Take A Peek Inside Johnny Depp's Multi-Million-Dollar Property Empire

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Johnny Depp
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Johnny Depp's property portfolio is as diverse as his love life, showcasing an array of varied investments that may remind fans of his romantic history.

Impressive Real Estate Empire

Johnny Depp
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The Pirates Of The Caribbean icon,59, has built a massive portfolio of homes worldwide, with his collection including a stunning Caribbean island and a historic French estate.

Broken Hearts And Broken Wallets

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard
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The actor's high-profile and expensive divorce from actress Amber Heard in January 2017 forced him to part ways with some of his most treasured possessions.

The $3.6 Million Bahamas Private Island

Johnny Depp's private island in the Bahamas
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During the filming of Pirates of the Caribbean in 2004, Depp caught a glimpse of Little Halls Pond Cay and quickly purchased it for $3.6 million.

"It's Instant Freedom"

Johnny Depp's private island in the Bahamas
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With its six beaches named after Depp's children and ex-partner Vanessa Paradis, as well as solar-powered homes and a serene palm tree-lined lagoon, the island is a true tropical paradise.

Love In Paradise

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard
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Depp and Heard tied the knot in Los Angeles in 2015, but chose Little Halls Pond Cay as the perfect place to celebrate their union with a lavish weekend-long party on the island's sandy shores.

Own A Piece Of Hollywood History

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard
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Vladi Private Islands, which Depp described as the most "pure" and "beautiful" he'd ever seen, is currently featuring Little Halls Pond Cay among its listings of islands for sale, although the price is not specified.

The 37-Acre French Estate

Johnny Depp
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In an effort to move on from his past with former partner Vanessa Paradis, Depp listed their extensive estate for $15.5 million in 2015, signaling the end of a chapter in his life.

Love And Loss

Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis
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After just four months of marriage to actress Amber Heard, Depp chose to sell the home he had restored for over 14 years and invested millions of pounds in.

The End Of An Era

Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis
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Sotheby's International Realty France chairman and CEO Alexander Kraft, who was tasked with selling the expansive property, shared that Depp had made the choice to sell the Plan de la Tour estate in order to "move on."

Passing On The Happiness

Johnny Depp
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"He hopes that someone else will enjoy the property as much as he did and bring him or her the same happiness it brought," Kraft continued.

Historic Venetian Mansion

Johnny Depp
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The following year, in 2016, Depp proceeded to rid himself of more of his possessions, reportedly putting his four-story Venetian palace up for sale at a price of $10.8 million.

Venice's Hidden Treasure

Johnny Depp
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The Palazzo Donà Sangiantoffetti, a 17th-century mansion located along the Grand Canal in Venice, is a historic property that features 9 bathrooms and 7 bedrooms.

From Acquisition To Loss

Johnny Depp
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Despite having paid more than $13 million for the property in January 2011, Depp was reportedly poised to sell the home at a loss.

Love At First Sight

Johnny Depp
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Venice captivated Johnny Depp during the filming of The Tourist with Angelina Jolie, leading to engagement in a bidding war with an unnamed Arabian prince for the property, which he eventually won.

Los Angeles Penthouses

Johnny Depp
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With an open-concept layout highlighting exposed bricks, this apartment, which Depp sold for $10.88 million, boasts breathtaking views of Los Angeles.

The 41-Acre Kentucky Horse Farm

Johnny Depp
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The native of Kentucky acquired the farm back in 1995 for a sum of $950,000, then divested it in 2001 for $1 million only to buy it back in 2005 at a cost of $2 million.

The Lavish Gold Coast House

Johnny Depp
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A new record was set for the highest amount paid for a home in Queensland when the lavish Gold Coast mansion known as Diamond Head was sold for $40 million in October 2022, the very same property where Depp suffered lost his fingertip.

The $15.8 Million Somerset Estate

Johnny Depp
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Depp recently revealed his preference for a serene life in Somerset, calling home to a vast 850-acre estate adorned with a magnificent 19th-century mansion.

A Surprising Confession

Johnny Depp
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The renowned Hollywood wild-child stressed that he's not "the great extrovert that people think," suggesting that he may have been misunderstood all along.