Grandfather Refuses to Pay Child Support After Son's Widow Remarries

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When a man's son dies in a car accident and his girlfriend gives birth to their grandson, he and his husband decide to help her out financially. However, when the girlfriend marries another man and decides to have him adopt the child, the grandfather is left with a difficult decision. Should he continue to financially support the child, or should he let the new father take over?

The situation becomes even more complicated when the new family asks the grandfather to change the child's name and keep their son's memory a secret. Find out what happens in this emotional story that raises questions about family, loyalty, and love.

Grandfather's shocking response to son's widow's remarriage explained 😱

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DNA test reveals grandfather's grandson, sparking child support dispute 🔍

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Compassionate grandparents step up to financially support granddaughter ❤️

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Grandfather's drama continues as son's widow remarries 👀

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Grandfather refuses to pay child support for adopted grandson.

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Grandfather refuses to pay child support after remarriage 💔

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Dealing with family drama over child support - AITA?

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Grandparents rights apply in OP's state, clarifies comment.

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Grandfather refuses to pay child support, sparks family feud 😠

After losing his son in a car accident, a grandfather offered to pay child support for his grandson. However, after the boy's mother remarried and her new husband wants to adopt the child, the grandfather is refusing to pay.

The situation has escalated into a family feud, with the grandfather telling the new couple to "F*ck off". Now, family members are taking sides and trying to intervene. Is the grandfather in the wrong or is he justified in his refusal to pay?

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NTA - Grandfather refuses to continue being an ATM machine

Infamous-Wasabi-9007 | Infamous-Wasabi-9007

Grandfather faces dilemma of supporting grandchild or preserving son's memory.

Lady_Ellie119 | Lady_Ellie119

Grandfather stops child support after widow remarries; commenters agree NTA.

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Securing Dave Jr.'s future while avoiding family drama 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Compassionate OP hailed NTA, but should they sue for grandparent rights? 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Engaging play-by-play of commenters' thoughts on shady adoption and NTA

unknown_928121 | unknown_928121

Honesty is key. Lying about parentage can cause lifelong trauma 😔

ShmamBo88 | ShmamBo88

Confusion and legal questions surround child support payment and adoption.

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Cutting off child support due to denied relationship and memory ❤️

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Grandfather refuses to pay child support after son's widow remarries. NTA for wanting biological dad to remain in child's life.

ShakeSlow | ShakeSlow

"NTA..."we love everything you can do for your grandson, but please go away and keep doing that." GTFOH 👋🏼

flixguy440 | flixguy440

Adoption doesn't terminate SS benefits; lying to the child is wrong. 🚫🤥

_cheesynoodles | _cheesynoodles

Grandfather stands up for himself and grandson amidst custody conflict 🙌

Bonegirl06 | Bonegirl06

Grandfather stands up for himself and his relationship with grandson 👴👦

dustyprocess | dustyprocess

Taking responsibility means all the way. Not just financially.

BlacksmithMotor2580 | BlacksmithMotor2580

Secure Dave Jr's future with a savings account🤑

junkiecreppermint | junkiecreppermint

Supportive grandparent stands up to ungrateful ex-daughter-in-law 👏❤️

elladee000 | elladee000

Grandfather stands up for himself, entitled ones storm out 😤

No_Pineapple6086 | No_Pineapple6086

👍 Not the a**hole! Outrageous audacity from the grandfather.

porthuronprincess | porthuronprincess

Grandfather stands up for honesty and boundaries with grandchild's mother 👍

FireballisMyFriend | FireballisMyFriend

Grandfather struggles with child support and family relationships. 💰👴

danidoescare | danidoescare

Grandfather stands up for himself and his grandchild against entitled ex-daughter-in-law.

nimbus_47 | nimbus_47

Grandfather's noble act may still benefit grandson in future 💰

cassowary32 | cassowary32

Grandfather refuses to pay child support, sparks family feud 🤬

[deleted] | [deleted]

Grandfather honors son's memory and refuses to be exploited. NTA 💯

HelpMeUpPls | HelpMeUpPls

Stepmom disrespecting deceased mother, NTA stands up for son's memory 💪👊

LegendofYorkie | LegendofYorkie

Grandfather stops child support after son's widow remarries. NTA.

Few_Cup3452 | Few_Cup3452

Compassionate commenter supports widow's choice over money-driven Lissa.

LaNutria265 | LaNutria265

OP should find a way to stay in his grandson's life 🙏

goldenprints | goldenprints

Grandfather advises OP to prepare for the possibility of the child seeking him out

Denbi53 | Denbi53

NTA for setting boundaries and stopping financial support 👌

Terrible-Mushroom-31 | Terrible-Mushroom-31

Choose where your money goes 💰 NTA for not valuing relationship

djincognito | djincognito

Curious about the actual conversation? So are they 🤔

crazymike02 | crazymike02

Grandfather stands his ground against erasing son's memory. NTA 👍

Hopeful-Dot899 | Hopeful-Dot899

Stepmother's love and honesty helped me, it can help you too ❤️

TrustyJules | TrustyJules

No payments needed after widow remarries. Condolences for loss.

OrcEight | OrcEight

Get legal advice before cutting off child support payments. 🤔

Tiffany_Case | Tiffany_Case

Facing the truth: NTA's focus misses the mark.

imSOtiredzzz | imSOtiredzzz

Heartbreaking situation 😢 Grandfather not paying child support.

Solrackai | Solrackai

Grandfather deserves appreciation for providing child support out of pocket.

NewScarcity6917 | NewScarcity6917

Stand your ground and let Allen take financial responsibility 😎

Zoeyoe | Zoeyoe

Adopting the child would absolve you of payments. NTA 👍

Melodic_Childhood699 | Melodic_Childhood699

Grandfather's moral obligation to support his son's widow has ended 💔

ennovyelechim | ennovyelechim

Adoption could cut off SSI benefits for son's widow 😕

averagejoe0202 | averagejoe0202

Grandfather's support and love for grandson should not be questioned.

madi80085 | madi80085

Grandfather refuses child support, commenter supports son's widow. NTA 🙌

wernercd | wernercd

Grandparents refuse to pay child support for deceased son's child.

Seliphra | Seliphra

Heartwarming story of a child with multiple sets of grandparents ❤️

[deleted] | [deleted]

Generous grandmother plans trust fund for grandchild, NTA 🙌

[deleted] | [deleted]

Grandfather wants to stop child support but maintain relationship with grandson ❤️

tlf555 | tlf555

Grandfather not obliged to pay child support after son's widow remarries 👍

Tralfamadorians_go | Tralfamadorians_go

Commenter calls out Olympic level a**holery in child support dispute.

Erioph47 | Erioph47

Prioritize the child's future, not personal grievances. 🤝

que_he_hecho | que_he_hecho

Compassionate advice on child support during a tough time. ❤️

OhioGirl22 | OhioGirl22

Widow's father-in-law refuses to pay child support. Commenter is NTA.

Woooferine | Woooferine

NTA for being upset, but misinterpretation or lack of communication?

ejmnerding | ejmnerding

You go, NTA! Stand up for yourself! 👏👏

levraM-niatpaC | levraM-niatpaC

Supporting grandparents' lawsuit for grandparent rights. 👍

elenalta | elenalta

Fight for visitation rights with grandson, despite not recommending it normally 👊

Mljcj19 | Mljcj19