Blac Chyna Reverts To Birth Name And Removes Implants To 'Transform' Life

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Blac Chyna in an orange dress
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Blac Chyna, a former reality TV personality and model, has recently undergone a physical transformation, opting for a more natural look by removing her fillers and breast implants. The mother of two has been sharing updates on her journey with her followers on social media, discussing her reasons for the change and the process of dissolving her facial fillers.

Visit To Forbes 

On Wednesday, Chyna paid a visit to Forbes' offices and flaunted her transformed appearance, having recently undergone a procedure to remove her fillers and breast implants. 

What She Wore 

Blac Chyna
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The 34-year-old former fiancée of Rob Kardashian looked radiant as she showcased a stylish black-and-rhinestone ensemble from Versace.

Hair Slicked Back

Blac Chyna

She wore her black hair slicked back and cascading down her back, with clear white nails and no visible jewelry.

Made Her Name Clear

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In her caption, she made a clear statement about her personal transformation by declaring, "My name is Angela."

Blac Chyna Was An Adopted Name

Blac Chyna

It's worth noting that the real name of the former star of "Rob & Chyna" is Angela Renée White. Blac Chyna was a name she adopted when she began her career as a stripper before transitioning to become a music video personality.

Underwent A Physical Transformation 

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Recently, the mother of Dream Kardashian revealed that she had undergone a significant physical transformation, opting for a more natural look by having her butt fillers and breast implants removed.

‘Story Of OJ’ In The Background

music in background
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The celebrity's social media post had a distinct vibe to it. As she strolled through the offices of the financial publication that concentrates on prosperity, she played the Jay-Z track The Story of OJ in the background.

Interview With Rosemarie Miller


In the footage, she appeared to be in an interview with Miller, who was clad in a bright yellow mini-dress. On social media, Miller praised Chyna, calling her a "beautiful spirit" and expressing her enthusiasm for their "amazing" interview.

Miller Against Facial Fillers 

Facial Fillers 

It's worth noting that Miller had previously urged her followers to avoid facial fillers and similar surgical procedures, coincidentally on the same day that Chyna underwent a procedure to dissolve her own facial fillers.

Post About Dissolving Fillers

In an Instagram post, the reality TV personality captioned a photo with the words, "Round 2 of dissolving my face fillers… to be continued." 

Treatments Done By Armita Amini

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She also mentioned that she had been making noteworthy progress with the treatments she was receiving from Armita Amini, a physician assistant at Allure Laser, a facility located in Los Angeles.

Some Filler Left In Lips 


Chyna further explained that there was still some filler left in her lips, causing them to appear uneven, and expressed her intention to dissolve it, along with more filler in the high cheek area.

Questioned Getting Fillers


She questioned why she had decided to get all the fillers in the first place, as she already had naturally high cheekbones due to her genetics.

Peer Pressure Cited As A Reason

Peer Pressure
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Chyna attributed her previous behavior to peer pressure, stating that she only engaged in certain actions because they were common among her peers.

Features Mature With Age 

Mature With Age 
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According to her, as people age, their faces tend to mature, and they may start to long for their youthful features. She also shared that she had observed noticeable enhancements after undergoing the initial round of treatments to dissolve the fillers.

Positive Outcomes Of Dissolving Filler

Positive Outcomes

Pointing at her jawline, she mentioned that her face had significantly reduced in size and was no longer excessively square. 'This is my actual jawline, and I already have a defined structure,' she added. During her appointment, Chyna discussed the positive outcomes of her treatment with Amini.

Looking Forward To the Restoration Process

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Chyna expressed her anticipation for the gradual dissolving of the fillers and looked forward to witnessing the final outcome of the cosmetic restoration process.

Additional Sessions May Be Required 

In between injections, Amini provided a soothing massage to help Chyna adjust to the latest phase of the treatment. Chyna acknowledged the possibility of requiring additional sessions to eliminate the numerous layers of fillers that had been injected into her face over the years.

Why Chyna Is Dissolving Her Filler

She revealed that she opted to remove the fillers due to her commitment to a healthier lifestyle that involved regular exercise, a balanced diet, and improved nutritional habits. Chyna added that the fillers were becoming more noticeable and making her appear unusual.