Jennifer Aniston Spills About How Adam Sandler Teases Her Over Her Love Life

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It seems Jennifer Aniston has questionable taste in men – if you ask Adam Sandler. The frequent costars share such a close friendship that if there’s a boyfriend he doesn’t approve of, he doesn't hesitate to tease her about it. Read on for more details.

Aniston Revealed The Info On 'Jimmy Fallon'

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The 54-year-old Friends star made an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday to talk about her and Sandler’s new film, Murder Mystery 2.

Long-Time Friends

Closeup of Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler
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She told the host that she and the Uncut Gems actor, 56, have been friends since they were 20 and 22, respectively, after meeting at Jerry's Famous Deli.

Have They Given Each Other Advice?

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When Fallon asked whether they’d given each other advice throughout their decades-long friendship, Aniston gave a funny answer.

What He Thinks Of Her Boyfriend Choices

“Well, I, if I get anything from him, it’s ‘What are you doing?’” she said, imitating Sandler’s gruff voice. “Usually based on someone I’m dating.”

'What's Wrong With You?'

Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler at the Hollywood Walk of Fame
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As Fallon and the audience laughed, she repeated, “What are you doing? What's wrong with you?”

She Praised Him, Too

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However, the Morning Show actress, who looked elegant in a black one-shoulder dress by Bottega Veneta that night, had a lot of nice things to say about her friend, too.

'Love To Take Care Of Him'

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“I very much love to take care of him,” she said. “He's so concerned with taking care of everybody else, which he really does, but he doesn't take care of himself.”

How Does She Take Care Of Him?

“I have a little arsenal of herbs in my trailer and I make him smoothies when I can and give him all sorts of Chinese herbs when he is exhausted,” she explained.

'Mobile Pharmacy'

She joked that she was “the mobile pharmacy” and the “set medic” at work.

She Paid Tribute To Him At The Mark Twain Prize

Further proof of how close Aniston and Sandler are? She was on hand at the recent Mark Twain Prize to fete (and roast) the Saturday Night Live icon.

He Was Honored For His Work In Comedy

Adam Sandler in a beige jacket
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He was honored with the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor, and she spoke onstage alongside Drew Barrymore to pay tribute to him.

He Looked Dapper In A Suit

When Fallon pointed out that Sandler showed up in a suit, Aniston got into a teasing mood, saying he seemed “very uncomfortable.”

She Slammed His Fashion Choices

Adam Sandler in colorful shirt and shorts combo
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That's because he normally opts for casual outfits like basketball shorts and sneakers – mismatched, she noted – even if it’s a dressy occasion.

Style Icon?

Adam Sandler in a fuchsia sweater
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Despite his fashion sense, the Picture Perfect star said that Vogue declared him a style icon.

“Now he’s like, 'Vogue said I was amazing like this.' So thanks Vogue,” she added sarcastically.

What Movies Have They Starred In Together?

Poster of "Just Go With It"
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Aniston and Sandler have appeared in two movies together – 2011’s Just Go With It and 2019’s Murder Mystery.

There's A Third Movie Coming Out

They have another film, Murder Mystery 2, coming out on Netflix on March 31, which she described as full of action.

The First 'Murder Mystery' Movie

Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler in a scene from "Murder Mystery"
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In the first Murder Mystery movie, they played a married couple who got framed for a murder while taking a vacation to rekindle their relationship.

What The New Film Is About

In the sequel, meanwhile, the two reprise their roles as Nick and Audrey. They’re detectives struggling with their agency who find themselves at the center of a high-profile kidnapping case.

Aniston's Past Relationships

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Aniston’s past relationships have included Brad Pitt, Justin Theroux, Bradley Cooper, and John Mayer. Now we’re wondering who Sandler could have been talking about.