Amanda Bynes' Mental Health Struggles Continue: Psychiatric Hold Extended Another Week

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Amanda Bynes
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Former child star Amanda Bynes has been admitted to a hospital in Los Angeles after being found wandering the streets without clothes. Sources say that she is receiving the necessary professional care and dedicating herself to improving. Her psychiatric hold has been prolonged, and her stay at the hospital may be extended further.

Amanda Receiving Professional Care

Amanda Bynes

According to sources who have direct knowledge of the situation, Amanda Bynes is receiving the necessary professional care she requires. 

Psychiatric Hold Prolonged

Amanda Bynes

Her psychiatric hold has been prolonged. It has been reported that she is dedicating herself to getting better.

Still Admitted

Amanda Bynes

Amanda is still admitted to a hospital in Los Angeles, and her stay has been extended for an additional week, depending upon her current mental health state.

Not Communicating 

Amanda Bynes
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Sources have revealed that Amanda Bynes is not communicating with her close associates.

Uncertain Recollection


It is uncertain whether she recollects the days and nights she spent wandering the streets of Los Angeles, occasionally unclothed and unaccompanied.

Placed On Psychiatric Hold Last Weekend

Amanda Bynes
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As TMZ reported, Amanda Bynes was put under a psychiatric hold last weekend after being discovered walking around Downtown Los Angeles without any clothes on. 

Is Amanda Homeless?

It seems that Amanda might have been homeless for a few days, as her car was impounded in Long Beach on March 15, which is approximately 40 miles away from her residence.

What Individuals Around Her Suspect

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Individuals in her vicinity suspect she was using public transportation and hitchhiking to get around Los Angeles.

Car Out Of Gas 

Car Out Of Gas 
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Insiders informed TMZ that Amanda's car had run out of gas when it was towed, and she did not possess a mobile phone while she was out and about. 

Amanda’s Manic Episode

Manic Episode
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According to sources, Amanda has previously left her home and walked for extended distances, and those in her vicinity suspect that she may have been experiencing a manic episode.

Paul’s Comment 

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Meanwhile, Amanda's former fiancé Paul Michael has informed others that he has not resided with her since January. 

Amanda Was Last Spotted At 

Amanda Bynes
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Amanda was last spotted at the Los Angeles apartment where she formerly cohabitated with Paul a few days before her car was impounded.

No Strategy For Future

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Currently, there is no strategy for Amanda's future course of action once she departs from the psychiatric institution, and she is not communicating with those in her surroundings.

How Much Can The Hospitalization Be Extended To?

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At present, the situation is being taken on a day-to-day basis. If Amanda does not display signs of improvement shortly, her hospitalization may be prolonged for up to 30 days.

No Plans To Reinstate Conservatorship

Amanda Bynes
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It has been approximately one year since Amanda's conservatorship was terminated, but at the moment, there are no plans to reinstate it, or at least not for the time being. 

Hopes To Return To Acting

Amanda Bynes
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In addition to Amanda Bynes's personal struggles, her career has also been put on hold. The former child star had previously announced her intentions to return to acting after taking a break from the entertainment industry. However, with her recent hospitalization, it is unclear when or if she will be able to resume her career.

Amanda’s Career

Amanda has had a successful career in the entertainment industry, starting out as a child actress in popular shows like All That and The Amanda Show. She went on to star in several successful films, such as What a Girl Wants and Hairspray.

Personal And Legal Troubles 

Despite her success, Amanda has also faced personal and legal troubles in the past. In 2012, she was charged with a DUI and later admitted to struggling with substance abuse. She also had a highly publicized meltdown in 2013, which resulted in her being placed under a conservatorship.

Fans Continue To Support Amanda 

Amanda Bynes

Many fans and supporters of Amanda have expressed their concern for her well-being and have called for privacy and respect during this difficult time. Some have also pointed to the need for more support and resources for individuals struggling with mental health issues, particularly those in the entertainment industry.