Bride Invites Ex-friend to Wedding, Regrets It after She Shows up Dressed to Impress

Dressed to impress
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What could go wrong when you invite your ex-best friend to your wedding? A lot, as one woman found out. The story begins with a cheating scandal between two former friends, which caused a rift in their social circle. Four years later, the woman who slept with her friend's boyfriend decides to invite her ex-best friend to her wedding, hoping to reconcile. However, the unexpected guest's appearance causes a stir among the wedding guests, leading to hurt feelings and drama. The situation escalates when one person confronts the bride about her decision to invite her ex-best friend. Find out what happens next in this juicy AITA post.

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meansisterta2 | meansisterta2

When inviting ex-friends to weddings, expect the unexpected 😳

meansisterta2 | meansisterta2

Wedding drama after inviting ex-friend. Here's what happened next.

meansisterta2 | meansisterta2

Bride invites ex-friend to wedding, regrets it after she shows up dressed to impress: The story of rekindling old friendships. 🤝

meansisterta2 | meansisterta2

Ignoring friend's advice, bride invites ex-friend who no-shows

meansisterta2 | meansisterta2

Casual wedding turns fancy when uninvited guest steals the spotlight 🎩

meansisterta2 | meansisterta2

Ex-friend steals the show with stunning outfit and tattoos 💃

meansisterta2 | meansisterta2

Ex-friend wears stunning dress, steals attention from bride at wedding

meansisterta2 | meansisterta2

Ex-friend shows up to wedding and snubs the bride. 💔

meansisterta2 | meansisterta2

Ex-friend steals the show at wedding, sparks mixed reactions 😍

meansisterta2 | meansisterta2

Drama at the wedding: Ex-friend steals the show 👀

meansisterta2 | meansisterta2

Sia can't stop talking about ex-friend at every opportunity 🙄

meansisterta2 | meansisterta2

Revenge is a dish best served cold, even at weddings. 🤫

meansisterta2 | meansisterta2

Sia's guilt-ridden olive branch to ex-friend backfires at wedding

meansisterta2 | meansisterta2

Emotional moment as Sia sheds tears and exits the wedding

meansisterta2 | meansisterta2

Regretful bride signs off after overwhelming response from commenters 😴

meansisterta2 | meansisterta2

Ex-friend shows up dressed to impress at bride's wedding

A bride invites her ex-friend to her wedding after several years of no contact. The ex-friend's boyfriend had cheated on her with the bride, resulting in the end of their friendship. The bride hoped to reconcile with her ex-friend, but it all goes wrong when the ex-friend shows up in a beautiful dress that outshines the bride's modest gown. The bride is heartbroken and regretful about inviting her ex-friend but can't stop talking about her since the wedding. Find out how this drama unfolds in the comments and reactions below.

Bride regrets inviting ex-friend to wedding, who showed up looking amazing 💁‍♀️

Hfryfjthku7y6g5u6g | Hfryfjthku7y6g5u6g

Ex-friend shows up dressed to impress at wedding, drama ensues 💃

throwRA_stay0rgo | throwRA_stay0rgo

Faye is the ultimate queen, living well and showing up like a boss 👑

Smashingistrashing | Smashingistrashing

Sister invites ex-friend to wedding, regrets it after she shows up dressed to impress

sara_c907 | sara_c907

NTA comment and reply criticize bride's behavior and predict unhappy marriage 💍💔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Inviting ex-friend to wedding after cheating was cruel-NOT the a-hole😒

majesticjewnicorn | majesticjewnicorn

Calling out a victim-playing ex-friend? 🤔 NTA

giggleypuff1445 | giggleypuff1445

Commenter jokes about NTA's hilarious remark 😂

Jon3681 | Jon3681

Karma strikes back as ex-friend steals the show 😂

miss-green-eyes37 | miss-green-eyes37

Commenter thinks bride got her karma for inviting ex-friend.

Vasya_Royal | Vasya_Royal

Commenter and reply side with Faye's petty revenge 💁‍♀️

Badger-of-Horrors | Badger-of-Horrors

Commenter calls out bride's ex-friend for expecting a fairy-tale ending. Replies reveal Faye's minimal presence in wedding pictures.

