Pregnant Woman Yells at Husband for Ruining Bed

Pregnant woman angry at husband
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A pregnant woman is at her wit's end with her husband who has stopped doing anything around the house after the death of his pet bird. She comes home from work to find dishes in the sink, spills on the bed, and a husband who goes out with friends while she takes care of everything. She finally snaps and yells at him, but is left feeling guilty for her outburst. Is she the a**hole or is her husband taking advantage of her?

Pregnant wife feels unsupported while husband slacks off 🤰

throwaway435671 | throwaway435671

Wife tired of grieving husband's neglect, confronts him.

throwaway435671 | throwaway435671

Husband's suspicious behavior causes tension in marriage 👀

throwaway435671 | throwaway435671

Wet bed sparks argument between pregnant woman and husband

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Spilled milk on her side of the bed? 😤 This husband's in trouble.

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Pregnant woman calls out husband for prioritizing games over pet

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Pregnancy hormones lead to fight over milk-stained bed 🤰🛏️

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Pregnant woman regrets outburst at husband over bed. AITA?

throwaway435671 | throwaway435671

🤰🏻😡 Pregnant woman calls out husband for being lazy and inconsiderate

A pregnant woman took to Reddit to express her frustration with her husband who has been slacking off with chores since his pet bird passed away two months ago. Despite working only three days a week, he has been leaving everything to her, causing her to feel overwhelmed and unsupported. Last night, after he spilled milk on her side of the bed and refused to clean it up, she finally snapped and called him out for being inconsiderate and using his grief as an excuse for his laziness. While he seemed hurt by her words, she can't help but feel guilty for what she said. What do you think, is she the a**hole in this situation or is her frustration justified? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

NTA, leave him now before things get worse with the baby 👶

InfamousBuzzBuzzBee | InfamousBuzzBuzzBee

Pregnant woman's lazy husband ruins bed and blames her

RachelShittinonya | RachelShittinonya

Pregnant woman working on front line deserves more support 🤗

Creative-Bee-963 | Creative-Bee-963

Supportive comment calls out husband's manipulative behavior and gaslighting 🙌

MrsSophiaBrown | MrsSophiaBrown

Lazy husband ruins mattress and shows no care for pregnant wife 💤

Alert-Potato | Alert-Potato

NTA OP needs to lay down an ultimatum before baby comes 👶

Rhovakiin | Rhovakiin

Pregnant nurse sleeps on floor while husband takes up bed 😡

Leafingblueberry | Leafingblueberry

Pregnant woman not at fault for bed, husband's insensitivity highlighted

sonja_says | sonja_says

When pet birds become the cause of marital disputes 🤦‍♀️

Throwawayunknown55 | Throwawayunknown55

Husband's neglect is unacceptable, get out before the baby comes 👶

Zhoenish | Zhoenish

Pregnant woman calls out husband for unsanitary mattress 😷

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OP's partner's incompetence may not change with a child. NTA. 💁‍♀️

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Pregnant woman's husband reveals true self and avoids responsibilities. 🤰👎

icecreampenis | icecreampenis

Grieving a pet is tough, but prioritizing it over a pregnant wife is selfish ❤️

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Commenter advises seeking professional help for potentially troubled husband 👨‍⚕️

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Pregnant nurse deserves a break; husband ruins bed, not mood 😒

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Pregnant nurse stands up to lazy husband, gets support.

Jdarkbloom | Jdarkbloom

Pregnancy + Divorce + Drama = Single Motherhood Emoji: 👉🏻💁🏼

MissMandaRegrets | MissMandaRegrets

Get out while you can. 🏃‍♂️

Jonny-Pasadena | Jonny-Pasadena

NTA OP for calling out lazy and inconsiderate behavior 🙄

ItalicHail | ItalicHail

🚩 Red flag alert: OP's husband may be manipulating her

Quicksilver1964 | Quicksilver1964

Red flag: Husband's grief over a bird leads to abusive behavior. 💔

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Comment section is not having it 🏃‍♂️💨

CountrysideZebra | CountrysideZebra

Contributing is easier than child support. NTA for husband.

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Husband made pregnant wife sleep on floor. Commenter says NTA.

Hotbitch2019 | Hotbitch2019

Pregnancy is tough. Husband's lack of help pushed too far. 🤰

stannenb | stannenb

Lazy husband uses bird as an excuse for selfish behavior 🤔

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Buy a new mattress and kick him to the curb 🛏️👋

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Expecting parents must communicate and share household duties. 🤝👶

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Pregnant woman rightfully calls out husband's mistake 🤰👏

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Commenter shows support for pregnant woman, calls out husband's behavior 👍

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Pregnant woman's husband ruins bed, leaves her to sleep in it 😒 NTA

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Commenter supports pregnant woman's frustration with husband 🤔

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Husband uses bird as excuse to avoid responsibilities. 🐦🙅‍♂️

WanderingAl08 | WanderingAl08

Pregnant woman feels unsupported by husband. NTA for wanting change. 🤰

Good-Groundbreaking | Good-Groundbreaking

Heartbreaking loss, but husband's behavior is unacceptable. NTA. 💔

Dark_fascination | Dark_fascination

Don't cry over spilled milk... or ruined beds 😅🍼

galaxybookworm123 | galaxybookworm123

Warning to pregnant woman about lazy husband, from experience 😖

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Pregnant woman confronts lazy husband. Possible gender role assumptions discussed.

skyntbook | skyntbook

Pregnant woman calls out lazy husband for ruining bed 🤰👀

FireEbonyashes | FireEbonyashes

Fair point, NTA. Grief affects us in different ways 🙏

mangoavocado11 | mangoavocado11

Supportive comment, custody battle predicted 👏

SnappyCapricorn | SnappyCapricorn

Sassy NTA comment advises leaving lazy 'bang maid' husband 👋🏼

MovedHere4TheWeather | MovedHere4TheWeather

Don't let this happen to you 😱 Clean up spills ASAP

OG_Ropey | OG_Ropey

Expecting a baby but not expecting the responsibilities? 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Questioning his love for his pet? 🤔 NTA, but red flags 🚩

Megasus77 | Megasus77

🙅‍♀️👨‍🦲=💔. Better off without him if he keeps it up. #NTA

Sleepy-Blonde | Sleepy-Blonde

Dump him! 💔 NTA comment section

alffitz07 | alffitz07

Pregnant woman rightfully calls out husband for not helping at home 🙅‍♀️

Peepsen | Peepsen

Husband's detachment from reality causes bedlam. NTA.

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Commenter defends pregnant woman against husband's immaturity 🤰

RoseQuartzes | RoseQuartzes

Heartless husband or misplaced priorities? 🤔

Yikes44 | Yikes44

Short and straightforward divorce suggestion. 💔

somedoofyouwontlike | somedoofyouwontlike