Adam Levine Recognizes his Wife After Cheating Scandal at Las Vegas Show

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Behati Prinsloo and adam levine
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On Friday, at the first performance of Maroon 5's Las Vegas residency at Park MGM, Adam Levine praised his wife, Behati Prinsloo.

Levine Praised His Family

Riding along: Adam Levine, 43, was spotted on a bike ride on Wednesday along with daughters Dusty, six, and Gio, four, who were on an accompanying cart, in Montecito, California
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The singer praised the supermodel and the couple's three children: Dusty, six; Gio, five, and a newborn infant born in January.

He Told That He Loves His Family

Adam Levine singing in A Concert
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During the 20-song set, Levine exclaimed how much he loves his family and used to do this for himself, and now I do this for them.

It Happened After The Controversy

A controversial subject

That comes after Levine was involved in a sexting controversy after being accused of cheating on his wife on social media with a few younger women.

His Wife Was Expecting At That Time

The heartbreaking news emerged while the former Victoria's Secret Angel was expecting the celebrity couple's third child.

Levine Didn't Have Any Affairs

poor judgement
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In a statement at the time, Levine conceded that "he used poor judgment in speaking with anyone other than my wife in any kind of flirtatious manner, I did not have an affair, nevertheless, I crossed the line during a regrettable period of my life."

But He Did Something Inappropriate

Thats Inappropriate
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He went on to say, "In certain instances it became inappropriate. I have addressed that and taken proactive steps to remedy this with my family."

His Band Performed Animals One More Night

Adam Levine, Member Of Band Maroon 5

Animals One More Night was performed by the band, which also included Jesse Carmichael (guitar, keyboards, and backing vocals), James Valentine (guitar and backing vocals), Matt Flynn (drums and percussion), PJ Morton (keyboards and backing vocals), and SDon'trrar (bass, keyboards, guitar, and backing vocals).

They Sang Classics Songs Too

Adam Levine Singing
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They then sang classic songs like Adam's Makes Me Wonder, Memories, Don't Want To Know, Moves Like Jagger, She Will Be Loved, and Girls Like You.

Behati Welcomed Her Third Child In January

Behati was pregnant with her and Adam's third child at the point in time, which she welcomed into the world in January.

Levine Saved His Marriage

Adam Levine with his wife
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He has, however, saved his marriage and has been seen indulging in many public shows of affection with his wife in recent weeks.

He Committed Himself To His Family

Father with kids
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According to a source who spoke to US Weekly, "Adam has done a complete turnaround in how he handles his marriage. He basically recommitted himself 100 percent to Behati and his family."

They Are Spending Quality Time

Quality time
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The insider said, "They're spending more quality time together, date nights without the kids and girls only nights for Behati."

The Singer Has Realized His Mistake


The handsome musician is claimed to have realized he made a tremendous mistake, and he and Behati are believed to be back on track as a couple.

Levine's Yoga Instructor Accused Him

Last year, the musician's former yoga instructor accused him of sending her a nasty text message.

Allegations By Singer's Trainer

Allegations By Levine's Trainer
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Alanna Zabel, the pop star's trainer from 2007 to 2010, was the fourth woman to come out with bombshell allegations against him. She said he texted her that he wants to "spend a day with her naked."

He Faced Allegations From Instagram Models

facing allegations

Although married to Behati, Levine faced allegations from Instagram models and a comedian who said he sent them inappropriate messages.

Levine Sent Flirtatious Texts To A TikToker

Adam Levine mocked in memes, flirty messages to Sumner Stroh spawn jokes
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Levine confessed to exchanging flirtatious text messages with 23-year-old model Sumner Stroh. Sumner shocked the world by posting personal texts between herself and the artist on TikTok.

But The Couple Has Moved On

It was claimed that month that the couple had moved on from Adam's controversy and were now focused on their kid.

Adam Is Focusing On His Family

Adam Levine

"Following the fall controversy, Adam has really tried to focus on his family," a source told People.