Gerard Pique Gets Candid About Living Life Post-Split with Shakira

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Gerard Pique
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Gerard Pique is finally opening up about his life post-split from Shakira, and it's not a gloomy story. The retired footballer spoke with the Spanish publication El Pais about his happy life and focused on his two pre-teen songs, Milan (10) and Sasha (8).

Moving On From Each Other

Shakira and her sons at a football match
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Pique said raising Milan and Sasha is Shakira's and his top priority despite their differences. As parents, they consider it their duty to protect the boys from the harsh reality of their break up.

The First Meeting

Shakira in the Waka Waka video

The former couple, who have ten years between them, met in 2010 when Shakira recorded the official FIFA World Cup song.

Getting Serious

Shakira and Gerard Pique kiss at a Barcelona match
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They officially started dating in 2011 and had their first child within three to four years of their relationship.

Breaking Up After 11 Years

Selfie of Shakira and Gerard Pique
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After eleven years together, Shakira and Pique called it quits in June 2022. They announced their split via Instagram in a joint statement telling fans to respect their privacy while they navigated a new life without each other.

Why Did They Split?

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Meanwhile, after a few months, Shakira revealed the reason for her split saying Pique cheated on her with his current girlfriend Clara Chia Marti.

Shakira's Side Of The Story

Shakira for an editorial shoot
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Shakira spoke about the split in a rare Elle interview, saying she was hurt that it messed up her dreams of having a big family but was willing to work with Pique as the father of her children moving forward.

Shakira Tells All

Shakira's suspicions grew when she found her strawberry jam half-eaten on return from a work trip. Her children and husband don't like the flavored bread spread so, it had to be a stranger.

Releasing A Diss Track

Stills from Shakira's music video with Bizzrrap
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The 47-year-old singer exposed Pique and Marti in a song, BZRP Music Sessions #53," where she called Marti a downgrade. Shakira doesn't speak about her relationship with Pique but prefers to share her story in music.

Pique Opens Up

Gerard Pique speaks at a football match
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Pique isn't a musician like his ex-partner, but he also maintains a private life. So, he shared his side of the story in an interview.

No Regrets For Pique

"I keep doing what I want [and] the day I die, I'll look behind me and I hope to have everything I wanted."

Pique told the Spanish publication that he's interested in cleaning up his image but doesn't want outside perspectives to color his authenticity.

Focused On Being the Best Version of Himself

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Pique knows that the internet has opinions about his split from Shakira, especially with her accusations of cheating but he's not bothered about clearing that up. The retired player instead focuses his energy on being the best version of himself to his family and friends.

Maintaining A Close Relationship With The Children

Shakira and Pique with their sons at a football game
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Pique said he has a close relationship with his children and wants to keep it that way. He admitted to having a different method from Shakira regarding parenting styles, but they both keep their boys happy.

Pique's Mother Was Involved

In one of Shakira's songs, she revealed that Pique's mother, Montserrat Bernabeu hated her and her private investigator learned that she covered up her son's indiscretion.

Nightlife Enthusiasts

The investigator spotted Pique and Clara Chia leaving a nightclub where she reportedly works. Eventually, they became more public with their affections.

Living In The Parent's House

The new couple started living in Pique's parent's house in Cambrils, Spain. Shakira took it personally and retaliated by putting a voodoo doll on her balcony opposite Bernabeu's house.

Moving In Together

Meanwhile, now that Pique and Marti are now publicly dating as they live together in his new bachelor pad and he's become a regular at the nightclub where she works.

A Different Relationship

Although Shakira is ten years older than Pique, his new flame is more than a decade younger than him. Hence Shakira's statement about her being a downgrade.


Marti and Pique went Instagram official in January with a captionless selfie on his Instagram.

A New Life

The former footballer isn't bothered by Shakira's coping methods as he just wants to move on with his new girlfriend.