Business Traveler Sends Back Same Dish 4 times, Gets Sarcastic Response

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A recent business trip turned into a spicy situation when a man ordered a green curry at a Thai restaurant and asked for it to be made at 5-star spiciness. After sending the dish back four times, the man received a final, barely acceptable dish that was still not spicy enough. The next day, the man ordered the same dish from the same restaurant under a Thai name and received a very spicy dish. He reported the rude behavior of the waitress and received an apology and refund from the manager. Read on to find out more about this spicy encounter.

Customer's spicy request gets lost in translation at Thai restaurant.

spicythaifoodthrow | spicythaifoodthrow

Spicy dish request turns into sarcastic exchange with server 😒

spicythaifoodthrow | spicythaifoodthrow

Spicy disaster! Business traveler's sarcastic response to green curry mishap.

spicythaifoodthrow | spicythaifoodthrow

Persistent traveler battles unspicy dish, receives spicy sarcasm 🌶️

spicythaifoodthrow | spicythaifoodthrow

Endless cycle of spicy food and sarcastic waitstaff 😒🌶️

spicythaifoodthrow | spicythaifoodthrow

Disappointed customer settles for bland food, confused server walks away 😕

spicythaifoodthrow | spicythaifoodthrow

Customer tests restaurant's discrimination with spicy Thai name order 🔥

spicythaifoodthrow | spicythaifoodthrow

Unhappy customer complains about rude behavior and food quality 🍽️

spicythaifoodthrow | spicythaifoodthrow

Manager apologizes and offers refund after customer's frustrating experience.

spicythaifoodthrow | spicythaifoodthrow

Business traveler battles with Thai restaurant over 5 star spiciness 🔥

One business traveler's quest for a spicy green curry turned into a battle with a Thai restaurant. After sending his dish back four times, the sarcastic response he received from the waitress only added fuel to the fire. Despite his efforts to explain the correct way to make a green curry, the dish still wasn't up to his standards. The following night, he ordered the same dish under a Thai name to his hotel room and it was exactly what he had been looking for. The traveler sent an email to the restaurant's manager detailing his experience and the rude behavior of the waitress. While the manager apologized and offered a refund, the traveler declined as he will be reimbursed by his company and does not plan on returning to the restaurant. Read on for the comments and reactions to this spicy situation.

NTA customer requests extra spice, gets sarcastic response from waitress.

MurghanaFLR | MurghanaFLR

NTA - Customers deserve what they ordered, even if it's spicy 🌶

Paindepiceaubeurre | Paindepiceaubeurre

Spice level discrimination in Indian takeout. NTA, but what can you do?

underwatermario2 | underwatermario2

Business traveler receives wrong dish multiple times, NTA.

rivmcd | rivmcd

Confusion over ordering spice level, possible racial bias, and poor service.

-DaMegaTaco- | -DaMegaTaco-

Customer experiences racism while trying to order spicy food.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Commenter defends NTA, replies point out possible racism.

Far_Seat_2223 | Far_Seat_2223

Sending back a dish 5 times could lead to unwanted ingredients 😬

NachoPrecarioso | NachoPrecarioso

"Discreet" racism not cool 👎

LamiaDomina | LamiaDomina

Spice is the key ingredient in Thai food, gatekeeping ruins it 😒🌶️

tequilaearworm | tequilaearworm

Spicy food lovers unite! NTA for standing up to judgmental waitress 😤🌶️

m48_apocalypse | m48_apocalypse

Sarcastic response to picky eater sparks spicy comment thread 🌶️

frugalrhombus | frugalrhombus

When to cut your losses and leave a restaurant 🍽️

greenseraphima | greenseraphima

Doubts arise on the authenticity of the story 🤔

aspic_aspirations | aspic_aspirations

Spice levels and bad service lead to sarcastic response. 🌶

Elsewhere33 | Elsewhere33

Communicated with unprofessional staff? NTA for sending back food 🍴

crazeyal | crazeyal

Sarcastic response to picky eater's special sauce complaint 🍔😒

StretfordEnderWiggin | StretfordEnderWiggin

Commenter suggests traveler ate spit and fromunda cheese, confusion over the latter.

FlyChicc420 | FlyChicc420

The dangers of sending food back to the kitchen multiple times 😬

gofigure62 | gofigure62

Debate over green curry spiciness and authenticity 🍛🌶️

brilliant-soul | brilliant-soul

Customer rightfully defends against cultural assumptions about spice levels 🌶️

AlbatrossSenior7107 | AlbatrossSenior7107

Traveler demands hot food, gets sarcastic response. NTA.

quack2thefuture2 | quack2thefuture2

Sarcastic response to picky eater leads to gross assumption 💩

DudeBroMan98 | DudeBroMan98

Commenter calls out racism and condescension in restaurant incident. ✊

biggerthanthesound | biggerthanthesound

Customers can't handle the spice, waiters get screamed at. Not cool 😒

mikenzeejai | mikenzeejai

Business traveler stands up to entitled waitress. NTA!

Nalpona_Freesun | Nalpona_Freesun

Steakhouse server finds traveler's kitchen scale hilarious 🥩😂

Immediate-Meal-6005 | Immediate-Meal-6005

Commenter shares experience of being unable to handle spicy food.

PolyPolyam | PolyPolyam

Customer calls out restaurant's racial bias in sarcastic encounter.

juiceboxfriend95 | juiceboxfriend95

Spice lover defends diner's right to choose, criticizes rude waitress 😒🍛

dezeiram | dezeiram

Commenter shares spice tolerance and disapproves of excessive food returns.

MsFoxxx | MsFoxxx

Sarcastic comment sparks disbelief among commenters 😂

sweadle | sweadle

How to order spicy food without offending the chef 🌶️

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA, but next time ask for a manager sooner 😅

MouseProud2040 | MouseProud2040

Spice up your Thai food orders, not your bigotry. NTA.

EdwardRoivas | EdwardRoivas

Waitress should have communicated about spice levels. 🌶️

chonkehmonkeh | chonkehmonkeh

Commenter questions why traveler ate dish after rude comment 🤔

ThatGirl_Tasha | ThatGirl_Tasha

Spice level causes food waste, restaurant prioritizes cost over taste 😕

Hyperion_Heathen | Hyperion_Heathen

Sarcastic response to picky eater gets sassy comeback 😏

playertd | playertd

Former restaurant manager sympathizes with customer's frustration.

one_bad_larry | one_bad_larry

Commenter doubts authenticity of story, no engaging replies.

blademasterjames | blademasterjames

Former restaurant manager shares spicy revenge story 🌶️

sarcazm | sarcazm

Cultural differences can make food ordering tricky 🤔

zorra666 | zorra666

Think twice before sending your food back multiple times 😬

Rural_Bedbug | Rural_Bedbug

Traveler gets roasted for sending dish back 5 times 🍽️😂

Cantevencat | Cantevencat

Demanding spicy dish 4 times? Not the a**hole, restaurant is.

brendanl1998 | brendanl1998

Commenter calls out both parties for bad behavior. 🤔

SunnysideKun | SunnysideKun

Commenter calls out potential fakeness of story 👀

[deleted] | [deleted]