Home Cook's Hilarious Attempt At A Bluey Cake Leaves The Internet In Stitches

Ashley Hunte
Blue cake.
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Baking a cake is one thing, but decorating one is a whole other ballgame. Still, there are plenty of tutorials and viral hacks to help you get started. But even the simplest of hacks might take a bit of practice to get right. As a woman named Lucy found out, it's not as easy as some people make it look.

The Woman Wanted To Make A Cake That Looks Like Bluey.

Bluey, the titular character from the popular children's series.
Giphy | Bluey

Lucy, who belongs to a Facebook group for Woolies Mudcake Hacks, decided to make a cake after seeing a TikTok by popular Australian baker, Tegan Maccormack, known online as Tigga Mac.

The Hack Turned A Mudcake Into Bluey

Maccormack makes a cake that looks like Bluey.
TikTok | @tigga_mac

Maccormack transforms a regular Woolworths Mudcake into the popular Australian children's character, Bluey.

Tigga Makes It Look Super Easy.

Maccormick continues decorating the cake.
TikTok | @tigga_mac

The cake decorator shows off her skills, covering the mud cake in frosting to match the character's face.

She Uses Different Materials To Create The Look.

Tigga continues to decorate the cake.
TikTok | @tigga_mac

Using wafers for the ears and marshmallows for the eyes, the TikToker continues to make the final look.

And When She Was Done, It Looked Like The Real Deal.

The completed cake looks amazing!
TikTok | @tigga_mac

You have to admit, she did a really good job making the mud cake look like Bluey!

It Was Absolutely Fantastic!

Michelle Visage saying "Muah, fantastic!"
Giphy | Paramount+

Given the fact that the video was viewed millions of times, it's safe to say that a lot of people were obsessed with the cake.

Tigga Made Sure To Show Plenty Of Pics.

Another shot of the completed cake.
TikTok | @tigga_mac

Not only does the cake look really cool, but it also seems pretty easy to make. After all, it completely eliminates the actual baking part.

Commenters Made Sure To Share The Love.

A stop motion sheep giving two enthusiastic thumbs up.

TikTok commenters shared how much they loved the cake, with some even expressing their want to make one of their own.

Of Course, It's Easier Said Than Done.

It's definitely worth remembering that Tigga is a professional baker and cake decorator, and the decorating she posted in the video is sped up. So it definitely looks a lot easier in the TikTok than it actually is.

And Some People Learned That The Hard Way.

A man cringing as he says "whoopsies..."
Giphy | Workaholics

Poor Lucy tried the cake hack out for herself but didn't get the same end results as in the TikTok. In fact, it ended up looking a lot worse.

But She Wasn't Afraid To Show It Off Online.

The Bluey cake hack, compared to Lucy's cake fail.
Facebook | Woolies/Coles Mudcakes Hacks via Daily Mail

Showing a picture of Tigga's version, Lucy revealed her own to the world. And it's definitely... interesting.

The Cake Was... A Bit Messy.

Chandler from Friends saying "Oh no no no!"
Giphy | Friends

"Enjoy this absolute abomination - it looked easy on TikTok," Lucy wrote in the post, which was posted to a private Facebook group.

She Definitely Tried Her Best.

A woman sarcastically saying "Oops!"
Giphy | Saturday Night Live

Rather than have the smooth buttercream finish of the original, Lucy's version is a bit more of a blue blob. But at least the color is right!

Still, It's Pretty Funny!

Kevin from the Office chuckling.
Giphy | The Office

The sad eyes, the wafer mouth, the way the support sticks are sticking out from the top. It's a disaster, but it's at least pretty funny.

It Goes To Show That It's Not Always As Easy As It Looks.

Two woman looking at each other while laughing hysterically.
Giphy | Insecure on HBO

Even if the TikTok was supposed to show a cake decorating hack, it's pretty clear that actually putting frosting on a cake and making it look good takes a lot of practice.

At Least The Facebook Crowd Loved It.

A crowd of people clapping and cheering.
Giphy | The Maury Show

Lucy posted her fail on Facebook, where it was met with plenty of comments from other users.

Many Other Group Members Commented On It.

Jimmy Fallon saying, "I love it."
Giphy | Late Night with Seth Meyers

"It's very cute despite not being like the picture," a commenter wrote, according to Daily Mail.

Others Appreciated The Effort.

A crudely drawn and animated star with a rainbow streak and a caption that reads, "there was an attempt."

"The two sticks just did it for me. 10/10 for effort though," a commenter added.

Hopefully, She'll Keep Practicing.

A Peloton trainer saying, "Practice makes progress."
Giphy | Peloton

Another user commented, "'I just showed my seven-year-old, he says, 'keep trying!' Then he says to me, 'but it looks so bad she should probably eat the whole thing.' It's amazing."

As they say, practice makes perfect.