Skydiving Photos Turned Wrong: 'I Paid For professional Skydiving Photos But Was HORRIFIED By The Results'

Ashley Hunte
A shot of a person skydiving over an island.
Unsplash | Kamil Pietrzak

Skydiving is definitely a fun, thrilling activity to try out every once in a while. On the flip side, though, it can be pretty terrifying, especially when it's your first time doing it.

As a woman on TikTok has come to realize, not only is skydiving a bit trickier than it looks, but it isn't always the most photogenic activity, either.

A TikTok User Just Wanted A Cool Shot Of Her Experience.

Two people skydiving over a vast, flat land.
Unsplash | Kamil Pietrzak

Posting to the app earlier this week, a TikToker who goes by Peek shared how she wanted to buy some of the cool photos she'd hoped were being taken by the skydiving company she went with recently.

The Woman Posted A Short Clip Expressing Her Frustration.

A woman with her fand over her mouth, looking frustrated.
TikTok | @peek.xo

"Me buying the photos from skydiving for cool shots," she writes in a text overlay that shows alongside video of herself looking pretty frustrated or embarrassed.

But As The TikTok Reveals, She Has Reason To Feel That Way.

A woman tapping her fingers together mischievously with a caption that reads, "wait for it..."
Giphy | Shalita Grant

After a few seconds of the shot of the woman herself, she then shows the picture she'd paid for. And in all honesty, nothing can prepare you for what it looks like.

The Picture Is Unflattering, To Say The Least.

A photo of a woman unflatteringly falling during a skydiving session.
TikTok | @peek.xo

The unfortunate pic captures a moment that the TikTok user may have wanted to forget. In the photo, she's spread-eagle with her arms out, screaming at the top of her lungs.

And It Also Looks Like She's Having A Wardrobe Malfunction.

A cat putting its paw over its mouth as if in shock.
Giphy | Yêu Lu

The worst part of the photo is the fact that, because of the winds, and the color of the top she's wearing, it almost looks like the TikTkoker isn't wearing a top at all.

The Worst Part Is Probably The Fact That She Paid For The Photo.

A man walking backwards and out of a doorway.
Giphy | The Office

It's worth remembering that she mentioned how she actually paid to own that photograph, probably without knowing what it looked like beforehand.

The TikTok Went Viral In A Few Short Days.

After being up for only around three days, the TikTok has already surpassed 8.4 million views, with thousands of people sharing their own thoughts in the comment section.

The Internet Is Absolutely Losing Its Mind Over This.

A woman sipping wine and then nearly spitting it out from laughter.
Giphy | Laff

The picture has made quite an impression on the TikTok crowd, with many users both laughing and empathizing with the woman who posted it.

Some Users Were... A Little Concerned.

Commenters feel that the user looks like she's having an exorcism in the photo.
TikTok | @peek.xo

Commenters thought that it looked like the woman was in the middle of having an exorcism done.

To Be Fair, Though, That's Just How Skydiving Looks.

A person screaming wildly as they skydive with an instructor.
Giphy | Guava Juice

Professionals probably have a lot more control over their facial expressions, but for people just trying the activity out, it's going to be hard not to scream at the top of your lungs.

Many Couldn't Believe Just How Bad The Picture Was.

Commenters express how much worse the picture is than they expected.
TikTok | @peek.xo

"It just gets worse the more you look at it," one user commented, with several others echoing the same feeling.

But For The Most Part, People Loved It.

More users laugh at the picture.
TikTok | @peek.xo

Sure, it's awkward and a little uncomfortable, but it's also comedy gold.

It Almost Makes You Want To Try Skydiving Out For Yourself.

A man whose face is full of air while skydiving.
Giphy | Minnesota RØKKR

And maybe skip out on paying for the pictures after the fact.

More Commenters Shared Their Own Thoughts On The Pic.

More users share their thoughts on the TikTok.
TikTok | @peek.xo

Some felt that the picture should've been free, while others wondered why the woman was in such an awkward position to begin with.

Others Really Felt The Second-Hand Embarrassment.

Many users feel the picture is too embarrassing.
TikTok | @peek.xo

Many commenters expressed how they could never share a picture like this with the world.

There's Also The Fact That It Looks Like The TikToker Isn't Wearing A Shirt...

A man staring in shock, with eyebrows raised.
Giphy | Saturday Night Live

But don't worry, she is.

She Even Clarifies In The Comments.

More users react to the TikTok.
TikTok | @peek.xo

"Not the tan tank top," the TikToker comments in response to someone wondering why she appears to not be wearing a shirt.

And At Least She Can Laugh At Herself.

Users wonder why it doesn't look like the woman is wearing a shirt.
TikTok | @peek.xo

The TikToker responded to more commenters, many of whom were laughing and joking. She even responded to someone who joked that she should put the picture on a mug.

At The End Of The Day, It's All In Good Fun.

Two women laughing while looking at each other.
Giphy | Insecure on HBO

And probably a pretty accurate representation of the skydiving experience.