Take A Peek Inside Kelly Ripa And Mark Consuelos' Passionate Marriage!

Ashabi Azeez
Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos

Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa are a certified Hollywood power couple who have come a long way. The duo's entertainment careers go back to the 90s, including their love life. Over the years, Mark and Ripa have built a positive reputation regarding their long-running marriage and openness.

Kelly Ripa's Latest Marriage Reveal

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Amid starting her latest entertainment stint on her Sirius XM podcast show, Let's Talk Off Camera with Kelly Ripa, the TV star has been open about several things in her marriage. Her latest bombshell was on how she and Mark kept up their s*xual life amid the pandemic.

The Couple Had S*xual Rituals

Kelly Ripa and Makr Consuelos
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Ripa had the Riverdale actor as her first guest on the show and the pair talked about managing their love life amid the coronavirus lockdown. She made it known that during the times when they were apart, she and Consuelos kept up their romantic life with s*xual rituals via Facetime. The TV pro stated, "We had s*xual rituals that were so ludicrous, over FaceTime."

They Were Once Apart Amid The Pandemic Lockdown

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos
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Ripa and her husband had to make do with what they had because they were apart early in the pandemic because he was filming on location. She shared that after the first wave of the pandemic, she was stuck in Canada for almost ten months, only seeing her husband for about two weeks during that period.

Mark On Differentiating S*xual Moments And Intimacy

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos
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During the episode, the TV actor also spoke up as he revealed how he learned to differentiate s*x from intimacy. According to the dad-of-three, he only just came to the realization a few weeks before his appearance on the podcast.

He explained that he traveled a lot and during the moments he got to stay with his family a lot had to happen. Mark added, "I wanted to get the intimacy in and the s*x in, and so they became one and the same. They became one in the same for such a long time."

Another Revealing Moment

Mark Consuelos and Ripa at te beac
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Since inviting her spouse on her podcast show, Ripa has made headlines for that particular episode. In another segment, the Hope & Faith actress veered into her usual open nature as she talked about the tedious first few years of her marriage to Consuelos. Ripa revealed that the early part of her over two-decade marriage was marred by her spouse's personality flaw.

Mark Used To Have A Personality Flaw

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The Emmy-winning host addressed her spouse as she revealed that he used to be "insanely jealous." Ripa referred to this as the biggest complaint she had about him even though it was long ago. The star also noted that it had definitely changed but the memories were still present.

A Hard Pill To Swallow

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The Hollywood star noted that living with that reality was a hard pill to swallow. Rita relayed that it was very hard "being married to somebody jealous." She recalled a time when it had manifested. According to Ripa, this was during the early times of their union. She recalled being at an Italian restaurant with Mark and the elderly waiter referred to her as "Principessa."

Mark Reportedly Picked A Fight

Kelly Ripa
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This had not gone down well with Mark who later picked "a horrible fight" with his wife. Ripa thought the waiter's gesture was cute and she replied in "a smiley way" but her husband thought otherwise.

He Agreed With His Wife

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos
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Mark agreed with his wife as he also recalled the incident. The star actor noted that he acted that way due to his younger age in marriage. Mark had been a married 25-year-old and he did not know better. He noted bow he was "pretty insane" at the time while adding that the "jealousy thing" did follow him for a while.

Kelly Is Glad That All Is Over

Kelly Ripa Mark Consuelos
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Presently the celebrity couple is glad that all is already behind them. Ripa noted that she was grateful her spouse outgrew that stage. She recalled praying for Mark to lose his personality flaw.

Ripa And Mark's Love Story

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Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos have come a long way together. Evidence of this is that they will be celebrating their 27th wedding anniversary come May 2023. They first met in 1995 on the set of their longtime TV show, All My Children. Once on an episode of Live!, Ripa noted that she fell in love on the day she met her man.

The Beginning Of It All

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When Ripa and Mark met in 1995, she had auditioned him. According to Ripa, the show was looming for a Latino actor, and she proceeded to audition "every Latino actor in the city." However, when her casting director Judy Blye Wilson found Mark, they knew the search was over.

Ripa Knew He Was The One

Kelly Ripa Mark Consuelos
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The star noted that after she saw a photo of Mark, she knew he was the one. She recalled her entire future with him flashing before her eyes. She added, "Like, I saw it. I [didn’t] believe in any of that and now I do because of that moment.” 

What Mark Thought Of Her

Mark Consuelos
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When Mark set his eyes on Ripa, he thought she was breathtaking. According to Us Weekly, the Ugly Betty actor noted, "I thought she was adorable, hot and sexy and all that." However, Mark wanted to be focused on his job. This was because he thought he did not stand a chance with her.

They Had A Small Wedding

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos weddin day
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As fate would have it, Mark and Ripa played love interests on the show, and this helped them beyond TV. They dated for about one year before the Missing actor proposed to her in 1996. The duo eloped a day after getting engaged. They said their I-dos in a small wedding which Ripa credits for the success of their union.

Becoming Parents

Kelly Ripa, Mark, Lola, Micael Joaquin
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They became first-time parents the following year in June when they welcomed Michael Consuelos. Over the years, Mark and his wife have been open about how much their son makes them proud. Their second child, Lola, was born in 2001, while their youngest, Joaquin, was born in 2003.

Celebrating Marriage Milestones

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Over the years, fans have seen Mark and Ripa celebrate their marriage on social media. The couple has celebrated 26 anniversaries, and it's been nothing but sweet love. In 2007, they proved their power couple position by launching a production company called Milojo.

On Their S*x Life

Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa
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Once speaking about their intimate life, Ripa noted that she felt they found each other at the right time. They were young and "pliable to each other." She added that they really "learned each other."

Mark And Ripa Are Now Empty Nesters

Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa
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As the couple keeps advancing in every aspect of their lives, they're becoming empty nesters. Ripa and Mark's kids are gradually becoming adults, and moving to college. On this, Ripa stated that this comes with mixed feelings. The best part was that there were no laundries, but on the other hand, time flew by too fast.