Man Accuses Girlfriend of Being an Unsupportive Coward after Motorcycle Incident

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A man is questioning his girlfriend's loyalty after a motorcycle incident that led to a heated argument. The man was pulled over by the police and accused of stealing the bike he was riding. Despite having evidence that he bought the bike legitimately, his girlfriend panicked and accused him of stealing it. After the incident, the man confronted his girlfriend and called her an unsupportive coward. The argument led to the girlfriend leaving the apartment and the man considering ending the relationship. Read on to find out if the man was in the right or if he overreacted to his girlfriend's behavior.

Motorcycle purchase leads to police trouble and relationship issues 🏍️

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Girlfriend turns on man after motorcycle incident, accuses him of deceit

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Biker defends himself against unsupportive girlfriend's accusations 🏍️

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Proving innocence after motorcycle incident, a frustrating ordeal 🏍️

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Girlfriend fakes innocence after boyfriend's motorcycle incident. 🤔

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Motorcycle incident reveals girlfriend's fear of cops 🏍️👮‍♀️

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Man accuses girlfriend of being unsupportive after motorcycle accident 🏍️

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Man receives support after breaking up with unsupportive girlfriend. ❤️

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GF accuses me of stealing a bike, throws me under the bus 🤬

A man's girlfriend accused him of stealing a motorcycle after they were pulled over by the police. Despite having been present when he bought the bike, she started yelling at him and even kicked his helmet. It took hours for the man to clear up the misunderstanding with the cop, while his girlfriend reportedly put on an act to avoid getting into any legal trouble. Later, she revealed that she was scared of being seen pulled over as it could affect her chances of getting a government job. The man called her an unsupportive coward and decided to end the relationship. Many commenters have supported his decision and pointed out that his girlfriend's behavior showed her true colors. Read on for the reactions to this shocking incident.

GF abandons OP after motorcycle incident, Reddit demands breakup

TurbulentPrinter | TurbulentPrinter

GF's immoral behavior and lies lead to significant red flag 🚩

EnvironmentalSound25 | EnvironmentalSound25

Commenters speculate if girlfriend is hiding something after not supporting partner

sleepymizi420 | sleepymizi420

Partner's weak excuse leads to unnecessary trouble 😠

coladiecola | coladiecola

OP's girlfriend lacks support and loyalty 🤔

Olivia-Clara | Olivia-Clara

Taking no prisoners! A commenter advocates for swift action.

Accomplished_Law7894 | Accomplished_Law7894

Dump her and ride off into the sunset 🏍️

samurai_safety | samurai_safety

Think twice before marrying someone who won't support you 😔

205spring | 205spring

Girlfriend lies to cops and contradicts alibi. NTA.

OaklandToker | OaklandToker

Commenter accuses girlfriend of being a coward and stupid 💔

LeotiaBlood | LeotiaBlood

Dump her 🚮. She's not worth the ride 🏍️.

Harra86 | Harra86

Spelling correction burns ex-girlfriend, NTA wins.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Don't ignore the red flags 🚩, trust your gut instinct.

Winter-Pudding9384 | Winter-Pudding9384

Commenter calls out girlfriend's disloyalty, gets sarcastic reply.

PattersonsOlady | PattersonsOlady

🚫💔 NTA, time to move on from your unsupportive partner.

eli_moon378 | eli_moon378

🚫 Don't be an a-hole to yourself, find someone supportive 💕

ThousandLightning | ThousandLightning

Girlfriend throws partner under the bus after motorcycle incident 😬

asianingermany | asianingermany

Stand up for yourself and reconsider the relationship. 🏍️

LusciousMalfoy92 | LusciousMalfoy92

Commenter suggests girlfriend's behavior reveals true feelings. #NTA 💔🏍️

adrenaline87 | adrenaline87

Get a new helmet, bro! 🏍️

w11f1ow3r | w11f1ow3r

Tips for avoiding auto title fraud and NTA for wanting his GF's support.

fellowtravelr | fellowtravelr

Supportive comment affirms OP's stance in motorcycle incident 👍

YuNg_KiNgK | YuNg_KiNgK

Motorcycle incident leads to question of bike's origins. NTA.

Ascentori | Ascentori

Ditch the unsupportive coward and ride solo 🏍️

chanclamus_prime | chanclamus_prime

Listen up, OP! Red flags ahead 🚩 NTA.

fuxkyouforever | fuxkyouforever

Accused girlfriend of being manipulative after motorcycle incident. NTA.

unusedusername42 | unusedusername42

Reconsider your future with a toxic partner 💔

Edesthewolf | Edesthewolf

Curious about the girlfriend's questionable behavior 👀

Selena385 | Selena385

Reconsidering the relationship? 🤔 NTA comments suggest so.

