Woman Sneaks Drinks Into Clubs By Hiding Bottles Inside Her 55-Inch Butt

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Steph Oshiri
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Steph Oshiri, a 28-year-old model from Ontario, Canada, recently went viral on social media for her unique talent of concealing alcohol bottles in her 55-inch butt. Despite the mixed reactions from viewers, Steph continues to share videos showcasing her curvaceous figure and fun-loving personality on her TikTok and OnlyFans accounts, where she has gathered a large following.

Steph Took The Internet By Storm

Steph Oshiri has recently amazed the internet with her 55-inch butt. She had admitted that in the past, she used to conceal bottles of alcohol in her ample derriere when she went clubbing. 

Steph’s Social Media Following

Steph is known for flaunting her curvy physique on her TikTok account and OnlyFans, where she has gathered over 210,000 followers.

Steph Shares Secret Talent 

Steph has shared her secret talent on the popular video-sharing platform. She used this talent to avoid paying for drinks at venues by sneaking in alcohol. 

Video Went Viral 

Her video went viral, garnering over 470,000 views. In the video, Steph revealed that when she was younger, she and her friends couldn't afford to buy drinks, so she would conceal alcohol in her behind to sneak it in.

A Humiliating Trick


Steph acknowledged that her trick was not something to be proud of and described it as “humiliating.” 

Steph Wished It Was A Joke

i wish
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She expressed that she wished it was all a joke before explaining how it helped her and her friends save money on drinks.

Designated Person To Hide Alcohol

Unsplash | Nathan Powers

She demonstrated how she carried out the trick in a subsequent video.  She mentioned that she would use a 500ml Mickey vodka bottle.

Demonstrated The Trick 

ima show you all
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She demonstrated how she carried out the trick in a subsequent video.  She mentioned that she would use a 500ml Mickey vodka bottle.

Steph On being At Ease On the Internet

Steph admitted that she had grown quite at ease with the internet as she demonstrated the trick using a glass instead of a bottle of alcohol. She slightly lowered the waistband of her leggings and inserted the glass into her butt. When she turned around, the glass was no longer visible.

One Party Trick

Steph mentioned that this was her “one party trick,” and she and her friends used it until they were in their twenties. 

Viewers Shocked 

no way

Viewers were taken aback by her party trick and expressed their surprise in the comments section. One person exclaimed, "No way!" Another user had several questions and said, "I have so many questions."

Mixed Reactions 


One user complimented Steph and called it a talent, while another commented with "weird flex, bro."

Steph Not Letting the Reactions Affect Her

Despite the mixed reactions, Steph is taking the attention in stride and sharing videos showcasing her curvaceous figure and fun-loving personality.

Steph’s Income Through Social Media 

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According to a previous statement, Steph claimed to earn between $2,000 and $3,000 monthly with her revealing content on the subscription platform. 

Credited Her Body For Her Success 

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Steph credited her body, saying that it sets her apart and that she may be as successful without it. She once said, "I have my 55-inch booty to thank for my $45,000 monthly paycheck." Steph added that her curvy figure is why most of her audience subscribes to her.

No One-Size-Fits-All Standard Of Beauty 

It's worth noting that while Steph's butt size may be larger than average, there is no one-size-fits-all definition of beauty or attractiveness. Instead, everyone's body is unique and should be celebrated for individuality. 

To Each Their Own 

Ultimately, it's up to each person to decide how they feel about Steph's party trick and her decision to share it with the world. But, regardless of one's opinion, it's clear that Steph has captured the attention of many with her unique talent and charismatic personality.

Steph’s Video Raises Questions 

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The controversy surrounding Steph's video raises important questions about normalizing underage drinking and promoting inappropriate behavior on social media. 

A Dangerous Example? 

While some may see Steph's trick as harmless fun, others argue it sets a dangerous example for young viewers. It also highlights the pressure on young people to conform to societal beauty standards and engage in risky behavior.