Man Asks Pregnant Girlfriend To Pay For His Meal After Eating All Of It

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A man recently posted on the Am I The A**hole subreddit, seeking advice on whether or not he was in the wrong for asking his pregnant girlfriend to pay for or replace his meal after she ate all of it. The post has since gone viral, with many people chiming in on both sides of the argument. The man's girlfriend is currently pregnant with her sister and brother-in-law's child, and frequently comes over to his place to spend time with him. However, she often raids his kitchen and complains when there's nothing to eat. When the man's parents brought him food from his favorite restaurant, his girlfriend ate all of his leftovers and refused to pay for or replace the meal when he asked. Was the man justified in his request, or was he being unreasonable? Read on to find out.

Surrogacy plans overshadowed by boyfriend's cheap move 🤦‍♂️

throwawayfoodpayback | throwawayfoodpayback

Dealing with pregnant cravings: a hungry girlfriend or a moocher?

throwawayfoodpayback | throwawayfoodpayback

Excited for favorite restaurant, but ends in unexpected trouble 😕

throwawayfoodpayback | throwawayfoodpayback

Leftovers for dinner? A tale of a selfish boyfriend.

throwawayfoodpayback | throwawayfoodpayback

When your girlfriend eats your leftovers without asking 😒

throwawayfoodpayback | throwawayfoodpayback

Man asks pregnant girlfriend to pay for his meal after eating 🍝

throwawayfoodpayback | throwawayfoodpayback

Man demands pregnant girlfriend pay for food, leaves her hungry.

throwawayfoodpayback | throwawayfoodpayback

Supportive partner or inconsiderate boyfriend? The verdict is in 🤔

throwawayfoodpayback | throwawayfoodpayback

Man asks pregnant girlfriend to pay for his meal 😡

A man's girlfriend, who is pregnant as a surrogate for her sister, ate all of his leftovers from his favorite restaurant. He asked her to either pay him back or get him another order. The situation escalated when his mother got involved. Read on for the comments and reactions on this contentious issue.

Pregnancy is not an excuse for selfish behavior 🤰🚫🍽️

usury87 | usury87

Dump the girlfriend, involving someone's mother in arguments is immature 👋

Broutythecat | Broutythecat

A humorous take on the common themes in AITA threads 😂

Effective-Slice-4819 | Effective-Slice-4819

Pregnancy cravings don't justify raiding someone else's fridge without asking.

RogueRedShirt | RogueRedShirt

NTA. Partner's pregnancy may not be the only issue here. 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Pregnancy isn't an excuse to walk all over people 🤰

ozymomdias | ozymomdias

Partner's pregnancy doesn't excuse lack of common courtesy. NTA.

honey-smile | honey-smile

Taking all the food someone offers to share is a**hole move 😒

ProfPlumDidIt | ProfPlumDidIt

Pregnancy doesn't give green light to demolish all the food 🍛

RatioNo1114 | RatioNo1114

YTA for making a big deal out of a minor misunderstanding 🙄

shikiroin | shikiroin

Pregnancy isn't an excuse to eat all someone's food 🤰🍔

lsmith224 | lsmith224

Pregnant girlfriend eats all of man's dinner, refuses to replace it. NTA

amaralove123 | amaralove123

Curious about the backstory? Here's why she doesn't have custody 👀

Frosty-Mall4727 | Frosty-Mall4727

Setting boundaries with a pregnant partner - NTA 👍

cuervoguy2002 | cuervoguy2002

Surrogacy rules may vary, but one child exists, family involved.

countrymousecitymous | countrymousecitymous

Supportive reply suggests discussing financial concerns with pregnant girlfriend.

BeastOGevaudan | BeastOGevaudan

Misunderstanding the context: the danger of just reading headlines 😬

Chickens1 | Chickens1

When sharing food becomes a problem 😒

AlaskaDiGioia | AlaskaDiGioia

Communication is key, folks. 🗣️

klpgoes | klpgoes

Pregnancy does not excuse entitlement 🤷

Positive_Ad3788 | Positive_Ad3788

Eating all the food or eating away at their relationship? ESH 😬🍽️

[deleted] | [deleted]

Respectful boundaries during pregnancy 🤰

elizabethjanet | elizabethjanet

Petty boyfriend demands payment for meal, Reddit outraged 😠

Huckleberry_Training | Huckleberry_Training

Fair or selfish? Commenters debate girlfriend's meal etiquette 🍽️

FlyGuy1922 | FlyGuy1922

Resentment over shared food during pregnancy. ESH 👶🍲

optical_mommy | optical_mommy

Pregnant girlfriend eats all his meal, gets called out. NTA.

stumpykitties | stumpykitties

Food fight in the making 🍔🍟 Let's just move on.

tuggybear135 | tuggybear135

Stand up for yourself and don't let pregnancy be an excuse 👊

RecommendsMalazan | RecommendsMalazan

Curious about the food? It was grilled chicken, fish, and more 🍗🐟

GopherDog22 | GopherDog22

Respectful NTA boyfriend asked for meal money, boundaries are important 👏

Rockstar1090 | Rockstar1090

Insensitive boyfriend asks pregnant girlfriend to pay for his meal. YTA 🙄

Irishwol | Irishwol

Pregnant girlfriend eats all his food, demands payment. NTA.

Daligheri | Daligheri

Girlfriend ate his meal, didn't apologize, and triangulated his mom. 🙅‍♂️

Far-Side2489 | Far-Side2489

Girlfriend taking advantage of hospitality and food, NTA.

FortuneWhereThoutBe | FortuneWhereThoutBe

Don't be an a**hole, pay for your own meal 🍽️

Strange-Badger7263 | Strange-Badger7263

Not the a**hole but still a bit of a jerk 😒

Drizzt3919 | Drizzt3919

Pregnancy cravings can be costly 🤰💸

Snowconetypebanana | Snowconetypebanana

NTA. Complicated situation with baby, but you're not the ATM 🤑

Faraway_Dreamer | Faraway_Dreamer

Establishing food boundaries with a partner 🍱

tyssef1 | tyssef1

Keep snacks on hand! Agree, NTA 👍

ConsiderationHot9518 | ConsiderationHot9518

Pregnant woman agrees, eating boyfriend's meal is disrespectful 🙅‍♀️

AdMore8610 | AdMore8610

Family members should fund pregnancy cravings, not boyfriend. 🤰

Bitter-Conflict-4089 | Bitter-Conflict-4089

Meal dispute turns into family feud. 🍽️🤦‍♀️

marquesj32 | marquesj32

Pregnancy cravings or not, eating someone else's meal is wrong. NTA 👍

Lea_R_ning | Lea_R_ning

Expecting mom under fire for not bringing her own food 🍔

eyore5775 | eyore5775

Entitled girlfriend eats his food, doesn't offer replacement. #NTA 🍽️

shopaholicsanonymous | shopaholicsanonymous

Pregnancy doesn't equal automatic entitlement to food. 🤰🍴

-Regina-Filange | -Regina-Filange