Tom Cruise Has 'No Part' in Daughter Suri's Life As She Prepares for College

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You won't believe what Katie Holmes' daughter Suri is up to! At just 16 years old, she's already applying to college for fashion in New York! But what's shocking is that her dad, Tom Cruise, won't have a say in where she goes – find out why he has “no part” in her life!

Katie Holmes Helps Daughter Apply to College Amidst Tom Cruise Rift

Katie Holmes' daughter, Suri, 16, has already begun the college application process, and she's getting some assistance from her mom. However, her father, Tom Cruise, won't be helping her because the two don't have a relationship.

Suri Applies to the College for Fashion

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A source close to Katie, 44, told DailyMail that Suri has her heart set on studying fashion at Fordham University in NYC! Her mom is super proud and wants Suri to stay close by so they can be together. She's also pretty protective of her daughter.

Tom Cruise is Estranged from Daughter Suri

But there's a bit of a sad twist to the story – Suri's father, Tom Cruise, won't be involved. Shortly after he and Katie divorced, he and Suri have been estranged since 2013.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' Split

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When Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise split up, Katie was worried about raising her daughter as a Scientologist – which Tom is very committed to. Katie ultimately decided to leave both the religion and the marriage. Therefore, Tom's relationship with Suri has become more distant.

“Suri does not know her father anymore and she has not spent time with him in a decade. She does not go to see his movies and he has no part in her life,” the insider shared.

Tom Cruise to Pay Daughter Suri's College Tuition

Even though Tom Cruise won't be involved in helping his daughter Suri with college applications, he will still be supporting her significantly. As part of his divorce agreement with Katie Holmes, he has agreed to pay for Suri's college tuition.

According to insiders, he's been paying Katie $400,000 a month until Suri turns 18.

Tom Cruise to Cover All of Daughter Suri's Expenses

Tom Cruise's commitment to supporting his daughter Suri goes beyond paying for her college tuition. According to their divorce documents, Tom has agreed to cover all of Suri's expenses, including medical costs, insurance, and extracurricular activities.

An insider close to Tom has confirmed that he's always committed to meeting his financial obligations to Katie and Suri.

Tom Cruise's Presence in His Daughter Suri’s Life

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Unfortunately, Tom Cruise has not been involved in Suri's life despite his financial support for his daughter. DailyMail has contacted Tom Cruise's spokesperson for a comment on this.

Katie Holmes Rising Above Tom Cruise's Absence in Suri's Life

According to an insider, Katie Holmes has not let Tom's absence from their daughter Suri's life affect her upbringing.

Suri's Strong Bond with Single Mom Katie

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According to a source, being raised by a single mom in New York has shaped Suri's personality and who she is today.

“Katie has always put Suri first and Suri loves her mom more than anything. She is a smart girl, and she is turning into a very intelligent mature woman. She has a very close group of loyal friends, and she knows exactly where she comes from,” the source tells DailyMail.

Suri Cruise's College Plans – Fashion and Music on The Horizon

Suri Cruise is more than just a fashionista with a $5M wardrobe! The 15-year-old has also shown her musical talent and may even study it in college.

In a trailer for Katie Holmes' rom-com, Alone Together, Suri singing Blue Moon showcases her impressive vocal abilities.

Katie Holmes Wants Her Daughter’s Musical Talents in Her Projects

Katie praised Suri's talent as a singer and spoke about how she asked her daughter to sing in the rom-com Alone Together during an interview with Yahoo Entertainment.

“I always want the highest level of talent. So I asked her. She's very, very talented. She said she would do it and she recorded it, and I let her do her thing,” Katie admired.

Katie Holmes Hired Suri to Sing in A Film She Directed

Katie is too impressed by her daughter's abilities and revealed that she had hired Suri, who will turn 17, to sing in her directorial film Rare Objects.

Suri Cruise Made Comments on Her Mother’s Fashion Sense

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Katie revealed in an interview with Elle that even at the age of four, Suri had a keen eye for fashion and often gave her opinions on her mother's clothing choices. Despite critiquing her mother's brown suede pants, Suri would offer fashion advice, saying, “You've got to wear these shoes” or, “That's so pretty, Mom. Wear that.”

Katie Holmes Praises Daughter Suri's Strong Personality

In a 2020 interview with InStyle, Katie gushed about Suri's strong personality and work ethic. According to Katie, Suri always picks an activity, puts in the effort until she excels, and then moves on to the next challenge.

“She's very focused and a hard worker,” says Katie.

Tom Cruise's Relationship with Suri Vs. His Bond with Other Children

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It's been over ten years since Tom saw Suri, but he still shares a close bond with his other two children, Isabella, 30, and Connor, 28, whom he shares with Nicole Kidman.

Nicole Kidman's 20-year Silence on Tom Cruise

Nicole Kidman hasn't spoken to her ex-husband Tom Cruise in almost two decades after divorcing in 2001, ending their 11 years of marriage due to Tom’s Scientology ties.

Tom Cruise's Alleged Scientology Beliefs Keep Him from Daughter Suri

According to US Weekly author Samantha Domingo, Tom Cruise was not allowed to have a relationship with Suri because she is not a Scientologist. The Church of Scientology's belief in reincarnation means they don't view Suri as Tom's daughter but as a “spiritual being in Tom's daughter's body.”

Tom Cruise ‘Never’ Abandoned Suri!

Tom denied that his religion caused him to be separated from Suri. In 2013, he sued In Touch magazine for $50 million when they reported that he “abandoned” his daughter.

During the court case, Tom explained that he couldn't see Suri due to his busy work schedule. He revealed that he called her daily and told her wonderful stories, despite being unable to see her physically.

Tom Cruise Opens Up About Divorce from Katie Holmes

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Tom and Katie's whirlwind romance and subsequent marriage in Italy at the end of 2006 was the talk of the town in the early 2000s. Unfortunately, their relationship did not last, and the couple divorced after six years.

In a candid interview with the German TV network ProSieben, Tom revealed that he did not see the end of his marriage coming and that he believes life is a “tragicomedy.”

“You need to have a sense of humor,” he said during the interview.