YarnAndMetal | YarnAndMetal

Ex-friend steals the show at wedding, should bride marry Faye?

under-cover-hunter | under-cover-hunter

Empathetic comment acknowledges ex-friend's feelings at wedding 😢

equationgirl | equationgirl

Sister's petty jealousy leads to awkward wedding encounter 😬

SaWheatGrass | SaWheatGrass

The ultimate petty revenge, Faye is a goddess 💁‍♀️

Tannim44 | Tannim44

Celebrating Faye's badassery and tattoos 😎

Neverland0205 | Neverland0205

Commenter finds karma in bride's regret, jokes about potential drama.

earthangel-dane | earthangel-dane

NTA for inviting ex-friend, but Sis was insensitive. Faye killed it 🔥

Valendr0s | Valendr0s

No sympathy for the sister's regretful decision 🤷‍♂️

Dependent-Time6812 | Dependent-Time6812

Comment section turned into a Faye appreciation party 🤣

[deleted] | [deleted]

Team Faye! NTAs support classy Faye's behavior and call out bride's pettiness.

DerbyDogMom | DerbyDogMom

Faye has an army of supporters! 🙌

karen_h | karen_h

Bride's ex-friend shows up dressed to impress at wedding - commenter explains why sending an invite was a bad move 🤔

makeshiftmarty | makeshiftmarty

The drama unfolds as the ex-friend steals the show 😍

huhzonked | huhzonked

Sister's betrayal and trashy move at wedding - no offense

Lunamoms | Lunamoms

Commenter calls out bride's poor judgement in inviting ex-friend.

mrsmamak | mrsmamak

No regrets here, the truth hurts 💔

TyphoidMary234 | TyphoidMary234

Commenters criticize wedding dress, but one defends accessories 👍

EMF133 | EMF133

Commenter suspects clothing links in story are advertisements 🤔

venushasbigbutt | venushasbigbutt

Bride's ex-friend shows up to wedding, guests debate intentions 🔍👀

Raffles2020 | Raffles2020

Sister invites ex-friend, gets what she deserved 🤷‍♀️

jynxthechicken | jynxthechicken

Commenter defends bride's decision not to invite ex-friend

Saint_Kieran | Saint_Kieran

Ex-friend shows up to wedding dressed to impress, NTA wins

starienite | starienite

Faye saves the day! 🦸‍♀️

viperofkirkwall | viperofkirkwall

Darkly hilarious comment section with a vicious/careless bride and doe-eyed Sia 😂

aspermyprevious | aspermyprevious

Commenter defends themselves against blame for friend's betrayal. 🤷‍♂️

hayleybeth7 | hayleybeth7

Savage but truthful comment about sister's behavior. 🙄

Meh-Whatever87 | Meh-Whatever87

"Consequences of your own actions." 😊

liquidmetalz | liquidmetalz

Living well is the best revenge... and looking good 💁‍♀️

ReceptionPuzzled1579 | ReceptionPuzzled1579

Ex-friend's revenge steals the show at wedding, NTA wins.

bambamkablam | bambamkablam

Ex-friend steals sister's boyfriend, invited to wedding, shows up stunning

Katerh | Katerh

Commenter sympathizes with sister's situation, warns of cheating tendencies. 💔

dodie2599 | dodie2599

Faye receives praise for being a hero 👏

notthatwon | notthatwon

Commenter finds humor in situation with clever wordplay. 🤣

hopscotchnwhiskey | hopscotchnwhiskey

Faye shines at the wedding after Sia's absence. #NTA ✨

someone-w-issues | someone-w-issues

Couple's guilt leads to regretful wedding invitation, justified response.

paul_rudds_drag_race | paul_rudds_drag_race

Closure achieved with satisfying pro-revenge story 🤝

stayathomebabe | stayathomebabe

Commenter finds Faye's behavior hilarious, agrees with NTA judgement.

Sentient-Potato- | Sentient-Potato-

Support for the ex-friend who upstaged the bride 👏🎉

maizistra | maizistra

Join the petty party 🎉 with this revenge tale

ravynwave | ravynwave

Ex-friend shows up dressed to impress, Bride regrets inviting her 😬

ResoluteMuse | ResoluteMuse

Betraying a friend and inviting them to your wedding? NTA.

Healthy_Excuse7511 | Healthy_Excuse7511

Cheating bride invites victim to wedding, gets upstaged by classy ex-friend.

SayerSong | SayerSong