'Vanderpump Rules' Reality TV Stars Arrive At Reunion Show Taping Amid 'Scandoval'

Daniyal Sanaullah
'Vanderpump Rules'
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The Vanderpump Rules reunion show started with high tensions as the cast members arrived at the set in San Fernando Valley. The recent cheating allegations and a restraining order between two cast members have added to the drama.

Madix Made A Statement With Her Outfit 

Ariana Madix
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Ariana Madix, who recently found out about Tom Sandoval's alleged affair with fellow co-star Raquel Leviss, made a statement with her outfit choice for the Vanderpump Rules reunion show. 

Madix’s Matching Hoodie And Sweatpants

She appeared in a bright yellow hoodie with "1-800-BOYS-LIE" written on the front and matching sweatpants that read, "We're sorry. The number you are trying to reach has moved on." 

Madix Looked Radiant 

Ariana Madix
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Despite the drama surrounding her, Madix looked radiant and confident, sporting straightened hair and sharp almond-shaped nails. 

Gave A Quick Smile To The Photographers 

Ariana Madix
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She also carried a venti iced Starbucks coffee and gave photographers a quick smile. Given the recent cheating allegations, her outfit is a pointed message to her ex-boyfriend Tom Sandoval.

Sandoval Looked Somber

Tom Sandoval
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On the other hand, Sandoval looked somber as he arrived at the reunion show with a black baseball cap and black sunglasses shielding his face.

Sandoval’s Outfit 

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The Tom Sandoval & The Most Extras frontman wore a black shirt, pants, a black peacoat, and white sneakers with colorful accents.

Sandoval And Madix’s Contrasting Outfits

He carried a black garment bag in one hand while a duffel bag was slung over his other shoulder. Sandoval's outfit starkly contrasted with Madix's bright and bold yellow hoodie, which was a statement. 

Kent Arrived Glammed Up

Glammed Up
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Lala Kent, the 32-year-old host of the Give Them Lala podcast, arrived at the reunion show set in full glamour after sharing several Instagram stories of her getting ready that morning.

Kent With LV Bag

LV Bag
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She stepped out of her car wearing an aqua robe and pink sparkly boots, holding a Perrier can and a massive Louis Vuitton duffle bag in the other.

Maloney’s Casual Look 

Katie Maloney
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On the other hand, Katie Maloney went for a more casual look, sporting an all-black ensemble that included black leggings, a black hoodie, a black leather jacket, and light brown Ugg slippers.

Schwartz’s Ensemble 

Tom Schwartz
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Tom Schwartz, 40, also opted for a casual look as he arrived for the reunion show. He was seen wearing black sweatpants, a long-sleeve yellow T-shirt, and a brown-and-white plaid jacket.

Schwartz Did Not Shy Away From Photographers

Tom Schwartz
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Unlike some of his co-stars, Schwartz did not hide his reunion outfit from photographers. He was seen carrying a navy suit on a hanger in his left hand, possibly for a wardrobe change during the filming. Schwartz's hair was styled in a messy, tousled look, adding to his laid-back appearance.

Vanderpump’s Arrival 

Vanderpump rules
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Lisa Vanderpump, 62, arrived at the reunion looking stunning in a complete and well-planned ensemble. She wore a long-sleeve black dress that featured intricate jewels embellished on the sleeves. She paired it with black tights and black pumps with silver soles that perfectly complemented her dress.

A Quick Chat With Cohen 

Andy Cohen
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Before heading inside, the matriarch chatted with host, Andy Cohen, and shared a sweet hug.

Leviss Absent 

Raquel Leviss
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Raquel Leviss, who is at the center of the recent cheating scandal involving Tom Sandoval, has yet to appear on the reunion show. 

Leviss’s Restraining Order Against Shay 

Raquel Leviss
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Her absence is notable, as her restraining order against Scheana Shay has created complications for the taping. To ensure their safety and avoid conflicts, the other must be sequestered in a hair and makeup trailer when one of the women is filming with the rest of the cast.

What Is Raquel Up To?

up to what?

Raquel was seen in Los Angeles recently, as she was spotted at LAX and a nail salon, where she appeared to be in a talkative mood.

Seating Chart

The seating chart for the Vanderpump Rules reunion show has been released, and there are two versions to accommodate the restraining order between Raquel Leviss and Scheana Shay. 

Cast In For A Long Day 

Vanderpump Rules
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The cast of Vanderpump Rules is in for a long day, as filming for the reunion show is underway and expected to continue until late Thursday evening. The highly-anticipated taping will be filled with drama and intense discussions, so it's no surprise that it will take a while to get through all of it.