Dracula Unleashed: Nicolas Cage Brings Horror and Comedy Together in 'Renfield'!

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Nicolas Cage
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As Dracula, Nicolas Cage sounds reasonable. Given his ambition to perform the parts for years as well as his talent at going all out with the roles that seem to be the exact match for this legendary figure, it's almost surprising he hasn't portrayed the vampire character. But now with Chris McKay's Renfield, he finally deserves to embark on this legendary Universal demon part.

The New Movie

In the latest scary plus comedy movie Renfield, which spotlights Nicholas Hoult as the main protagonist, Nicolas Cage portrays the legendary monster of violence, Dracula.

When Will It Release?

The eagerly awaited movie will have its big debut on March 30 now at Overlook Film Festival before actually going on general launch on April 14.

The Scary Sneak Peek

Fans also ended up getting a sneak peek at Cage's wonderfully frightening performance as he chains Hoult's Renfield to millennia of pious debt slavery in the full teaser released on Wednesday.

The Opening Sequence

In the first opening scene, a frightened-looking Hoult bows in front of Cage who declares, "I am Dracula."The bloody scenes are a part of the entire movie. Starting from the part where the Catholic priest is torn down into tiny pieces by Dracula. 

The Gap

The scenes later shown are 90 years apart. It shows Reinfield who looks malnourished and tired. Exhausted from carrying all the bodies to his master, for the delicious meal. Dracula explains the poor Reinfeild saying, “Renfield, your whole purpose in life is to serve me.”

The Climax

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Renfield is shown dining alone in a darkly lit tavern, pining for a “normal life again,” throughout a brief break from the vampire. A band of hooded criminals carrying weapons storms the institution, blasting shots up into the roof as they enter.

The New Character

Rebecca Quincy, played by Awkwafina, is a cop who is involved in the burglary. But as she tries to pull a move, she was stopped by the robber who pointed the gun at her head.

The Saviour


Renfield, who is shown cowering under a desk, intends to take measures by putting an insect in between his teeth, which appears to provide him with supernatural skills.

How Did They Survive?

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After eating the grossest thing ever, he was able to take the robbers down. He was no more of a coward. He knocks down the band of crooks, even stabbing one of them together in the throat with his cutlery.

The New Title

After the marvelous action Reinfeild showed, he is more than just a slave to Dracula. Renfield is praised by bar owners for rescuing the day, especially Quincy, who calls him a "hero."

The Next Scene

next scene

Reality leaps to the duo chilling out in the sunlight, as he tries to disclose the hard truth about himself. Quincy and Reinfeild are seen getting closer to each other, and a scene shows him confessing the truth about him being Dracula’s servant.

Quincy’s Response


Confused, Quincy asks questions to make sure she knows what she’s getting herself into. She asks, “So you bring him, people, to eat?” To which he replies, “I do other stuff,”

Horror Meets Comedy

Horror Meets Comedy

The film has a lot of blood and action scenes. But it made sure to keep humor to keep the audience entertained. Quincy continues, “Like what? Wash his cape?” And the “hero” corrected her by saying, “The cape is dry clean only.”

Standing Up For Himself

Standing Up

Quincy advises Renfield to confront Dracula or he would never be able to enjoy existence on his behalf. Renfield ultimately summons the confidence to face Dracula, declaring that he "will no longer tolerate your abuse."

Who Deserves What?

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The evil monster, on the other hand, bursts out laughing. “I deserve happiness,” Renfield argues, to which the vampire responds bitterly, “You only deserve suffering.”

The Danger

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Dracula pledges to “release an army of death on Renfield's family members in the aftermath of his treachery, causing thunderstorms to explode over the town.”

More To The Story

More To The Story
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Renfield and Quincy are bound and realize how they’re in a mad scramble against the clock to kill Dracula before actual nighttime.

The Suspense


The teaser concludes with a sequence of bloody, action scenes, involving one sequence in which a man's hands are severed from his chest.

More Interesting Appearances

Interesting Appearances

The revival of Universal Studios' Dracula saga has indeed been promised in episodes in advance of its April launch, featuring Ben Schwartz and Adrian Martinez appearing in minor parts.