Gene Simmons And Shannon Tweed Finally Unload Their Stunning Las Vegas Mansion

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Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed at John Wick 4 premier
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Gene Simmons and his Playmate spouse, Shannon Tweed, are now finally selling their luxurious Las Vegas property for $11 million – an amount that's definitely impressive but still $4 million lower than the original $15 million asking price.

$10.8 Million Total

a drone shot of gene simmons home in henderson, nevada
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The pair originally put their two-story home up for sale in October 2021, after acquiring it and an adjacent lot for a total of $10.8 million just 5 months prior to this, in May 2021.

Features And Amenities

7 talus court, gene simmons home in henderson, nevada
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The property, which overlooks a strip, includes 6 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms, an infinity pool, a bar, a huge 1200-gallon aquarium, and a mini theater that can seat 11 people. There's also an 11--car garage outside.

Meanwhile, the adjacent lot, purchased for $2.4 million, was used to plant 137 trees.

Reduction In Price

Unfortunately, just a month after putting it on the market, Simmons and Tweed had to reduce their asking price by $1.5 million.

An Interested Buyer?

In February 2022, it was reported that there was an interested buyer willing to purchase the property for $13.5 million.

Another Reduction

7 talus court, gene simmons home in henderson, nevada
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We don't know exactly what happened to their deal, but it looks like it didn't work out, considering the asking price was reduced again in May 2022, this time to $11 million.

4 Million Less

7 talus court, gene simmons home in henderson, nevada
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In November 2022, it was reduced once more to $10 million. The price sat here for months until they finally found a buyer willing to buy it for $11 million.

"Too Hot" And "Lacking In Morality"?

When asked in 2021 about why they're selling the property in the first place, Gene says that Las Vegas is "too hot" and "lacking in morality."

Not Gonna Put Up With The Heat

Apparently, his whole family doesn't want to stay inside the house. "They're not gonna put up with the heat. Down the street, there are strippers and stuff like that, and they don't wanna deal with any of that."

"Enjoy And Have A Good Life"

Gene also said, "I can [sell] this [house] for $25-30 million, but I'm blessed. [So] I'd like to meet the person that's gonna wind up buying the place because I don't wanna just hand it over to some knucklehead. I want you to enjoy it and have a good life."

Floor-To-Ceiling Windows

7 talus court, gene simmons home in henderson, nevada
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While the house isn't as spacious as his other properties, such as the one in Beverly Hills, it is quite amazing as well.

The entire house features floor-to-ceiling windows that provide awe-inspiring views of the valley – although fans guess that's probably also the reason why the place is so hot in the first place.

A Modern Twist

7 talus court, gene simmons home in henderson, nevada
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In terms of architecture, you can see the modern twist that the home designers have implemented. The interiors are painted with calming neutrals, while the furniture and accent pieces carry a classic Hollywood atmosphere.

Not The Original Asking Price

Despite all these amazing features, however, the couple still wasn't able to sell the house for the original price they wanted.

"Kinda Stupid"

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Online people have plenty to say about the matter. Most were commenting on the fact that Gene and Shannon didn't seem to do enough research on the location before purchasing the property.

One commenter said, "How can someone buy a luxury home not knowing the climate is too hot for them? kinda stupid..."

"The Warmth And Charm Of A Doctor’s Office"

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Another said, "It has all the warmth and charm of a doctor’s office! Welcome! You mean it’s hot in the desert? Huh, seems like something you would know before hand."

"Why These Windows?"

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"And with it being so hot in Vegas, WHY would you build a house with floor-to-ceiling windows???" another commenter asks.

"It Was Never Worth It"

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Some believe it's not worth their asking price at all. In fact, a commenter that apparently hails from Las Vegas says, "It was never worth $14 million."

"Pot Calling The Kettle Black"

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One commenter called out Gene for "lacking in morality" comment.

"Lacking morality? Isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black?" the commenter asks.

"If He Were Smart He’d Keep The Home"

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Not everyone thinks that the property is such a bad deal, though. In fact, someone from the comments thinks Gene should've just kept it.

"If he were smart, he’d keep the home in Nevada and claim residency here, where there’s no income tax and the property taxes are significantly lower than in California."

Happy For Them

Nevertheless, we're still happy for Gene and Shannon. Hopefully, their next property purchase–and sale–will be better!