Sibling Steals Money From Dying Father, Leaves Sister With Debt And No Food

Alfe Mercado
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This is a story of family betrayal and abandonment. After their father's death, the author's sister promised to help take care of him, but never followed through. The author was left to care for their father alone, suffering from caretaker fatigue and severe depression. To make matters worse, the sister stole money from their father before his accounts could go through probate, leaving the author with over 8k in debt and no food. Despite the sister's repeated requests to keep the situation quiet, the author reached out to extended family for help. This infuriated the sister, but the author wonders if they were too harsh. Read more to find out how this family drama unfolded.

A chaotic and disastrous situation is about to unfold.

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Loving daughter left with debt after father's passing 💔

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Sister fails to care for dying father, leaving sibling with burden 💔

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Caretaker fatigue takes a toll on mental health 😔

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Sister leaves with dying father's bank card, leaving sibling in debt

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Daughter buys groceries and alcohol with dying father's card 🍺

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Daughter shares heartwarming story of taking care of dying father ❤️

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Heartless sister steals dying father's money, leaving sibling in debt 💸

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Sister steals paperwork, leaves sibling no phone and resources. 😞

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Can she be trusted? 🤔 Sister's promise after father's death.

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Sister steals from dying father, leaves sibling with debt and hunger 😡

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Redditors discuss feeling guilty for going too far in family feud

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Sibling seeks legal recourse against money-stealing brother. 💰⚖️

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Sibling steals dying father's money, leaves sister with debt 😡

The death of a parent is never easy, but it's made even harder when one sibling decides to steal from them. In this case, a sister promised to help her caretaker sibling take care of their ill father but instead stole money from his bank account. The sister even went so far as to use their father's card to buy herself alcohol. After their father passed away, the sister closed his accounts and took all the money, leaving the caretaker sibling with bills to pay and no food. As if that wasn't bad enough, the sister also refuses to give the caretaker the paperwork needed to switch the phone bill into their name, leaving them with a shut-off phone. Despite repeatedly promising to help, the sister is now ignoring all attempts at contact. The caretaker sibling has been forced to turn to extended family for help and is feeling guilty for causing drama. This situation highlights the importance of estate planning and the devastating impact greed can have on a family. Keep reading for reactions and comments on this heartbreaking story.

Get legal advice ASAP, call a lawyer or state bar association 📞

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Sibling steals from dying father, sister calls her out: NTA 🔥

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Take action! 🚨 NTA recommends filing a report & getting a lawyer.


The sister's despicable actions left her sibling homeless and panicked 😔

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Stealing from a dying father is not excusable. Seek legal counsel 💼

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Sibling steals dying father's money, sister seeks justice with lawyer 💰⚖️

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Sibling steals from dying father, sister seeks justice with lawyer. NTA 😡

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Don't blame yourself. Your sister's guilt is hers alone ✨

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Do the right thing 💪 Tell the authorities

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Heartless sister steals from dying father, but OP is NTA

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Stealing from a dying relative is a crime, not crappy 😠

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Sister steals from dying father, leaves sibling in debt. NTA.

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Sibling steals dying father's money, leaves sister in debt. 💔

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Caregiving is tough, NTA for exposing sister's true colors 🙏

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Sister accused of stealing from dying father, blames innocent sibling 🤦‍♀️

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Readers eagerly await updates on this heartbreaking situation 💔

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Sibling steals from dying father, sister left with debt. NTA.

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Sister steals from dying father, leaves sibling with debt. NTA.

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OP's sister stole from dying father, leaves her with debt. NTA.

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Heartbreaking story of sibling betrayal. NTA for standing up.

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Brother helped despite dog allergy, sister left with burden. 🐶

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Standing up to family can be tough, but sometimes necessary 💪

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Sibling theft during family crisis. Commenter supports 'NTA' decision.

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Seeking justice for financial abuse by sibling after father's death 💸

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Sibling conflict during caretaking, lawyer advice recommended. 💼

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Sister steals from dying father, NTA exposes her, deservedly shunned 💰👎

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Stand up to bullies 🙅‍♀️ Publicly shame the thief

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Seek legal counsel to fight against sister's illegal actions 👨‍⚖️

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Expressing condolences for a heartbreaking situation 💔

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Fighting elder abuse with legal assistance 🙌

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NTA sister caretaker shares story of sibling conning dying father.

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Sister steals from dying father. Commenter is shocked. #NTA

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Fight against elder abuse with legal help. You're not AH.

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Commenter condemns sister for stealing money from dying father 💸

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Sending love and support to a selfless caretaker ❤️

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Sibling steals dying father's money. NTA seeks legal recourse.

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Get a probate attorney now! 👨‍⚖️🔍 Your sister is trying to screw you over.

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NTA for exposing sister's greed in a difficult time 💰👎

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No debate here, commenter is clear with NTA verdict 🙌

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You're a good soul! 💕

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Sister is the real a**hole in this heartbreaking story 💔

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Trust your gut, NTA. Shady sister and major gaslighting.

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Empathetic comment offers support and legal advice to sister in need ❤️

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Sister steals from dying father, abandons sibling. Justice served. ✊

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Supportive user offers help and reassurance to bereaved OP ❤️

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Fueling the fire: How to worsen an already toxic situation 🔥

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Sister steals from dying father; commenter supports legal action. 💰

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Commenter sympathizes with OP's terrible experience and condemns sister's actions 💔

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Commenter supports OP, calls out sister for elder abuse 👍

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Sibling steals dying father's money, commenter recommends contacting lawyer for justice 💰⚖️

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Community offers support to victim of heartless sibling 🤝❤️

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Fight for justice but avoid social media until legal settlement.

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Sister steals from dying father, NTA seeks legal action.

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Sister steals from dying father, NTA seeks legal justice 💰⚖️

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Supportive comments show sister's terrible act, NTA.

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Get a lawyer ASAP and don't let her cover it up! 👍

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Sister not at fault for sibling's theft and financial ruin 💰

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Report sister to police for stealing from dying father. #Justice

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NTA stands up against thieving sibling 👏💪

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Reddit can't fix everything, but this comment brings hope ❤️

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Supportive commenters console victim of family betrayal ❤️

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Fight back against your sister's theft, seek legal help. NTA 👍

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You're in the clear 👍

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Fight back! Get a lawyer and let justice serve 🥊

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Commenter judges sister's actions as a**hole behavior 💩

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Justice served! 👍

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