Woman Locks up “Valuables” in Safe to Stop Boyfriend from Using Them

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A 21-year-old woman and her boyfriend have been living together for two years. The woman has noticed that her expensive skincare products and toiletries are being used up quickly, despite her telling her boyfriend to stop using them. After taking inventory, she discovered that her boyfriend had used up to $800 worth of her products in just three months. She bought a safe to keep her skincare products in and hid the key. When her boyfriend found out, he accused her of not trusting him. However, during a conversation, the woman discovered that her boyfriend had been taking her oral steroids, prescribed for her eczema, in the past to try to get buff at the gym. This led to the woman leaving him. Was she justified in locking up her skincare products?

Woman locks up “valuables” to save finances with boyfriend

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Woman puts valuables in safe to stop boyfriend from using them 💰

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Boyfriend used all of her expensive face wash, refused to replace

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Boyfriend steals $800 worth of beauty products; girlfriend takes action 🔒

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Protecting my valuables with a safe from my controlling boyfriend 💪

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Woman locks up skincare in safe to keep boyfriend from using 💄

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Boyfriend taking things too seriously- is she the a**hole? 🤔

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Reality hits hard: Readers share their thoughts on the situation 😔

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Frustrated woman debates breaking up over stolen products from boyfriend.

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When trust is lost, a safe becomes a skin-care solution.

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Boyfriend stole prescription steroids to bulk up at the gym 💪

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Woman locks up valuables to escape toxic relationship. 🚪

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Grateful woman learns from mistake and thanks supportive community ❤️

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Woman hides $800 worth of skincare in safe from boyfriend 🤔

A woman has been forced to hide all of her skincare products worth $800 in a safe after her boyfriend kept using them despite her asking him not to. She had even bought him his own skincare products but he continued to use hers. When she found out he had used up so much of her products, she decided to hide them in a safe to avoid running out of them. The boyfriend reacted badly to this and accused her of not trusting him. However, things took a turn for the worse when she found out that he had been stealing her oral steroids for a year, causing her unbearable pain and insecurities. She has now decided to break up with him and stay at a friend's house for a week. This story highlights the importance of respecting boundaries in a relationship, especially when it comes to personal items and health necessities. Stay tuned for the comments and reactions to this story.

NTA, but if you're at the 'buy a safe because I can't trust him to not use my stuff' stage, just break up 💔

vandajoy | vandajoy

Boyfriend steals and gets mad when held accountable. OP deserves better 😞

CBeisbol | CBeisbol

NTA. Time to kick his leechy a** to the beachy 💪

SnargCollector | SnargCollector

NTA! Boyfriend sucks and friends are unsupportive 😒

Accurate-Ad-4905 | Accurate-Ad-4905

Dump the shit sandwich boyfriend and get your own place 💩🥪

pinkybinderz | pinkybinderz

Respect boundaries or leave 🚪💔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Don't let anyone disrespect you or your belongings 💪

yesnomaybe123 | yesnomaybe123

Find someone who respects your boundaries. 🚫🔒

Venetrix2 | Venetrix2

Boyfriend stole her prescribed medicine and toiletries, NTA for protecting them 🚫💊

SpeedBlitzX | SpeedBlitzX

Boyfriend repeatedly disrespects boundaries, takes oral medication without asking. NTA.

fmlwhateven | fmlwhateven

Protecting valuables from a thieving boyfriend 👍🏻

SleepyHypso | SleepyHypso

Self-love is the key 🔑. Leave the a**hole 🚪

[deleted] | [deleted]

Protect your valuables and your peace, dump the thief 👋

Eliyrian | Eliyrian

Dump the thief and mooch 🚫💰 You're NTA

StonewallBrigade21 | StonewallBrigade21

Trust is key, even for skincare products 😊

murphy2345678 | murphy2345678

When locking up basics in a safe becomes necessary 😬

[deleted] | [deleted]

Boyfriend's selfishness leads to safekeeping 'valuables' 💰🔒

PoopKnifeTwinkleCunt | PoopKnifeTwinkleCunt

Boyfriend disrespects medical needs, NTA for locking up valuables 💊

eefr | eefr

Trust must be earned, NTA comment shuts down trust argument 🔒😒

morbid_n_creepifying | morbid_n_creepifying

Protecting her belongings in safe, boyfriend laughs and disrespects her.

Gh0st31_ | Gh0st31_

Boyfriend stole valuables, won't replace them. NTA. 🚫💰

JoneseyP98 | JoneseyP98

Boyfriend steals girlfriend's steroids to get buff, good riddance 💪

emi_b7 | emi_b7

Woman buys safe to hide $800 skincare from thieving boyfriend

QYB1990 | QYB1990

Why keep a toxic boyfriend and not your skin care? 🤔

GonnaBeOverIt | GonnaBeOverIt

Secure the bag, secure the man! 💰🔒 #NTA

Lea_R_ning | Lea_R_ning

Questioning the motives behind staying with a disrespectful partner ❓

Hoistedonyrownpetard | Hoistedonyrownpetard

Trust issues in a relationship? It might be time to reconsider 🤔

Xx_Nana_xX | Xx_Nana_xX

Trust is key in a relationship 👍. Living together may not work.

ZoroXLee | ZoroXLee

🚫🔒Locking up cosmetics? Not the a**hole, but you deserve better.

Irish_beast | Irish_beast

🚪🔒 When hiding things from your partner becomes necessary

hella-kittie | hella-kittie

Locking toiletries in a safe is a red flag. 🚩 NTA.

BabyFace2020 | BabyFace2020

Don't let him use you and your products, girl! 👏

Shoddy_Lifeguard_852 | Shoddy_Lifeguard_852

Prescription pill mishap leads to safe storage and relationship strain 💊💔

Electronic-Lab-4419 | Electronic-Lab-4419

Locking up skincare, or locking up your heart? Dump him. 💄❌💔

colorshift_siren | colorshift_siren

Protect your valuables and yourself from toxic relationships 💔🔒

Popular-Emu7380 | Popular-Emu7380

Trust issues and property disputes in relationship 🤔💔

TheGriswoldFamily | TheGriswoldFamily

Protecting your valuables from your boyfriend? Time to break up 💔

foxy3011 | foxy3011