Hacienda DJ Graeme Parke Announces His Son Oliver Has Died, 18 Years Old

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Graeme Park and Family
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Graeme Parke, a renowned Hacienda Club DJ, announced on Instagram that his 18-year-old son Oliver passed away after battling cancer. In his heartfelt post, Graeme shared his family's grief and acknowledged Oliver's bravery in his fight against the disease. The tragic news has led to an outpouring of support and condolences from fans, friends, and colleagues.

Shared A Touching Tribute 

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Graeme Parke announced on Instagram that his 18-year-old son Oliver passed away after fighting cancer. In his post, he shared a touching tribute from his wife Jenny and Oliver's twin brother Ben. The news is heartbreaking.

Posted Two Pictures 

On Instagram, Graeme Parke posted two pictures: one of his son with Jenny and Ben in a family selfie and another close-up photo of his son.

Oliver Fought Cancer For A Year 

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He wrote a caption with the images expressing his deep sorrow and grief over his son's passing. He revealed that Oliver had fought bravely against cancer for a year but ultimately succumbed to the disease. 

Described Oliver As Kind and Loving 

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Graeme described his son as a kind, loving, and beautiful soul, expressing his confusion and sadness at why Oliver was taken from them too soon. 

Oliver’s Bravery 

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He also noted that Oliver had much more love to offer the world. Graeme continued his heartbreaking post by acknowledging Oliver's unwavering strength and bravery in his fight against cancer. 

Oliver Will Be Missed Everyday

He said the family would love and miss him daily for the rest of their lives. Graeme also shared that he feels the power and love of Oliver's guiding spirit around them, providing them with strength and comfort, particularly for Oliver's twin brother Ben, as they navigate life without Oliver.

The Family Will Persevere 

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Despite the tough times ahead, they will persevere with Oliver's love and spirit guiding them.

The family said, “The power and love we feel from your guiding spirit is all around us and will provide us and Ben, your twin, with the strength to carry on. Especially when times get too tough.”

Oliver: A Strong Warrior

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A statement from the family member showed Oliver as a true warrior. It said, “You were such a kind, loving and beautiful soul and I will never understand why you were taken from us. It was far too soon. You had so much more love to offer this world.”

Oliver Had A Lasting Impact On His Family’s Life 

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Graeme acknowledged the immense strength and love that Oliver's spirit provides to the family and will always be with them. He concluded by expressing his deep appreciation for the 18 precious years they shared with Oliver and thanked him for his lasting impact on their lives.

Condolences From The People 

Graeme received condolences and support from several individuals in the comments section of his Instagram post. 

Vernon Kay Sent His Love

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Vernon Kay, for instance, expressed his sympathies and sent his love to the family, along with his wife, Tess. 

Adil Ray Offered Support 

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Adil Ray, the presenter of Good Morning Britain, also offered his love and support to Graeme and the family. He acknowledged the intense pain that they must be feeling but reminded them that it is a testament to the deep love they share. He assured them that Oliver would always be in their hearts.

Graeme As A DJ

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During the Madchester era, Graeme was recognized as one of the prominent DJs in the house music scene, with a significant presence at The Hacienda nightclub in Manchester. 

Club’s Fame 

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The club had gained notoriety then, and Graeme played a key role in shaping its musical identity.

Club’s Security Failures 

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The Hacienda Club, unfortunately, faced multiple security failures during its operation, including several shootings that occurred both inside and nearby the venue. 

Club Was Closed Down


Due to these issues and insufficient alcohol sales, the club closed its doors in 1997. In 2002, the iconic venue was demolished and replaced by apartments.

Graeme's Involvement In Music 

Despite the closure of The Hacienda Club, Graeme has continued to be involved in the music scene. Since 2016, he has appeared in the Hacienda Classical shows performed across the UK. 

Graeme’s Recent Endeavours 

In 2017, he also had the honor of opening the Pyramid stage at Glastonbury. More recently, Graeme has served as the breakfast presenter on Mom's Spaghetti, where he plays classic hip-hop and R&B tracks for listeners.

Diverse Range of Music 

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Graeme Parke's deep love for music and his passion for DJing has been evident throughout his career. He has been known to play diverse music, from house and techno to hip-hop and R&B.