Paralyzed Teen Refuses To Babysit Sister's Children, Leaving Her Without A Sitter

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An 18-year-old girl who is still in high school and paralyzed from the waist down is being expected to babysit her sister's kids whenever they need it. But when her sister shows up unannounced on a day she had plans, she stands up for herself and refuses to babysit. Her family is angry with her, but she is left wondering if she is the a**hole. Read on to find out how she handles the situation and what the outcome is in this heartwarming story of self-empowerment.

New poster shares thoughts on babysitting dilemma.

snowflakefairy_06 | snowflakefairy_06

Paralyzed teen declines babysitting for sister's kids due to disability.

snowflakefairy_06 | snowflakefairy_06

Overcoming paralysis, determined to succeed despite obstacles. 🙌

snowflakefairy_06 | snowflakefairy_06

Paralyzed teen struggles with being pressured into free babysitting duties.

snowflakefairy_06 | snowflakefairy_06

Teen plans Christmas sleepover, parents approve, finally some girl time! 🎄

snowflakefairy_06 | snowflakefairy_06

Teen forced to babysit without prior notice 🤦‍♂️

snowflakefairy_06 | snowflakefairy_06

Teen refuses to babysit sister's kids, stands up for herself 💪

snowflakefairy_06 | snowflakefairy_06

Paralyzed teen insulted for refusing to babysit sister's children. 😐

snowflakefairy_06 | snowflakefairy_06

Teen questions if refusing to babysit makes her an a**hole 😕

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Update made to the section, nothing to see here 👀

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Teen moves out after mom berates her for refusing to babysit

snowflakefairy_06 | snowflakefairy_06

Paralyzed teen stands up to controlling sister's babysitting demands 💪

snowflakefairy_06 | snowflakefairy_06

Teen stands up to entitled sister's demands for babysitting 🙅‍♀️

snowflakefairy_06 | snowflakefairy_06

Teen stands up for boundaries, quits babysitting for family. 👏

snowflakefairy_06 | snowflakefairy_06

Paralyzed teen refuses to be a free babysitter for family

An 18-year-old paralyzed teen refused to babysit her sister's children, leaving her without a sitter during her husband's work Christmas party. Her mother expects her to be available as a free babysitter whenever her siblings need it, without even consulting her. The teen has plans with her friends, which her mother approved of, but her sister arrived with her three boys, and her mother expected her to babysit. When she refused, her mother called her an immature a**hole, and her sister was left without a sitter. Her mother thinks she should be grateful for having something to do, as she has no real social life due to being paralyzed. The teen is now questioning if she was in the wrong. However, after her mother berated her again, she decided to move in with a friend and her family. Plans are being put into motion, and she will no longer be available for babysitting. Let's discuss this story and share our thoughts on the matter.

Family members suck, mom can babysit if she's so concerned. NTA


Paralyzed commenter stands up for themselves and offers support to OP.

Fit-Distribution-252 | Fit-Distribution-252

Encouraging NTA comment supports OP's decision to prioritize own life. 🎉

RedoubtableSouth | RedoubtableSouth

Encouraging comment section with heartwarming support and praise ❤️

Jovon35 | Jovon35

Commenter's humorous take on the situation brings smiles 😂

tubesweaterguru | tubesweaterguru

Teen refuses to babysit sister's kids, family assumes she will.

ScorchieSong | ScorchieSong

Mom should have taken responsibility, not put it on sister. 🤦

Dendad6972 | Dendad6972

Encouragement for a teen facing family pressure. 👍

Carnalirium | Carnalirium

Standing up to toxic family expectations 💪👊

CamelOfHate | CamelOfHate

Babysitting ain't easy and missing work events isn't either. 🤷‍♀️

tki9 | tki9

Family feud over accident settlement funds 🤔💰

barbpca502 | barbpca502

Standing up for yourself isn't easy, but it's necessary 🙌

shinybobble | shinybobble

Standing up to entitlement and ableism. 🙌

Snowysaku | Snowysaku

Teen's definition of social life clashes with mother's expectations 🤔

RutzButtercup | RutzButtercup

Using 'weaponized incompetence' to avoid babysitting. Genius or unethical? 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Paralyzed teen gets support from friend and advice to stay quiet.

