College Student Refuses To Babysit Roommate's Son, Causing Him To Miss The Birth Of His Baby

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When a college student's roommate begs him to take care of his hyperactive son so he can witness the birth of his baby, a difficult decision must be made. The student is in the middle of studying for an exam, but his roommate has no one else to turn to. Despite the roommate's pleading, the student refuses to take care of the child, causing his roommate to miss the birth of his baby. Was the student in the wrong here, or was he justified in his decision? Read on to find out the full story and decide for yourself.

Roommate misses baby's birth after student refuses to babysit 🍼

yang22___ | yang22___

Focused on exam, college roommate misses birth of his child.

yang22___ | yang22___

Roommate's hyperactive son causes conflict over missed birth 🤰

yang22___ | yang22___

Roommate demands babysitting, misses birth: prepare for emergencies 🚨

yang22___ | yang22___

Roommate threatened to leave kid, but I stood my ground 🙅‍♀️

yang22___ | yang22___

Refusing to babysit roommate's son causes him to miss baby's birth 😔

yang22___ | yang22___

College student refuses to babysit for roommate's child

A college student faced a difficult decision when their roommate asked them to babysit his son so that he could be present for the birth of his baby. Despite the emotional gravity of the situation, the student refused, citing the need to focus on studying. The roommate became angry and accused the student of being unhelpful, but ultimately left with his son. The next day, the roommate returned and blamed the student for missing the birth of his child. The student is now wondering if they are the a-hole. Read on to find out what the commenters have to say about this tricky situation.

Commenter defends OP's decision to not babysit roommate's son

xMimichella | xMimichella

Roommate expects OP to drop important exam for last-minute babysitting. Replies say roommate should have planned ahead. #NTA

katertot-- | katertot--

College student prioritizes exam over last-minute babysitting request, sparking debate

mamabird1993 | mamabird1993

Commenter believes both parties are in the wrong.

SoloBurger13 | SoloBurger13

Roommate refuses to help with childcare, leading to conflict. ESH.

kijunnie | kijunnie

Commenter defends OP's boundary-setting as reasonable and not a**hole-ish 💪

SoloDolo221 | SoloDolo221

Responsibility to find babysitter falls on father, not roommate. #NTA 🍼

tomtink1 | tomtink1

NTA. While it's important to help in emergencies, roommate's poor planning is not OP's responsibility.

grandelusions | grandelusions

OP not legally obliged to babysit, but could've shown kindness 😕

ibukun58 | ibukun58

Plan ahead for childcare during childbirth, don't blame others. 🤰

speedofaturtle | speedofaturtle

Debate over whether YTA for not watching roommate's son during exam.

greaseychips | greaseychips

Arranging for a babysitter can be challenging for some parents 😬

fuzzy_mic | fuzzy_mic

Parenting tip: Organize childcare before going to the hospital ✅

Livinginthemiddle | Livinginthemiddle

Roommate refuses to babysit, sparks discussion on future responsibilities 🍼

Tradingfool0001 | Tradingfool0001

Roommate's lack of childcare plan causes missed baby's birth ⏰😕

RiverSong_777 | RiverSong_777

Commenter labeled YTA for lack of basic human compassion 😔

StuckWithThisOne | StuckWithThisOne

Roommate fails to plan for baby's birth, blames NTA student.

Minute_Patient_8841 | Minute_Patient_8841

Roommate's situation is unfortunate but not OP's responsibility 💁‍♀️

SomethingWicked1974 | SomethingWicked1974

Debate over whether OP was the a**hole for not babysitting 🤔

That_Statistician904 | That_Statistician904

Roommate should have planned ahead for the birth, NTA 👍

mfruitfly | mfruitfly

Deciding whether to help your roommate, Reddit opinions aside 🤔

universechild9 | universechild9

Commenter calls out selfishness in refusing to help roommate's child 👎

striveforhealing | striveforhealing

Debate over personal responsibility and kindness in emergency situations ⚖️

red_ice994 | red_ice994

Doubts raised about roommate's story of missing child's birth 💭🤔

Thedudeabides1981 | Thedudeabides1981

Engaging comment and its replies have been deleted.

MatsuoManh | MatsuoManh

College student refuses to babysit roommate's son, causing him to miss the birth of his baby. Commenter thinks YTA but acknowledges the situation is extreme. Replies mention the difficulties of babysitting a young toddler.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Don't let anyone guilt you into babysitting, NTA 🙅‍♀️👶

Music19773 | Music19773

Refusing to babysit caused roommate to miss baby's birth 😔

awkward-name12345 | awkward-name12345

Roommate with 2 kids needs a new roommate, NTA 👋👋

Dani_Poh | Dani_Poh

Not the a**hole- Roommate's poor planning isn't your emergency 👍

Accomplished_Sir5178 | Accomplished_Sir5178

Commenter calls out selfish behavior in emergencies, but debate ensues.

hospitable_ghost | hospitable_ghost

Discussion on the importance of communication and exam weight 👨🏻‍🎓

dart1126 | dart1126

Roommate with kid expects too much, NTA for refusing.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Commenter questions living arrangements after roommate's missed birth.

Best_Dependent_680 | Best_Dependent_680