Arilyne | Arilyne

Commenter calls out OP's girlfriend for lack of support 🤦‍♂️

MyBeardisOP | MyBeardisOP

Dump her! 🚮 Your safety matters most. 💪

Fantastic_Weakness19 | Fantastic_Weakness19

Stand by your man or hit the road? 🏍️

RawMeHanzo | RawMeHanzo

Commenter supports OP, calls girlfriend a bad name. 😬

YDAU_eschaton_champ | YDAU_eschaton_champ

Curious about stolen plates and their registration? 🤔

Talsamar | Talsamar

Girlfriend kicks helmet and abandons boyfriend during motorcycle incident.

Yeetimus-Pr1m3 | Yeetimus-Pr1m3

Commenter takes a political jab at unsupportive girlfriend. 🙄

jcbknght | jcbknght

Dump her! 🚮 Lying at your expense is not okay. 😠

YanceyWoodchuck | YanceyWoodchuck

Not a ride-or-die partner? NTA says commenter 👍

gingerbeard1775 | gingerbeard1775

Break up with the unsupportive girlfriend 💔👋

pnwcatman420 | pnwcatman420

Man calls out unsupportive girlfriend, deemed NTA by commenters 🏍️

Unit-Healthy | Unit-Healthy

Agree with the sentiment? Trash the unsupportive partner 🗑️

Prudent-Student3403 | Prudent-Student3403

Unforgivable behavior? Find out what happened in this section!

Canuhearmegloria | Canuhearmegloria

Break up with her yesterday? 💔

ImHungryFeedMe | ImHungryFeedMe

Believe her and RUN! 🏃‍♂️💨 NTA

Cat_tophat365247 | Cat_tophat365247

Keep the bike, ditch the girl 🏍️

rudebish | rudebish

Commenter calls out GF's immoral behavior in motorcycle incident 🏍️

pianomasian | pianomasian

Dump the girlfriend 🚮 No sense in her explanation 🤔

RigelTheAngel | RigelTheAngel

Girlfriend lied to police after motorcycle incident. Trust lost. 💔

Ohcrumbcakes | Ohcrumbcakes

Ride or die? Seems like she'd ride out real quick 🏍️

Sunkissed_Barbie | Sunkissed_Barbie

Dump the girlfriend? NTA receives unanimous support 👍

vic_tuals | vic_tuals

Dump her! 🚮 Your safety deserves a supportive partner. 🏍️

SnooWoofers5822 | SnooWoofers5822

Commenter labels girlfriend as unsupportive with 💯 agreement.

MrGoon86 | MrGoon86

Girlfriend accused of not having his back. NTA wins.

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA calls out deception and government incompetence 👀

Illustrious_Guard_61 | Illustrious_Guard_61

Discovering your partner's true colors: 🚫 unsupportive 🐔

farawaythinker | farawaythinker

Agreeing with the commenter's judgement of 'unhinged' girlfriend. 🤨

TheLegitMolasses | TheLegitMolasses

Commenter doubts girlfriend's reasoning for not supporting boyfriend's motorcycle incident. NTA.

K14_Deploy | K14_Deploy

Don't let a fair-weather partner bring you down 😞 #NTA

bmanley620 | bmanley620

Girlfriend threw him under the bus to cover her ass 😬

cynical_old_mare | cynical_old_mare

Commenter's aggressive suggestion receives no support

RaccoonNew113 | RaccoonNew113

NTA. GF's Grade A assholery is a red flag 🚩

MahoganyEclipse | MahoganyEclipse

Relationship advice: NTA, leave the unsupportive girlfriend 🚶‍♂️💨

Tim-oBedlam | Tim-oBedlam

Supportive commenters agree, girlfriend's behavior is unacceptable 🤨

Sudden-Possible3263 | Sudden-Possible3263

Dump the unsupportive girlfriend. 🚮

Majestic-Llama-Spit | Majestic-Llama-Spit

Dodge the bullet! 🏍️ NTA for standing up.

Cundoooooo | Cundoooooo

Commenter defends OP and advises to dump lying girlfriend 💔

Anxious_Project_6173 | Anxious_Project_6173

NTA accuses girlfriend of putting him in danger during motorcycle incident 🏍️

ThrowawayAdvice1800 | ThrowawayAdvice1800