'Swarm' Actor Rory Culkin's Onscreen Shock Scene Leaves Audiences In Awe

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Rory Culkin's s*x scene in the latest Prime Amazon Show, Swarm, has got the internet buzzing as fans can't get over the view of the actor's body.

The show, which debuted on March 17, included The 33-year-old actor, whose renowned siblings include Macaulay and Kieran, who portrays an anonymous guy who meets Dominique Fishback's character, Dre, the main protagonist, at a nightclub and takes her home.

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The Scene That Has Got Fans Going Crazy

The show then transitions to a scene in which Dre awakens to discover Culkin's character completely naked, with a glass dish of strawberries pressed against his flaccid p*nis.

How Are Viewers Responding To The Scene

Rory Culkin
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The moment, which many compared to a jump scare, caused viewers of the psychological horror series to flood social media with a variety of sentiments, from disgust to lust.

The Series Has Sparked Tons Of Reactions

The psychological horror series' fans went insane, exploding on social media with every kind of reaction, most of which were awestruck by Rory's lean figure at the moment.

What Fans Think About Some Of The Show's Scenes

Yet the Internet wouldn't exist if there weren't some detractors, and some people thought the scenario was "gross" and "unnecessary."

Swarm's Synopsis

The plot, according to IndieWire, was inspired by a real-life incident involving co-creator Donald Glover, who claimed to have once given a hookup a bowl of cherries after a s*xual encounter. Evidently, it went well enough for him to include it in "Swarm."

One Of The Most Popular Shows At The Moment

The program has enjoyed tremendous popularity since its debut, garnering a ton of online attention.

Fans Reaction On Rory's Scene

One user wrote;

“No way they had Rory Culkin in this show just to show his cawk and dip?

While another twitter user added;

“Rory Culkin strawberry scene pls my eyes…”

Rory's Other Projects

Culkin, who is best known for his roles in the "Scream" series, has long enjoyed a devoted cult fanbase.

His Fans Are Not Pleased By The Impact Of The Scene On His Career

Several of his supporters made light of their annoyance at the increased passion for the actor among mainstream audiences, but some of them seemed gravely troubled by the development.

A Loyal Fan Reaction

One devoted fan wrote;

“Rory Culkin going viral for a d – – k scene in Swarm and not for his amazing acting in anything else makes me ill .. i hate that THAT scene is what’s gonna introduce a lot of people to Rory … I hate the internet,” one follower commented.

What Dre Does In The Series

In Swarm, Dre, a die-hard admirer of Ni'Jah, a Beyoncé-like pop megastar, goes on a killing rampage because she loves him so much. According to rumors, the "Beyhive," Beyoncé's supporters, served as the inspiration for the "swarm" in the show's title.

The Show Features Top Celebrities

Paris Jackson and Billie Eilish, who is acting for the first time, are among the cast members who have generated a lot of buzz for the program. Together with Damson Idris, Chloe Bailey also stars in the series.

Chloe's Intimate Scene That Has Got Everyone Talking

Chloe Bailey
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Chloe also faced some criticism since she shared an intimate moment with Damson Idris, who portrays her on-screen boyfriend in the series Swarm, which is currently the most talked-about show.

On Having Their Intimate Moment

According to the source, in the first few minutes of the first episode, actor Damson Idris, who plays Bailey's character Marissa Jackson's lover Khalid, and Bailey share a private moment.

About The Scene

Marissa's sister arrives at the door to see what is happening throughout the action. When Khalid notices her, he winks at her and starts having s*x with Marissa again.

Fans Weren't Pleased With Chloe

Many people expressed their worries about the raunchy moment online, especially after the 24-year-collaboration old's with Chris Brown last month. "How Does It Feel" is a song that the two of them recorded.

Twitter Users Come For Chloe

One Twitter user shared her thoughts on the scene;

While another added;

Bailey On The S*x Scene

However, Bailey admitted to being "extremely nervous" to film the scene when chatting with Deadline at South by Southwest earlier this month.

“As open and liberal as I am about my body, I was very scared because I haven’t had that many partners,” she explained.

She continued by stating how comfortable Idris made her feel. Also, she said that it was a closed set with a limited number of people.

Swarm Is Available On Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime Video now has Swarm available for viewing.