Cait Martin Shocks With A FOUR-CHAIR TURN On 'The Voice'!

Ashley Hunte
Cait Martin stood up on stage and sang for the judges on The Voice.
youtube | The Voice

The 23rd season of The Voice is officially underway, and it's looking like it's going to be a good one. With blind auditions officially beginning airing earlier this month, the talent is out in full force.

And one contestant, a woman by the name of Cait Martin, wowed every single one of this season's judges, earning herself a four-chair turn.

Cait Appeared On Last Night's Episode.

The Voice stage, which includes the judges and the space for performers.
youtube | The Voice

In the episode, Cait sings a mournful rendition of As it Was by Harry Styles.

Within Seconds, Kelly Clarkson Is Convinced.

The moment Kelly decided to turn around.
instagram | @nbcthevoice

It didn't take long before Kelly Clarkson, who has been a judge on The Voice since season 14, decided she needed Cait on her team.

She Sat Back And Enjoyed The Performance.

Kelly Clarkson was the first to turn her chair around.
youtube | The Voice

Kelly enthusiastically cheered Cait on, most likely hoping that the other judges didn't turn around.

But There Were More Surprises In Store For Cait.

Cait sings for the judges.
youtube | The Voice

The 32-year-old singer, who previously worked on cruise ships, used this moment to shine.

The Judges Definitely Took Notice.

Niall Horan listens on to Cait's singing.
youtube | The Voice

Eventually, Niall would turn around also, giving Kelly a run for her money.

The Other Judges Needed More Time.

Blake Shelton contemplates turning around.
youtube | The Voice

Blake Shelton was on the fence for a little while. This is his last season as a judge, having been on all 22 previous seasons.

Chance The Rapper Also Listened Intently.

Chance the Rapper also listens on to Cait's performance.
youtube | The Voice

Chance ended up being the third judge to turn his chair around, followed by Blake almost immediately after.

And With That, Cait Earned Herself Attention From Every Judge.

Eventually, all four judges turn their chairs around.
youtube | The Voice

It doesn't always happen, but when it does, it always makes for a spectacular scene for viewers at home.

The Judges All Pleaded Their Cases.

Kelly, Niall, and Blake watch as Chance the Rapper speaks.
youtube | The Voice

With Blake reminding everyone that this is his last season, and Chance and Niall both feeling Cait would be a good fit on their respective teams, it could've been anyone's game.

But Cait's Family Had A Clear Favorite.

Cait's parents watch from backstage, as Cait's mom calls for her daughter to choose Kelly.
youtube | The Voice

After the performance, Cait's mother could be heard screaming Kelly's name from backstage. Cait told her mom to behave but did eventually end up choosing team Kelly.

Missed The Performance? It's Up Online!

The video of Cait's performance has been uploaded to the official social media channels for The Voice, including its YouTube and Instagram pages.

There Were Other Standout Performances From That Week.

Kelly Clarkson looking shocked in the judge's seat.
Giphy | The Voice

17-year-old Mariah Kalia from Jacksonville sang Billie Eilish's idontwannabeyouanymore. Her performance earned a chair turn from both Chance and Niall, who compared her voice to that of Amy Winehouse. She eventually chose Chance as her coach.

Other Standouts Include Kylee Dayne.

Blake Shelton, series staple, sits with his face in his hands.
Giphy | The Voice

The Carrollton, Texas resident sang Fallingwater by Maggie Rogers and landed herself on the final team Blake.

Cait, Meanwhile, Has Been Promoting Herself Online.

The Atlanta native has been posting about her appearance on The Voice for weeks, using her personal Instagram account.

She Had To Keep Her Appearance On The Show A Secret.

But finally, Cait got to share the news last month.

"It’s been so hard to keep this a secret, but now I can tell you," she wrote in a caption for an Instagram post, in which she wore a The Voice t-shirt. "I AUDITIONED FOR The Voice!! Now who’s ready for the season premiere on March 6th 8/7c on @NBC?!"

Cait Is Excited To Share Her Journey On The Show.

Cait hasn't wasted any time reminding her followers and fans to tune in each week to catch the blind auditions, including her own.

The Audition Was Actually Posted Online Prior To Its Official Airdate.

Though, with this week being the last for blind auditions, fans were eagerly awaiting the full clip, including which judge Cait ended up choosing.

It Seems She'll Be Happy On Team Kelly.

Later that night, Cait posted pictures of herself in her team Kelly jacket, showing off her excitement.

Fans Will Have To Continue Tuning In To See How The Season Unfolds.

With new episodes airing weekly, the battle to win this season of The Voice is on!

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