Cringe Alert: Roman Kemp's Embarrassing Interview With Keanu Reeves

Chukwudi Onyewuchi
Roman Kemp in a brown suit.
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An interview between Roman Kemp and Keanu Reeves has been called "the most awkward of all time" by social media users after the British television personality chose to ask the John Wick actor some slightly more unusual questions. Here are the details.

Roman Interviews Keanu 

British presenter Roman Kemp
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Earlier this week, Roman got a chance to sit down with 58-year-old Keanu on his Capital Radio Breakfast show ahead of the release of the highly anticipated John Wick: Chapter 4.

Roman Opts For A Different Line Of Questioning 

Question mark
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While listeners had hoped for one of the most interesting sessions, things got off to an awkward start as Roman took a rather irrelevant approach to his line of questioning.

Roman Asks About British Culture 

A phone booth in the UK
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The radio host chose to ask the Canadian actor a series of surreal questions — some of which hinged on nods to very niche corners of British culture. 

Roman Asks Keanu An Irrelevant Question 

Capital Radio presenter Roman Kemp
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Roman began the chat by asking Keanu if he believes his legendary hitman character, John Wick, would be able to beat the nation's P.E. teacher and fitness coach, Joe Wicks, in a fight.

 Keanu's Response 

'John Wick' star Keanu Reeves
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A baffled Keanu replied by noting that although it was hard to believe, John Wick didn't "really wanna fight." The actor then mentioned that they should just talk about life and fitness.

Roman Dishes Out More Awkward Statements

Roman Kemp
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Roman then told Keanu that John Wick sounded like British hardware chain store Wickes. To which, the actor responded, "For when you just have to get it done, I'm gonna wickes my bathroom, I'm gonna wickes my new kitchen."

Roman Does More Cringe-Worthy Things 

Roman Kemp funny face
instagram | Roman Kemp/Instagram

As if all that wasn't enough, the host rounded off the interview by launching into his impression of Keanu — which sparked some polite laughter from his guest.

Roman Impersonates Keanu 

Keanu Reeves in 'John Wick'
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"So, I try to change the face first, and how I do that is, you're about to sneeze, lean back, eyes are gone, and you're now confused about the sneeze, and then it goes, 'what?' (impersonating Keanu) 'so you see, what I'm tryin' to do here?'" Roman said.

Capital Radio Reacts To The Interview

Undoubtedly, the interview had a cringe factor, prompting Capital Radio to head to Instagram with a montage of Keanu's facial expressions, with the caption: "Is this the most awkward interview of all time!?"

Social Media User Shares Their Thoughts

Reactions to Roman Kemp's interview with Keanu Reeves
instagram | Capital Official/Instagram

Cringing social media users also shared their thoughts in the comments section. One user noted that Roman should never be allowed to do such again, adding that they had to turn over to Capital Dance.

Another Similar Comment 

Cringe facial expression
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Another user shared the same sentiment, noting that it was the most uncomfortable interview they had seen in a long time, adding that it was a wasted opportunity to ask good questions.

Roman Eats Treat Worth £10,000

Roman's interview with Keanu is not the first time the British star has suffered an awkward blunder recently. A few days ago, he ate a creme egg worth £10,000.

The Content Of Roman's Treat

The Capital Breakfast host had excitedly tweeted at Cadbury after unwrapping his treat and discovering it was half white and half milk chocolate.

Roman's Excitement Turns To Despair 

However, Roman's delight soon turned to despair when he was left with egg on his face after his followers told him the limited edition creme egg could be worth £10,000.

Cadbury Produces Over 100 Similar Treats 

Cadbury Creme egg
Unsplash | Meghan Rodgers

As part of its Creme Egg hunt, the confectionery company produced 146 half-white, half-milk chocolate Creme Eggs and hid them in shops around the UK. 

The Eggs' Worth 

creme egg bar
Flickr | JJ 349

Six of the eggs in question were worth £10k, while a further three were worth £5k – with their prizes revealed after being unwrapped via a “winning ticket” inside.

Roman Finds Out Too Late 

Unfortunately for Roman, he told his followers he consumed the treat before learning of its potential value. Sharing his predicament online, he penned: "I have already eaten it, and people are saying it's worth 10k!?"

Roman Is Full Of Regret 

The radio host also responded to a user who asked what it felt like to eat something worth £10,000. According to Roman, it tasted like regret. 

Roman Is Accused Of Faking His Reaction 

Other users accused Roman of pranking them, calling the post an advert, to which the star noted that it wasn't a surprise as it wasn't the first time it was happening.