Chamit | Chamit

Disabled teen stands up to unfair expectations, wins college support 🎓

Money-Fisherman-2225 | Money-Fisherman-2225

Empowering message for wheelchair users, with helpful resources and advice 🔥

Jekyll_1886 | Jekyll_1886

Commenter refuses to babysit and wants to move out 🚫👶

[deleted] | [deleted]

You're not the a**hole for escaping an abusive family 👏🏽

archibookworm33 | archibookworm33

Standing up for yourself and your worth. 💪

LeReineNoir | LeReineNoir

Stand your ground! You have a right to say no 🙅‍♀️

lifetooshort4bs | lifetooshort4bs

Sister expects free babysitting and gets angry when refused. 🙄

Fancy-Meaning-8078 | Fancy-Meaning-8078

Respect your child's plans, don't guilt-trip them. 🙄

[deleted] | [deleted]

OP, a courageous disabled woman, stands up for herself and prioritizes her dreams. Family should respect her time. 💪

Bluedotrock | Bluedotrock

Standing up to a controlling mother and prioritizing self-care 🙌

MerlinBiggs | MerlinBiggs

Setting boundaries with family for self-care 🙌

Djhinnwe | Djhinnwe

Disabled person is not obligated to babysit, NTA 👏🏼

smo_smo_smo | smo_smo_smo

Commenter offers advice for handling toxic family dynamics. 🙌

SalaciousSapphic | SalaciousSapphic

Suggesting to show a post as a reality check 🤔

secret-tunnellll | secret-tunnellll

Don't let them guilt-trip you. Your mom agreed to babysit 🙅‍♀️

photosbeersandteach | photosbeersandteach

NTA. Stay firm and show them how an actual immature AH acts 🤷‍♀️

Kentarmy | Kentarmy

Don't let anyone guilt you into free labor. 💰

WinEquivalent4069 | WinEquivalent4069

Commenter feels sister and parents are con-artists stealing her free time.

sleeper_ | sleeper_

Mom takes a hit for forcing teen into babysitting

TrainFan244 | TrainFan244

Commenter expresses sympathy for paralyzed teen's situation

Mysticalfliprt | Mysticalfliprt

Encouraging response to NTA comment about future plans and family conflict ⭐️

RefrigeratorDear2641 | RefrigeratorDear2641

Mom promises babysitting, doesn't deliver. NTA stands firm.

ed_lv | ed_lv

Standing up to abusive family and setting boundaries. NTA 👏🏼

FollowingLumpy187 | FollowingLumpy187

Teen refuses to babysit sister's kids and gets called NTA 💁‍♀️

[deleted] | [deleted]

Supportive comment calls out mother's behavior and encourages OP's future.

fireflieson | fireflieson

Mom makes empty promises, NTA for not wanting responsibility 🙅

kcoinga | kcoinga

Disabled teen stands up to unreasonable mom - NTA 🙌

gwacemom | gwacemom

NTA. It's time to fly away 🦅

UsernameUnremarkable | UsernameUnremarkable

Don't let her manipulate you. NTA. 👏

spaceyjaycey | spaceyjaycey

Family drama unfolds as paralyzed teen refuses to babysit siblings

Responsible_Candle86 | Responsible_Candle86

Mother offers sister's sitter without consent, commenter defends paralyzed teen

BrandalieK | BrandalieK

Commenter defends paralyzed teen against gaslighting and ableism 👏

Jas_Dragon | Jas_Dragon

Resilient OP shines after being treated unfairly by family ❤️

MrsLangdonAlg3r | MrsLangdonAlg3r

Mom's the real a**hole here 😤

jcakes79 | jcakes79

Disabled does not mean babysitter. NTA for setting boundaries 👏

cancergirl-peanut65 | cancergirl-peanut65

Set boundaries with your sister and prioritize communication 🗣️

mealeigha | mealeigha

Paralyzed teen finds joy in movie night with friends! 🎥🍿

morning_fix | morning_fix

Paralyzed teen stands up for herself, says no to babysitting

Paeliens | Paeliens