Son Refuses to Pay Mother's Hospital Bills After Years of Abuse

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After years of abuse and neglect from his family, a man is contacted by his mother, who needs money for her cancer treatment. Despite feeling guilty, he refuses to pay and is called an a**hole by his family. Read on to find out if he's in the wrong. This story raises important questions about familial responsibility and the consequences of abuse. Can you relate to this man's situation?

A devastating story of abandonment and infidelity. 💔

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Abandoned by family: Heartbreaking story of a son's struggle 👨‍👩‍👦

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Surviving abuse by family can leave deep emotional scars 💔

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Neglected stepchild seeks justice after years of mistreatment 💔

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Lonely childhood due to abusive mother, son refuses hospital bills.

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Overcoming past abuse and thriving thanks to therapy and support ❤️

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Man refuses to pay abusive mother's hospital bills amidst guilt-tripping.

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Son refuses to pay mother's hospital bills after years of abuse 💔

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Survivor struggles with guilt and harassment from abusive mother's supporters.

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Family feud over medical expenses: To pay or not to pay?

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Son refuses to pay abusive mother's hospital bills

A son shares his harrowing story of abuse and neglect at the hands of his mother and step-family. Despite a traumatic childhood, he managed to turn his life around, finding success, love, and happiness. Now, his mother, who abandoned him and wished him dead, is asking for his help with her medical bills. He refuses, leading to backlash from his step-family and half-siblings. But is he really in the wrong for saying no to the woman who caused him so much pain? Read on for the comments and reactions.

Leave the abusers behind and enjoy your wonderful life. 💪🏼 NTA.

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Revenge fantasies aside, commenter disagrees with reconnecting with mother's ex-husband.

jammy913 | jammy913

Victim of abuse refuses to pay abusive mother's hospital bills 💸

MissCheyenne14 | MissCheyenne14

NTA. Overcoming toxic family and being successful despite abuse 🙌

Redefined421 | Redefined421

Handling unwanted calls from unknown people like a pro 📞👊

MonkeyWrench | MonkeyWrench

Mother chose to treat son like crap. He's NTA for refusing to pay hospital bills. Payment could result in legal obligation for rest of the bills. 💸

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Standing up to abusive family: NTA bites family's a**!

Ashamed-Arugula1956 | Ashamed-Arugula1956

NTA: Empathetic response to son refusing to pay abusive mother's bills

Mythical_Theorist | Mythical_Theorist

Doubts arise about the story's authenticity. 🤔

tomtomclubthumb | tomtomclubthumb

Comment and replies are calling out the post as fake 🤔

P0tshot | P0tshot

Family failed to make amends, get restraining orders, NTA 🚫

Michael_Chandra | Michael_Chandra

Don't pay for their abuse. NTA, stay strong 💪

Sugar_Girl2 | Sugar_Girl2

Commenter's insensitive remark sparks humorous replies

Lexi_Banner | Lexi_Banner

Commenter accuses story of being fake, others disagree 🤔

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Defending oneself against unfair blame for parents' mistakes. NTA 👍

haveitgood | haveitgood

Doubts on authenticity, but supportive comments suggest NTA.

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Sarcastic comment and witty replies about fake Cinderella story 🙄

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Trust your conscience. You're NTA. You owe them nothing! 🙌

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NTA. Family expects too much after years of mistreatment. 💰🚫

joshthatoneguy | joshthatoneguy

Standing up to abusive family can be tough. Stay strong ✌️

WantToBeACyborg | WantToBeACyborg

Karma catches up: Son refuses to pay abusive mother's bills 💸

AangTheFMAlchemist | AangTheFMAlchemist

Cutting toxic people out of your life is liberating 🙌

JustPassingShhh | JustPassingShhh

Standing up to abuse: One person's journey to healing 🙌

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A lighthearted comment in a serious discussion ⚡

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Protect yourself from possible credit fraud. #FreezeYourCredit 🛡️

KittenVicious | KittenVicious

Don't let guilt keep you from a happy life 🚶‍♀️

monagr | monagr

NTA. Best to keep blocking and not engage. Request to see hospital bill and do not hand over cash. Actual insurance is the only reasonable option that could help her. Don't open the door to communication as it could affect your well-being.

Jazzlike_Humor3340 | Jazzlike_Humor3340

American medical system creates issues like this. NTA 🤔

sreno77 | sreno77

Document everything and seek legal advice. NTA, move on.

Lotex_Style | Lotex_Style

You don't owe them a thing. Stay strong 💪

tnscatterbrain | tnscatterbrain

Breaking free from abuse, NTA refuses to be a money tree 🌱

Short-Sense-4383 | Short-Sense-4383

Heartwarming support for abuse survivor, a reminder of human kindness ❤️

orangestar17 | orangestar17

Documenting abuse: a powerful tool for self-advocacy. ✍

pintofbeer14336 | pintofbeer14336

Not the a**hole for standing up to abusive mother.

chubbywhiteboy420 | chubbywhiteboy420

Cutting ties with abusive 'family' - NTA 🙌

whitewer | whitewer

Don't feel guilty for not paying. You're NTA 🙌

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Fiancé gets praise for supporting NTA

Chance_Guidance_9066 | Chance_Guidance_9066

Don't let guilt force you to pay for their finances 💰

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Cheers to standing up against abuse! 🙌 #NotTheA**hole

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Comment dismissed as fake, YTA accusation backfires 💥

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Don't let them guilt-trip you, NTA! 💰💪

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This comment seems out of place...🤔

Longjumping_Head1865 | Longjumping_Head1865

NTA. You owe her nothing. Enjoy your wonderful life 🌟


Commenter finds story ridiculous and humorous 😂

StorminCastles | StorminCastles

OP is NTA for refusing to pay mom's medical bills.

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