Olivia Wilde Accuses Jason Sudeikis of Making Her 'Go Into Debt' in Custody Battle

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Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis, who split in 2020 after nearly a decade together, are in a custody battle over their two children. According to recent reports, Wilde has accused Sudeikis of using underhanded tactics in the ongoing legal proceedings and attempting to "litigate her into debt." However, a recent hearing ruled in Wilde's favor, with the judge determining that the case should remain in California.

Olivia Wilde Accuses Jason Sudeikis

Olivia Wilde

According to the Daily Mail, in the ongoing custody battle over their two children, Olivia Wilde has accused Jason Sudeikis of attempting to "litigate her into debt."

Wilde Can Not Afford The Battle 

In advance of a hearing scheduled in Los Angeles on Friday, Wilde's lawyers stated that although Sudeikis can afford to file numerous legal actions, Wilde cannot.

Judge Ruled In Favor Of Wilde 

Olivia Wilde

TMZ reported that despite Jason Sudeikis' efforts to seek a stay of the California Parentage action, a judge ruled in favor of Olivia Wilde at the recent hearing.

Legal Battle Should Remain In California 

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The judge determined that the ongoing legal battle between the former couple over their children, Otis (8) and Daisy (6), should remain in California rather than being moved to New York. 

Sudeikis Criticized

Wilde's lawyers criticized Sudeikis for attempting to throw various legal actions against the wall to see what would work.

Sudeikis ‘Acting In Bad Faith 

Jason Sudeikis
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According to the outlet, the director of Don't Worry Darling, Olivia Wilde, has accused Jason Sudeikis of acting in bad faith and being underhanded in their custody battle over their children's future.

Wilde Alleged Sudeikis of Intimidation

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She alleged that Sudeikis had used tactics such as intimidation and trickery to gain an advantage in the legal proceedings.

Sudeikis Wants Children To Return To Brooklyn

Jason Sudeikis
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Olivia Wilde, who is 39 years old, argued that their children should remain in Los Angeles, while Jason Sudeikis, who is 47, wanted them to return to Brooklyn.

No Justification For Children To Live In New York 

New York

The former O.C. star contended that there was no justification for the kids to live on the East Coast since Daisy had never attended school there, and Otis had only completed one semester of kindergarten in New York.

Wilde’s Lawyers’ Argument

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Wilde's lawyers argued that Jason Sudeikis should not be allowed to drain her financially with constant litigation and then deny her the right to seek a needs-based fee contribution from him, especially considering his wealth.

Sudeikis' Financial Position Compared To Wilde

Olivia Wilde

In the filing, they noted that Wilde is aware of Sudeikis' far superior financial position compared to her own.

Wilde Thought They Were Making Progress

Olivia Wilde

The former House star stated in the filing that she had thought that she and the Horrible Bosses actor were making progress towards resolving their custody dispute amicably until he surprised her with his actions.

Planned To Work With A Therapist

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Olivia Wilde claimed they planned to begin working with a family therapist in California in mid-January, and she believed the situation was settling down. They would move forward more cooperatively and respectfully.

Sudeikis Continued Without Wilde’s Knowledge

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Instead, Wilde stated that she found out that Sudeikis was allegedly planning to proceed with the New York Child Support proceeding without her knowledge while negotiating the parenting schedule in California. 

Speculations About Improved Relationship

In January, there were speculations that the former couple's relationship had improved as they were spotted embracing each other. 

Wilde Served With Custody Papers 

However, the two have been in a bitter custody battle since April 2022, when Sudeikis reportedly served Wilde with custody papers during her presentation at CinemaCon.

Former Couple’s Relationship 

Olivia Wilde

According to a source, the news devastated Wilde, and although she was mortified, she chose not to react. Instead, the couple started dating in November 2011, got engaged in January 2013, and split in November 2020.

Wilde’s Acting Career

Olivia Wilde
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Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis are successful actors with notable careers in Hollywood. Wilde began her career in the entertainment industry as an actress, starring in television shows like The O.C. and House before transitioning into film. She has since starred in numerous movies, including Tron: Legacy, Cowboys & Aliens, and Rush.

Sudeikis’ Acting Career

On the other hand, Sudeikis is best known for his work on Saturday Night Live, where he was a cast member from 2005 to 2013. He has also appeared in numerous movies, including Horrible Bosses, We're the Millers, and Colossal. In addition to acting, Sudeikis has worked as a writer and producer on various projects.