindness.' Some people just need to mature. So, I'm sorry."

Couple Close For Some Time 

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Although the video surprised many, according to The Sun, the couple has been acquainting themselves with each other for some time now.

Keeping Everything Under Wraps

no secrets
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A source told the publication, "Harry and Emily are relishing getting to know each other."

"Being caught on camera kissing in Tokyo and then having that footage spread across the globe wasn't something that either of them anticipated, but they aren't keeping anything under wraps," the source stated.

Why Is Harry In Japan?

Harry Styles
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Harry is performing in Japan as part of his global Love On Tour series of concerts. 

Harry’s Breakup With Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde

Harry and actress Olivia, 39, ended their relationship in November, citing "different priorities that are keeping them apart."

Harry Suspected To Move On In February 

Harry Styles
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In late February, it was reported that Harry had found someone new and moved on from Olivia, though the mystery woman's identity was not revealed.

Emily’s Past Relationships

Past Relationships
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Emily has been linked to serial dater Pete Davidson in the past few months. In September, she filed for divorce from her film producer ex-husband Sebastian Bear-McClard. They have a son together, Sylvester Apollo Bear.

Reason Behind Emily’s Divorce 


The couple initially separated in July amid allegations that 42-year-old Sebastian was a "chronic cheater."